How to fix code C1226 front right wheel speed variation?

When you are a corporate person and work at an office, you must depend on a car to make your travel suitable. But the difficulty comes when you face any problem with your vehicle. It may happen because of an unwanted accident, uncontrolled driving, lack of taking care of the car, or other functional issues with the car. We will discuss the C1226 code that refers to the difficulty with your vehicle’s right front excessive wheel (for the left, it shows the C1232 code). It is an error code closely related to your car’s right front wheel. The wheel can be problematic for many reasons. This article will help gather some knowledge about the right front excessive wheel problems and solutions. It will also assist you in using your vehicle in the best way.

Quick Reasons and Solution:

Reasons Solutions
Faulty Wheel Speed Sensor
  • Inspect the wheel speed sensor for damage or corrosion.
  • Replace the wheel speed sensor if found faulty.
  • Ensure the sensor is securely connected.
Broken or Damaged Wiring
  • Inspect the wiring harness near the wheel speed sensor.
  • Repair or replace any damaged or broken wires.
  • Ensure all connections are secure and free of corrosion.
Dirty ABS Ring
  • Inspect the ABS ring for dirt, debris, or corrosion.
  • Clean the ABS ring if dirty.
  • Replace the ABS ring if corroded or damaged.
Faulty ABS Module
  • Perform a diagnostic test on the ABS module.
  • If the module is found to be faulty, replace it.
Faulty ABS Pump
  • Inspect the ABS pump for signs of damage.
  • Replace the ABS pump if found faulty.
Incorrectly Installed Brake Parts
  • Check brake components like pads, rotors, and calipers.
  • Replace any worn-out parts.
  • Ensure all brake parts are correctly installed.

Meaning of the C1226 Trouble Code

The wheels of a vehicle turn around and take the car ahead. The system remains normal when the wheels are okay. But, the problematic wheels are reliable to cause difficulty in driving. Significantly, the right front excessive wheel should be problem-free. But, when it becomes defective, the car also becomes unable to a comfortable drive. As a result, the C1226 code comes on the OBD II scanner. 

The systematic way of work is producing the sensor’s AC signal. The Electronic Brake Control Module (EBCM) measures the car’s speed to control the braking system as the car’s speed ability. The EBCM utilizes the frequency of the AC signal to complete the task. When the sensor does not work correctly, it will not be able to produce an accurate AC signal. It will be problematic for the car, and the EBCM will allow the OBD II scanner to present the fault code C1226. 

The Possible Causes of the C1226 Code

The C1226 code indicates the right front wheel speed sensor issue. The speed variation of the wheels makes the running of the car problematic. When you want to drive a vehicle safely, you have to get speed equity among wheels. But, the imbalance of the wheels can affect your driving. Some possible causes of the C1226 code are shown below.

  • The Problematic Hub Assembly 

When the hub assembly of an electrical connection becomes damaged, the link can not remain well. The wheels are strongly related to the excellent hub assembly. It assures a superb connection and keeps the vehicle’s electrical condition safe. But, the faulty vehicle’s hub assembly affects the wheels’ electrical connection. As a result, the wheels can not move well, and the defective assembled wheel can not keep pace with the others. wheel hub assembly

  • Problematic Right Front Wheel Speed Sensor

The speed sensors are significant for measuring the wheel speed and make the ABS suitable for measurable braking. But, when the wheel speed sensor becomes defective, it can not count the wheel speed correctly. As a result, the sensor affects the braking system also. The faulty wheel speed sensor is easily reliable for causing the C1226.Problematic Right Front Wheel Speed Sensor

  • Poor Electrical Connection

The efficient working wheel sensor is related to the solid electrical connection. When there is any connection lacking, the sensor can not work smoothly. It is incredibly responsible for causing the C1226 code. Moreover, the lacking of sufficient electricity hampers the proper turning power of the wheels. The cause of the OBD II C1226 is related to wheel dysfunctions and uncomfortable driving. Electrical Connection Wheel Sensor Problems

  • Open or Shorted Harness

If there is a problem with the harness, the wheels become unable to use. The right front excessive wheel is closely related to the saddle. If the harness becomes well, the wheel can run well. But, when it becomes open or shorted, the wheel loses efficiency. When the hardness of a wheel becomes weak or torn, it becomes a significant vehicle issue. It can not keep balance with the other wheels. So, the open or shorted harness is one the most important causes of a problematic right front excessive wheel. The harness 4inches is strongly recommended to keep the wheel’s appropriate connection for controlling the speed balance.Stripping the wire harness

The Possible Symptoms of the C1226 Code

It is easy to get notified if your vehicle has any problems. The OBD II scanner must check the OBD II code and identify the specific situation. But how can you instantly get notified when there is any problem with your car? Two different ways will assist you in getting the problem notification immediately.

ABS Light On

 abs and brake light onThe ABS light will turn on if your vehicle has a chassis-related problem. It will instantly inform you that your car is in a problematic situation. Check the OBD II code with the OBD II scanner. The ABS light is essential for making you ready to check the code and get sure about the specific problem of the car. 

Engine Light On

 driving with check engine light onThe engine light is a warning light. It warns you to service the engine soon to keep your vehicle problem-free. But, the engine light can indicate other problems too. Especially if your car has chassis-related issues, the engine light will notify you by turning it on. The C1226 is a related issue related to the chassis and the excessive front wheel. So, if your vehicle has a problem with the front wheel, the engine light will turn on. After that, you can be sure by checking the code with your OBD II scanner. 

How to Fix The C1226 OBD Code?

At first, you will get notified by the engine light or ABS light. Then you will be sure that your vehicle is problematic. Check the error code through the OBD II scanner. The result may be C 1226, indicating the problem with the excessive wheel of the right front. It may be an electrical problem or shorted harness problem. Take the vehicle to an efficient repairer and get your vehicle problem-free. 

How Much to Spend for Diagnosing The OBD II Code C1226?

Generally, the diagnosing cost depends on the place, time, and labor rate. The prices are determined by the base of every hour. It is enough to cost about $70 to $75 to diagnose the chassis-related issues. When you do not care about the expense but need more efficient service, your cost can reach $150 per hour.

Is The Speed Variation Problem Harmful?

When there is a tricky balance among the wheels, it is related to the speed variation problem. The driver can control the vehicle easily if the car has admirable control of the wheels and the braking. But, the speed variation problem makes the car defective. It affects the speed sensor and the ABS of the vehicle. So, repairing the wheel speed system fast is recommended to keep the car safe and free from any risk.

Final Words

The turning on of the ABS light and the engine light indicates problems related to the functions of a vehicle. But, the OBD II code indicates a specific problem. Whenever you repair your car’s functional issues, you must check the OBD II code through the scanner and find out the real issue. First, checking the ‘possible causes’ is essential in choosing the most appropriate way to fix the vehicle. But, if you can not identify the reasons for the issues with the car, you will fail to determine the solution. So, checking the problem and solving this in the best way is essential to keep your vehicle used for a long time.

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