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Harbor Freight Floor Jack Review: The Best 1.5, 2, 3 & 4 Ton Jacks

Harbor freight brand has some of the most durable and high-performing floor jacks. The floor jacks from harbor freight have a quick operating system that enables the jack to be lifted fast, unlike some of the service jacks on the market. Being an American brand, you can expect nothing less than a great quality that meets most of the market standards. Besides offering carjacks of different materials and capacity, the firm as well as other hand and garage tools such as jack stands and motorcycle jacks together with their accessories. Harbor Freight offers a lifetime warranty on its hand tools.

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In this Harbor Freight floor jack review, we are going to look at the best harbor freight floor jacks to buy. These have excellent qualities and service the needs of different car users.

Top 5 Best Harbor Freight Floor Jack Review 2022

Here we have listed the top-rated harbor freight jack.

Harbor Freight 3 ton low profile steel floor jack with rapid pump

Hardcore automotive enthusiasts and professional mechanics can use this excellent 3-ton low profile steel heavy duty service jack from Harbor freight to service or repair their vehicles with. This car jack has outstanding features that enable it to perform exceptionally. Use it to lift vehicles, trucks, SUVs, and minivans.


  • Extra low profile reach
  • Extra-wide steel caster
  • Universal joint release
  • Heavy-duty floor jack
  • 3-ton capacity
  • Rapid pump exclusive dual parallel pump system
  • Super tough precision welded built
  • Two-piece knurled steel handle
  • Lifting height of two feet off the ground


  • It is durably made for heavy-duty works
  • This jack has the ability to lift up to a 3-ton capacity load
  • It has two knurled steel handles fitted with foam for a guaranteed grip during use
  • The rapid pump exclusive dual parallel pump system lifts with just a few pumps
  • It has extremely wide steel casters for increased stability of the jack
  • It is versatile with its extra-low profile reach and high lift
  • This floor jack has universal joint release features that allow accurate load control in any handle position.

Harbor Freight 1.5 ton aluminum racing floor jack with rapid pump

This is a wonderful floor jack for use in cars or light vehicles. It handles vehicles with less than 1.5 tons. This makes it suitable for use in racing cars. Due to its aluminum construction, the car jack is lighter and can be transported from one place to another with much ease. Also, it has a universal joint release mechanism that offers accurate load control at any angle. Furthermore, the rapid pump exclusive dual parallel pump system lifts the vehicle in just 3 ½ pumps, which is outstanding.


  • Compact size
  • Rubber saddle pad
  • Pit crew quality design
  • Two-piece knurled steel handle
  • Rapid pump exclusive dual parallel pump system
  • Universal joint release
  • Aircraft aluminum billet
  • Lifting capacity of 1.5 tons


  • This 1.5 tons jack is compactly designed for simple storage and transportation.
  • It has a rubber saddle to prevent any damage to the vehicle frame
  • It is made of a lightweight and durable material which is aluminum
  • The universal joint that it comes with is for offering great load control in any direction
  • Its rapid exclusive dual parallel pump system provides quick lift loads in just 3 ½ pumps.
  • The floor jack meets international standards. Thus it’s safe to use.

2 ton Harbor Freight aluminum racing floor jack

This harbor freight 2-ton aluminum service jack has all the qualities of an outstanding service jack for racing cars. Like the Arcan Floor jack, it is made of aluminum which is light and durable. It has wheels that allow easy movement, and the knurled handle gives a sure grip to the mechanic or DIYer. The finish of the floor jack is attractive as its sapphire anodized. Also, it matches international quality standards and has a rubber saddle that ensures the frame of the vehicle is not scratched or damaged. With such qualities, this is a wonderful trolley jack to have in the garage.


  • Universal joint release
  • Wheels
  • Rubber saddle pad
  • Pit crew quality design
  • Two-piece knurled aluminum handle
  • Made from aluminum billet
  • Sapphire anodized finish
  • Matches international quality standards


  • It is durably made from lightweight aircraft aluminum
  • This two-ton jack has an excellent sapphire anodized finish
  • It meets most of the international quality standards making it safe to use
  • It is made of a rubber saddle that prevents the car frame from being damaged during use
  • The two-piece knurled aluminum handle is for providing a sure grip to the user of the jack
  • It has wheels for easy maneuverability of the service jack during use and transportation

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Harbor Freight 4 ton steel heavy duty lifting jack

For individuals looking for a reliable heavy-duty service jack, this is the best to use. Harbor Freight 4 ton capacity car jack is well built with steel metal for longevity. The service jack comes with a rapid lifting or lowering system. In addition, it has a protective foam bumper on the floor of the jack that prevents the load or car from being damaged. The welded steel-built jack has a knurled aluminum handle that provides the user with a stable grip. Also, it meets the international quality standards and has universal joint release features for accurate control of the vehicle. With a lift range of 4 inches to 20 ½ inches, this is a high-performing auto jack.


  • 4-ton capacity
  • Heavy-duty steel constriction
  • Two-piece knurled steel handle
  • Protective foam bumper
  • Matches international quality standards


  • It is durably made to last long
  • The jack has a lifting capacity of 4 tons which is higher than the Torin 3-ton floor jacks.
  • It comes with a protective bumper for preventing damage to the load
  • It has a nice knurled grip handle for easy control

Heavy-Duty Harbor Freight 3 ton steel service jack

This is a wonderful floor lifting jack for enthusiastic motorists and professional mechanics. It has great features and comes with a rapid operating system that ensures the lifting of the load to be quicker than normal. The 3-ton capacity service jack comes with a protective foam bumper that keeps your load safe and from being damaged. It has a lifting range of between 5 inches and 18 ¼ inches to give the mechanic ample time while under the hood of the vehicle. Since its made of steel, this is a durable service jack that can be sued for a long time.


  • Steel construction with industrial-grade finish
  • The universal joint release mechanism
  • Protective foam bumper
  • Very wide steel caster
  • Rapid pump system


  • It has a rapid lifting system for quick lifting and lowering
  • It is well made from heavy-duty steel material
  • The jack has a protective foam bumper for preventing damage to the vehicle
  • It is suitable for comfort and heavy-duty application


Harbor freight is an excellent floor jack brand with lots of service jacks to offer. The jacks are well made and last longer. Also, they are effective in performance and can be relied on to support the recommended load. Choose a car jack from the above five that meets your or commercial needs. Still, have a question after reading this Harbor Freight Floor Jack review? Comment below.

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