Best In-Dash Navigation systems for cars Reviews 2019

If you you’ve been to a new location, you definitely understand the importance of having a car in dash navigation system in your car. Finding your way in a new town or city can be really tricky. But with the assistance of an efficient in dash navigation receiver, everything becomes seamless. This brings us to the question, what is the best in-dash navigation system?

Our Recommend Top 4 Best In-Dash Navigation systems Comparison Table

ImagesIn-Dash Navigation systemsOur ratingPrice IdeaWireless TechnologyTouch Screen
(Editor’s Choice)Check PricePioneer AVIC-8200NEX Navigation Receiver with Carplay/Android Auto
Read Review
9.5 our of 10HighBluetoothYes
(Editor’s Choice)Check PriceKenwood DNX893S 6.95" eXcelon Double-DIN AV Navigation System With Bluetooth
Read Review
9.4 our of 10HighBluetoothYes
(Editor’s Choice)Check PriceJOYING 7 Car Stereo 2GB 32GB Android 6.0 Head Unit Double Din
Read Review
9.2 our of 10MediumBluetooth, WiFiYes
Check PriceAndroid 6 Touch Screen Car Stereo - Corehan 7" inch Double Din In Dash Car Radio Video Multimedia Player with Bluetooth Wifi Mirror Link GPS Navigation System
Read Review
9 our of 10LowestBluetooth, GPRS, Wi-FiYes

With no doubt, there are several brands and models to choose from. But what is the best? In order for you to choose the best, you’ve to consider some few factors that are of great importance to have in a car receiver. The LCD, power ratings, hands-free technology, point of interest and design are some of the things to look for.

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Factors to consider when choosing the an In-dash navigation

  • Display

Display feature is very crucial as it makes the stereo’s car to look stylish and show texts and readings very well. The display screen should be large enough to display the map and other readings on the skin clearly. Also, it should have a high resolution so that everything is clear. It should have other customizable features such as brightness and color to match the car’s interior.

  • Design

No matter the price of the navigation system, picking one with an easy to use interface is vital. This will ensure that one is able to navigate through it as they drive. Thus, you should pick a navigation receiver that you can change settings easily and keep eyes on the road.

  • Power ratings

Check power rating of the navigator has. The power output of the car navigator is what determines the power of your speakers and in the end the power of the sound. Normally, there are two power output ratings that you should check before purchasing a car stereo. These are the max power output and continuous power output referred to as RMS.

  • Smartphone integration

Currently, all the best car navigation systems are able to integrate with your smartphone. They are in a position to enable features such as spotify and Pandora. In addition, they allow you receive calls and play music without touching your phone. This gives the driver ample time to drive safely.

  • Points of interest

This is a very vital feature to look at when searching for a car navigation unit. It enables you locate different places like hotels, restaurants, streets, gas station and even speed limits of certain roads. Point of interest helps you navigate through a place you haven’t been before by directing you appropriately.

  • Map updates

A good number of In-dash receivers enable the user to update the maps and navigation data. It’s good for your unit to be up-to-date. It’s advisable to update maps and the navigation system once a year as map updates are released periodically.

  • Expandability

Pick In-dash navigation that enables you link it to various external sources to your car stereo. In most cases, they have RCA outputs, rear view camera inputs, audio/video inputs and outputs. Such features make using the navigation receiver to be fun and versatile in nature.

Not only in dash navigation system but also you should look Double din head units or single din head units.

Best in-dash Navigation Reviews 2019

Whether you’re a novice or pro in car navigation systems, it is important to install the right car receiver so that you have your point of interest and music features that make your driving experience to be a memorable one.

Here are our best in dash navigation units after we researched on the topic thoroughly.

Pioneer AVIC-8200NEX In Dash Double Din Navigation Receiver(Our Top Pick)

Pioneer Avic touchscreen is easy to use with one touch operation. Get to change the music, make calls and use maps with just one touch.

The car system is both android and apple compatible thus you can listen music by linking the phone and the navigation system.
Best In-Dash Navigation systemsCheck Price

Key features:

  • Pinch and zoom navigation
  • Apple car play
  • Points of interest such as USA, Canada and Puerto Rico
  • Android auto


  • Easy to use touchscreen
  • It is apple and android compatible
  • Easy to use interface

Kenwood DNX893S Double Din Navigation System

The Kenwood DNX893S is a double din navigation receiver. The device has Bluetooth that enables the driver to concentrate on the road as they are able to receive calls through the hands-free technology.

It is versatile in nature as it allows external sources like DVD/CD and MP3 to be played. With full color display, this device is really entertaining as you navigate the car to your destination.
Check Price

Key features:

  • Large full color display
  • Pandora and iheartradio control
  • In-dash DVD/CD/MP3
  • Double din unit


  • Large display for easy use
  • Its apple compatible
  • Has hands-free technology for receiving calls while you drive

JOYING double din navigation

The JOYING navigation system has several sources that can be connected to play music such as USB, MicroSD card, CD/DVD player, and Bluetooth.

The double din navigation receiver is Bluetooth enabled and has DVR camera only compatible with JOYING. Place this receiver in your car to show you direction and play good music.
Check Price

Key features:

  • Double din touchscreen
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • Picture in picture
  • DVR camera


  • Large display to show directions, texts and songs being played
  • Has hands-free technology for receiving and streaming music
  • Provides great sound quality

Corehan OS double din in dash car navigation

Corehan is a quality brand when it comes to the best in dash navigation receivers. It has a wide screen that displays everything you conduct with the device such as receiving calls, navigating directions and playing music.

It is versatile in application as t has dual USB port, DVR recorder, tf card 1080p video playing, and reversing camera input. Use this GPS navigation system to find your way in a new area.
Check Price

Key features:

  • Double din navigation system
  • Bluetooth
  • Dual USB port
  • 7 inch wide screen


  • It has a large screen to display texts and directions
  • It is versatile in nature
  • Provides the user with hands-free technology

Corehan lollipop double din in dash car navigation

This is high quality in-dash navigation with a 7 inch wide screen that displays messages, texts and maps.
It has Bluetooth connectivity that enables the driver to receive calls as they drive. The receiver has dual USB and it’s compatible with android 5.1 lollipop. It is of a double din size and very easy to install.

Check Price

Key features:

  • 7 inch wide screen
  • Support Bluetooth
  • Dual USB ports
  • Double din size
  • Compatible with android 5.1 lollipop OS


  • Has a simple t use interface
  • Has a wide screen for easy view
  • It has hands-free technology

An In-dash navigation system helps a driver find their way on the streets easily and better their driving experience. Apart from giving directions on the map, a quality navigation system allows the user to receive their phone calls without touching the phone and listen to music too. Consider acquiring a feature packed navigation receiver and one that makes your stereo system to be stylish. Hope the information we’ve provided above has helped you and impacted how you will make your next decision in choosing an in-dash navigation unit of your choice.


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