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Best Foxwell Scanner Reviews 2022 [Top-Rated 10 scan tool]

Foxwell is one of the leading scan tool brands on the market. So, if you’re into the field of car diagnoses and repair, there is a chance that you’ve come across a Foxwell scanner. The company offers a wide range of obd2 scan tool for different users. It also designs professional and technologically advanced scan tools that users have fallen in love with. Read this best Foxwell scanner reviews article to find out the most-popular scan tool from this brand.

So, if you’re looking for a durable, accurate, and sturdy scan tool, Foxwell is an excellent choice. However, there are many Foxwell scanners on the market. And as a result, selecting the best for your needs is quite overwhelming. Regardless, we’ve made things easier for you by choosing the best Foxwell scanner on the market.

Best Foxwell Scanner Comparison Chart

ImagesFoxwell ScannerFeature Details
Pro DIYers/Beginner Mechanics Choice
Check Price
FOXWELL NT301 OBD2 Scanner for Check Engine Light
Read Review
  • Affordable scan tool comes with 2.8" color screen

  • Accurate Live data graphing and logging

  • The device is compatible in most Worldwide cars, SUVs, and light trucks

  • Low price
  • Advanced Professional Mechanic Choice
    Check Price
    FOXWELL NT630 Plus OBD2 Scanner SRS Code Reader
    Read Review
  • Automotive OBD II ABS Airbag Diagnostic and Active Test Scan Tool(Enhanced 2019 Version)

  • Supports all ten standard OBD test modes

  • Features including ABS/SRS/SAS faults codes

  • Medium price
  • Works Both OBDI & OBDII
    Check Price
    FOXWELL NT624 Elite Automotive Full-System Car Code Reader
    Read Review
  • Features oil light reset and EPB service functions

  • It is an upgraded version of the NT621 elite & NT604 elite code reader

  • Professional scan tool offers lifetime free updates on software

  • Slightly high price
  • Most Popular 10 Best Foxwell Scanner Reviews 2022

    Here are the 10 best Foxwell diagnostic scanners:

    Foxwell NT301 OBD2 Scanner Professional OBD2 Diagnostic Code Reader

    We start with the Foxwell NT301 OBD2 scanner. This code reader is ideal for people who want a professional tool at a good price. It is the best Foxwell scanner for the money. The Foxwell NT301 performs extensive functions, which include reading and erasing DTCs, detects reason for check engine light, reset monitor, turn off check engine light, turn off the malfunction indicator light, check emission readiness status, and much more.

    Technical specifications of the Foxwell NT301 Obd2 Scanner:

    Features Foxwell NT301
    Display: DTC definitions automatically displayed after reading
    Reads, stores Data: Yes
    Playbacks live sensor data: Yes
    Clears codes & resets monitors: Yes
    Check Engine Light: Yes
    LED Notifications: Red-Yellow-Green LEDs and build-in speaker indicate
    Views freeze frame data: Yes
    Prints data via PC: Yes
    Reads live PCM datastream: Yes
    Update option: Yes
    VIN Retrieval: Automatic VIN acquisition and decoding make it much easier to read manufacturer specific codes
    Foxwell nt301 Vehicle Coverage: Covering but NOT Limited: Buick, Cadillac, BMW, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Isuzu,
    Gm, Hyundai, Landrover, Nissan, Mazda, Jaguar, Kia,
    Lamborghini, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Mercedes, Suzuki,
    Opel, Porsche, Saab, Toyota,
    Volvo, Vw, Etc..
    Price: Foxwell NT301Check Today’s Price

    Foxwell NT301 is one of the most popular OBD2 scanners on the market, and it is easy to see why. It features an intuitive user interface and precise buttons for ease of use. The large screen distinctly displays results, making reading fast and straightforward. You don’t need any experience to use this scan tool.

    The scanner also offers extensive coverage as it is compatible with cars, light trucks, SUVs, and 12V diesel around the world. Additionally, the code reader also indicates live vehicle sensors data in text and graph format. Likewise, it supports the data logging feature, and it can record and review the log.

    You can rely on this scan tool as the manufacturer provides lifetime free software updates and a 1-year warranty. Unlike some scan tools, you don’t need a battery to run this device.

    Foxwell NT614 Elite OBDII Diagnostic Scanner

    Professional mechanics and technicians deal with lots of car issues, and that’s why they need a quality scanner like the Foxwell NT614 Elite OBDII diagnostic. Featuring a large 4.3-inch color screen, reading and erasing fault codes is made easy and fast. The hotkeys are also well-labeled for straightforward operation. The multilingual menu gives the user a better experience as they can choose a language they understand base for quick interpretation.

    Technical Specifications of the Foxwell NT614 Automotive Scanner:

    Features Foxwell NT614
    Works: Over 52 brands of American, Asian, and European vehicles
    Check Engine Light (MIL): Yes
    Clear MIL, Airbag, ABS, SRS service lights: Yes
    Reads freeze frame data: Yes
    Supports Oil Service Reset: Yes
    Transmission Systems: Yes
    Display Live Data: Yes
    Electronic Park Brake Service: Yes
    DTC information and erase function: Yes
    Software Update: Lifetime Free Online Update
    Foxwell NT614 Vehicle Coverage: Us: Chrysler, Ford, Gm.
    Eu: Audi, Abarth, Bmw, Bentley, Alfa, Aston Martin,
    Bugatti, Citroen, Ferrari, Fiat, Jaguar, Dacia, Fordeu,
    Lamborghini, Lancia, Landrover, Mini, Mercedes, Maserati,
    Maybach, Opel, Peugeot, Rolls, Saab, Smart, Porsche, Renault,
    Seat, Sprinter, Skoda, Vw, Vw_Cv, Vauxhall,Volvo.
    Asia: Fordau, Acura, Daewoo, Honda, Holden, Hyundai,
    Infiniti, Isuzu, Kia, Lexus, Mazda, Perodua,Proton, Scion, Ssangyong, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota
    Warranty: 12-month warranty and 100% money back
    Price: Check Today’s Price

    This is a quality scanner as it diagnoses all the four automotive systems, which include the engine, ABS, SRS, and transmission. Moreover, it performs all the OBD2 functions, with the inclusion of EPB services and oil light reset. The best part is that it can diagnose both OBD1 and OBD2 vehicles, manufactured from 1996 to the most recent vehicle models of 2019. What’s more, you get a free lifetime update and a 1-year warranty.

    The Foxwell NT614 Elite scanner features a durable casing that protects it from impact, dust, and daily wear and tear. This shows how durable the scanner is, and you can depend on it for a very long time. Get this scan tool for your auto shop or busy garage.

    Foxwell NT630 Bi-Directional Automotive Diagnostic Code Reader

    If you are looking for the best Foxwell scanner with Bi-Directional features, then buy this. The Foxwell NT630 plus scanner doesn’t just look beautiful, but it also offers lots of functions. To start with, it supports all 10 OBD test modes, such as the O2 sensor test, read ECU information, lives data in text and graph, and component test. Among all the functions that it performs, the most outstanding one is the bi-directional programming to help control multiple services in your vehicle.

    Technical Specifications of the FOXWELL NT630 Scanner:

    Features Foxwell NT630
    Works: ALL 1996 and later vehicles
    Display: DTC definitions on unit screen
    ABS Active Test: Yes, (Typical special test options include)
    Live data: Yes
    Airbag Diagnostic Functions: Yes
    Full OBD2 Service Function: Yes
    Service Functions: Yes! Reset Check Engine Light, ABS, and Airbag Service Light
    ESP sensors data: Yes
    Reads, stores Data: Yes
    Steering Angle Sensor Calibration: Yes, (For more than 35 car makes)
    Bi-directional Control Tests: Yes
    Mode: 6 functionality
    Update Option: Life-long Free Updates
    Warranty: One-year limited warranty
    Price: Foxwell NT630Check Today’s Price

    Using this scanner is fun and straightforward as it features a large LED screen for displaying codes and graphs. The ergonomic design makes handling the scan tool comfortable and simple. Since it is made of rugged construction, the code reader will defy dirt, dust, and daily wear and tear in your workplace. Moreover, you have the choice of picking either English or Spanish as your language.

    The Foxwell NT630 covers an incredible range of vehicles as it works with 52 different car manufacturers. It includes the most recent 2016/2017 models on the chosen car makes. Apart from that, you can update the automotive scanner to have the latest software. And if you are not sure whether your vehicle is compatible with this tool, you can get in touch with the Foxwell support team to find out.

    Foxwell NT624 Elite Automotive OBD2 Scanner Full-System Car Code Reader

    The Foxwell NT624 Elite automotive OBD2 scanner is one of the latest additions to the Foxwell scan tool series. This is an upgraded version, and it is faster and more advanced than the previous models. It features a 3rd generation core processor, making it four times quicker. The plug and play scanner works on 1996 US-based, 2002 EU-based, 2005 Asian-based or newer OBD2, and CAN domestic or foreign vehicles.

    Technical specifications of the Foxwell nt624 pro professional automotive obd2 scanner:

    Features Foxwell NT624
    Works: All 1996 and newer vehicles
    Display: 480*272 TFT backlit color screen
    Reset ABS Service Light: Yes
    Oil Light Reset: Yes
    Check Engine Light(MIL): Yes, it determines the cause
    Reads, stores Data: Yes
    Electrical Park Brake Service: Yes
    Clears codes & resets monitors: Yes
    Playbacks live sensor data: Yes
    Emissions readiness checks: Yes
    TF memory card for data backup: Yes
    Views freeze frame data: Yes
    Merges PID graphs for easy: Yes
    Voltage: 12v
    Vehicle Service Type: Chrysler, US Ford, Acura, Brazilian GM, GM, Au Ford,
    Honda,Holden, Hyundai, Lexus, Isuzu, Kia, Infiniti,
    Mazda, Mistubishi, Nissan, Perodua, Proton, Rely,
    Riich, Scion, Audi, Subaru, Bentley, Suzuki,Toyota,
    BMW, Bugatti, Maybach, Jaguar, EU Ford, Land Rover,
    Mercedes Benz, Mini, Opel, Saab, Seat, Skoda, Smart,
    Porsche, Sprinter, VW, Abarth, Vauxhall, Volvo,
    Alfa-Romeo, Fiat, Lancia, Citron, Dacia, Maserati,
    Domestic, Peugeot, Renault.
    Mode: 10
    Update option: Yes (Via internet)
    Warranty: One Year Warranty
    Price: Foxwell NT624Check Today’s Price

    What’s more, this advanced scanner supports all four major systems and has a new feature Auto VIN that helps one-click vehicle details reading. The systems that it covers are transmission, engine, ABS, DPF, DISA, BMS, Airbags, TPS, TPMS, DME, and DSC. On top of that, it performs all the 10 test modes with the inclusion of reading/erasing error codes, live data, O2 monitor tests, vehicle information, and onboard monitor test. You can also perform special functions like EPB service and oil reset.

    Additionally, the scanner is compatible with almost all OBD cars, light-duty trucks, SUVs, and minivans sold around the world. What’s surprising is that this professional scanner diagnoses 61 manufacturers for domestic, European, and Asian vehicles. Also, it covers the most recent 2018/2019 car makes, which is exceptional for such a scanner.

    Best Foxwell Scanner NT650 Elite Car OBD2

    The Foxwell NT650 Elite diagnostic code reader is an excellent mid-range scanner. It is convenient to use as it not only diagnose the engine, ABS, SRS, and transmission but as well does ABS bleeding, oil EPB, and light reset. Furthermore, you will test DPF regeneration, steering sensor inspection, SAS calibration, TPMS, odometer, battery registration, injector, TPS/TBA, and CVT.

    Technical specifications of the Foxwell NT650 Elite Car OBD2 Scanner:

    Features Foxwell NT650 Elite
    Works: work on the up to 2017/2018/2019 year cars, SUVs, mini-vans, light-duty trucks(12V only).
    Display: 480*272 TFT backlit color screen
    Reset ABS Service Light: Yes
    oil EPB light reset: Yes
    Engine abs airbag malfunction: Yes
    steering sensor inspection: Yes
    Battery registration: Yes
    SAS calibration: Yes
    abs bleeding: Yes
    DPF regeneration: Yes
    TPMS, TPS/TBA, CVT, odometer, injector: Yes
    Views freeze frame data: Yes
    Records live sensor data: Yes
    O2 Sensor and EVAP Test: Yes
    Upgrade Option: Lifelong free upgrade
    Mode: 6
    Warranty: One year warranty
    Price: Foxwell NT650Check Today’s Price

    Furthermore, it comes with Auto VIN technology that can automatically detect the car’s make, model, and year information. With extensive coverage, you can diagnose up to 54 car brands, such as Nissan, Renault, Honda, Ferrari, Ford, Volvo, Audi, Bentley, KIA, Chrysler, Toyota, BMW, Landrover, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, GM, and much more.

    The automotive scanner is housed in a sturdy casing with a firm grip for better handling. It will put up with dropping and daily wear and tear. Besides, it has an upgraded 9X35 processor and a running memory to 1GB, which makes the automotive scanner run quicker. As a result, you will make quick diagnoses and check fault codes in different cars in a single day.

    With the powerful graphing capability, you will have an idea of what is taking place in the vehicle. So, you won’t be left guessing or coming up with inexistence notions.

    Foxwell NT201 Auto OBD2 Scanner

    Not every person wants a professional scanner, as some want to tackle simple diagnoses. The Foxwell NT201 auto scanner is a compact and reliable scanner that you can use for all of your primary applications. At such a low price, this code reader supports all the 10 test modes, such as read & erase fault codes, freeze frame data, retrieve I/M readiness, O2 sensor, show live data in text and graph format, advanced onboard monitoring, and EVAP test. It is one of the cheapest but best Foxwell scanner with standard features.

    Technical Specifications of the Foxwell NT201 Auto OBD2 Scanner:

    Features Foxwell NT201
    Display: 4.3″ color display
    Check Engine Light (MIL): Yes
    Reads freeze frame data: Yes
    Display Live Data: Yes
    Clears codes: Yes
    Quick access to emissions readiness status: Yes
    VIN, CID, and CVN: Yes
    DTC information and erase function: Yes
    Multilingual menu options & code definitions: English, Spanish, French, etc..
    Software Update: Yes
    Foxwell NT201 Vehicle Coverage: Mazda,Kia,Honda,Toyota,Nissan,Scion, Subaru,
    Hyundai,Honda,Acura,Mitsubishi,Infiniti, Isuzu,
    Daihatsu,Mahindra, Toyota,Hyundai, Lexus,Scion,Kia,
    Proton, Abarth,Alfa,Bmw,Perodua,Porsche,Benz,
    Audi,Mini,Peugeot,VW,Fiat, LandRover, Lexus,Renault,
    Skoda, Volvo, Jaguar,Lancia,Smart, Sprinter,Seat,Sprinter,
    Sprinter, CitroenDodge,Ford,Jeep,Chrysler,GM,Opel Etc..
    Warranty: 3-years warranty (100% Money Back. If you are not satisfied)
    Price: Foxwell NT201Check Today’s Price

    The Foxwell NT201 scanner is made of a sturdy body that resists impact and the tough garage floor. It also has a large 2.4-inch TFT colorful LCD screen for easy verification and a built-in speaker to make your work even more comfortable. Additionally, you don’t need any scan tool knowledge to use this scanner as it is a plug and play device. Pick a language that you’re okay working with to diagnose your car(s). Furthermore, the manufacturer gives you a lifetime free upgrade to keep your car scanner current with the latest software.

    You can use it on domestic and foreign vehicles, like SUVs, light-duty trucks, mini-vans, and cars with standard OBD2/JOBD/EOBD and CAN protocol. The American vehicles should be manufactured from 1996 and newer, European vehicles 2000 and later, and Asian vehicles 20008 and later.

    Foxwell FW601 Elm327 OBD2 Scanner

    If you want a portable diagnostic scanner that you can also keep with much ease, then this is the code reader for you. The Foxwell FW601 ELM327 OBDII scan tool is a wireless tool, but it still supports a wide range of functions. For the code reader to function, you need a reliable Wi-Fi connection as it is not Bluetooth compatible. Besides, it only connects with Android and iOS devices. But mot MAC. So, please take note of this before buying it.

    Technical Specifications of the Foxwell FW601 Elm327 OBD2 Scanner:

    Features Foxwell FW601
    Work: ALL vehicles purchased in the USA model year 2000 or newer!
    Read & clear the DTC: Yes
    Display current sensor data: Yes
    Check Engine Light easily: Yes
    Show the vehicle information: Yes
    Real-time connected and the data current and a data logging: Yes
    Software Update: Yes
    Vehicle Coverage: Mazda, Kia, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Scion,
    Subaru, Hyundai, Honda, Acura, Infiniti, Mitsubishi,
    Isuzu, Daihatsu, Mahindra,Toyota, Hyundai,
    Lexus, Scion, Kia, Proton, Perodua, Abarth, Alfa,
    Bmw, Porsche, Benz, Audi, Mini, Peugeot, VW, Fiat,
    Lexus, Renault, LandRover, Skoda, Volvo, Seat,
    Sprinter, Jaguar, Lancia, Smart, Sprinter, Citroen,
    Dodge, Ford, Jeep, Chrysler, GM, Opel. Etc..
    Warranty: One Year Warranty
    Price: Foxwell FW601 Elm327Check Today’s Price

    The Foxwell FW601 Elm327 diagnostic scanner supports all OBD2 protocols, CAN, ISO9141-2, KWP2000, J1850 PWM, and J1850 VPW. This shows how it is versatile and comprehensive. Furthermore, it works on all vehicles bought in the America model year 2000 or the latest. For cars made in other countries that are OBD2 compliant, it is also compatible with them. If you need wifi to enable the scan tool, then buy this best Foxwell scanner.

    Some of the functions that this wireless scanner performs include read and clearing DTCs, display current sensor data, check vehicle monitors, data logging, and show the vehicle information. On top of that, the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty.

    To use the Foxwell FW601 wireless Wi-Fi enabled scanner, you will have to download one of these apps and link it to your phone. The apps include Torque Lite, Dash Command, Car Scanner ELM ODB2, Torque Pro, Scan Master, OBD Auto Doctor, BEST PAID IOS APP, and much more.

    Foxwell NT510 for BMW OBD2 Car Code Reader

    Another outstanding mid-range diagnostic code reader for the DIY enthusiast and professional mechanics is the Foxwell NT510 scanner for BMW. As you can see, this is not a diagnostic scanner for all vehicle makes and models, but it is precisely made for BMWs. However, this doesn’t mean that you can use it on BMWs alone as you can diagnose other vehicle brands as well.

    Technical specifications of the Foxwell NT510 automotive scanner:

    Features Foxwell NT510
    Works: All 1987-1996 and later vehicles
    Display: 2.8″ TFT color screen
    Active tests on systems and components: Yes
    Views freeze frame data: Yes
    Reads, stores Data: Yes
    Playbacks live sensor data: Yes
    Diagnoses EPB caliper functionality: Yes
    Get transmission codes: Yes
    Update option: Yes
    Price: Foxwell NT510Check Today’s Price

    It is sturdily constructed to put up with harsh garage floor conditions so that it can resist the impact. In addition, it has an intuitive user interface for ease of use with a large screen for quick interpretation.

    Use the scanner to read and erase error codes, check the reason for engine light, and playback and print and print data. It also supports advanced functions such as brake deactivation, DPF regeneration, traction, oil light service reset, and control service interval reset. Other services include troubleshooting the A/C, ABS module activation, CBS condition-based service reset, and battery registration, among others.

    Foxwell NT644 PRO ALL Systems Diagnostic Scanner

    The Foxwell NT644 Pro all systems diagnostic scanner is an advanced tool best suited for busy auto shops and professional technicians. It comes with a sleek and user-friendly design that is simple to handle and keep after use. The NT644 is robustly built to last long and will put up with the daily wear and tear of workshops.

    Technical Specifications of the Foxwell NT644 Pro Automotive OBD2 Scanner:

    Features Foxwell NT644 Pro
    Works: ALL 1987-1996 and later vehicles
    Display: Shortcuts and impressive 4.3″ color display
    Compatibility: OBDI and OBDII
    ABS, SAS, SRS, BRT, TPMS, and TBA: Yes
    Check Engine light: Yes
    Oil Service Reset(Supports 48 car makes): Yes
    Display Live Data in Text: Yes
    View Freeze Frame Data: Yes
    DPF Regeneration(Supports 36 car makes): Yes
    Battery Replacement(Supports 24 car makes): Yes
    Electronic Parking Brake EPB(Supports 42 car makes): Yes
    Injector (Supports 34 car makes: Yes
    Software Update: Lifetime Free Updates
    Warranty: 12 months warranty
    Price: Foxwell NT644 PROCheck Today’s Price

    Reading and clearing of codes shouldn’t be a problem as it features a massive 4.3-inch color screen for showing results and live graphs. It also supports a total of 16 languages; thus, allowing people from all corners of the world to diagnose their cars in a language they understand best. The manufacturer also offers a free lifetime update so that you can have the latest software. It is the best Foxwell scanner for professionals.

    This professional scanner supports all the four major auto systems of your vehicle. These are the engine, transmission, ABS, and SRS. Additionally, it shows live vehicle sensors data in text and graphs. You can use it to diagnose more than 61 domestic and foreign vehicles. It also offers extensive coverage as it works with OBD1 and OBD2 cars, mini-vans, SUVs, and light-duty trucks from all over the world.

    Foxwell GT60 Plus Android Tablet Bi-Directional Diagnostic Scanner

    Last but not least, the Foxwell GT60 plus is another advanced scan tool with lots of exceptional functions and features. But I will start by mentioning its bi-directional function that allows the scanner to provide all the enhanced service functions such as EPB, key fob programming, DPF, TPMS, EPB, Odometer, BRT, SAS, Oil reset, TPS, CVT, etc.

    Technical Specifications of the Foxwell GT60 Plus Android Tablet Bi-Directional Diagnostic Scanner:

    Features Foxwell GT60 Plus
    Works: ALL 1987-1996 and later vehicles
    Display: Shortcuts and impressive 4.3″ color display
    Compatibility: OBDI and OBDII
    ABS, SRS, Transmission, EPS, Keyless Access, IMMO, LKAS Control, Air Conditioning System: Yes
    Check Engine light: Yes
    Oil Reset, EPB, TPS, TPMS, BRT, DPF, SAS, CVT, Odometer: Yes
    Reading codes: Yes
    View Freeze Frame Data: Yes
    Real-time live data: Yes
    Injector Coding: Yes
    Batteries: 1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)
    Software Update: via WIFI and free 2-year upgrade
    Price: Foxwell GT60 Plus Android Tablet Bi-DirectionalCheck Today’s Price

    Additionally, the tool enables you to diagnose all electronic systems of your car, such as transmission, ABS, SRS, Keyless access, EPS, Air conditioning system, IMMO, LKAS control, and much more. You will also view live sensor data of all controlled modules in both text and graph formats. Use to diagnose most of these functions on OBD1 and OBD2 compatible vehicles manufactured from 1995/1996 to 2018/2019.

    Even though the scanner comes with lots of advanced functions, it is still simple to use. Thanks to the sizeable 7-inch HD touchscreen with a 4000mAh built-in rechargeable battery. So, if the car battery runs out, you will even diagnose the vehicle using the scanner’s battery. It is also fast as it operates on the 4-core processor and Android system. With a single touch, you will update the scan tool through Wi-Fi, and the manufacturer offers a 2-year free upgrade.

    Bottom line

    Foxwell boasts of some of the most excellent automotive diagnostic scanners on the market. From simple entry-level code readers to advanced professional scanners, they have something for everyone. On our list, we’ve featured some of the most exceptional Foxwell scan tools that you will have an easy time using. They are sturdy, intuitive, fast, and reliable. Besides, they have a broad vehicle coverage, which makes them ideal for diagnosing different car makes and models.

    After going through our list, I hope you’ve found the best Foxwell scanner that you’ve been looking for. Always select a scan tool that has the functions that you want and not because of the price.


    Question: Does Foxwell offer a warranty?
    Answer: Yes, it does. Foxwell offers a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty states that the product should be free of defects in material and workmanship at the time of the original purchase. Therefore, if you receive a damaged scan tool, you will return it and have it repaired or replaced.

    Question: My Foxwell scanner is not communicating with the car through the diagnose menu?
    Answer: If this is the case, then you should inspect if there is any data link connector next to the 16 pins one. And if everything is fine, then you should find out if the software has been updated to the current version.

    Question: Why should I buy a scanner?
    Answer: A scan tool is essential in many ways. First of all, it provides you essential information about your car systems. Moreover, OBD diagnostic scanners help to maintain the environment as they reduce the chances of some airborne polluting conditions coming out from car engine fumes. Finally, scan tools help to reduce the overall cost that you could’ve undergone if you visited a mechanic without knowing what the issue is. Most scanners are simple to use, and you don’t need any knowledge to diagnose your car.

    Still, have a question after reading this Best Foxwell Scanner Reviews? Comment below.

    Kevin Nicholas is an automotive technician who is a genius at software and hardware-related issues. He manually tested more than a hundred OBD scanners and gave his honest opinion on whether the device was worth the money or not. His in-depth OBD review articles help people choose the right product, whether it is a European, American, or Asian vehicle. He completed his Automotive Specialized Training Course at Universal Technical Institute and has more than 15 years of experience in the field.


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