P0017 CodeIt is natural to beat your heart fast like a bullet train after experiencing the engine light illuminating the dashboard. Suppose you are driving the car, and suddenly, the MIL starts to blink. You might be wondering what error code might have to find the path to the car this time. If it is the generic powertrain code P0017, you will suffer a lot. But do not panic. This article will illustrate the symptoms, causes, and the entire repairing process of the error code P0017. So let us dig deep into the process.

What Does Code P0017 Mean?

The error code P0017 is one of the direct powertrain codes it may have ever had. The code denotes the “B Crankshaft Position – Camshaft Position Correlation Bank 1.” Basically, it indicates misalignment between the camshaft and the crankshaft positioning. Bank 1 means the problem has occurred in the cylinder one engine side. Last but not least, sensor B determines the exhaust camshaft side.

Here are the possible causes for DTC P0017:

Here are the possible solutions for DTC P0341:

Where is the camshaft sensor located?

A camshaft is the most valuable segment in the engine of a car. It shows rotational movements along with the crankshaft, which is attached with a sturdy timing chain. It is essential to know the actual location of the camshaft in case you need to repair that by yourself. It is situated in the valve cover alongside the top engine, or in some car models; it is located in the car’s front cylinder. 

Symptoms of Code Trouble P0017

The possible symptoms of the fault code P0017 are enlisted below,

Causes of OBD Code P0017

The possible causes of the error code P0017 are given below, Causes of OBD Code P0017

Is Code P0017 Serious?

The code P0017 is a strict code that damages the internal camshaft and crankshaft rotational position. This error code can significantly hamper the timing components; the fuel consumption level increases as the fuel economy decreases. The PCM can be poorly hindered by the occurrence of the fault code P0017.     

How to diagnose Code P0017?

Attach the OBD-II scanner and check for any inconvenience. There may be more than one code operating in the vehicle. Check the fuel consumption level and search for the correct viscosity of the fuel. Check the oil control valve and the oil filter. Examine the electrical wirings and the connectors. Check the camshaft sensors. View the freeze frame data and search for any inconvenience in the OBD-II scanner. Perform a manufacturer-specific manual test to find out the further inconvenience.Check OBD-II scanner

What Repairs Can Fix the P0017 Code?

There are particular parts that you must check to ensure the fault location. These parts can be repaired in order to cross-examine the error code P0017, 

Check and replace the timing chain and the timing belt. Examine and replace the timing chain and the belt tensioner. Replace the Oil control valve or the VVT solenoid. Readjust crankshaft and camshaft tone ring. Replace crankshaft and camshaft sensor and repair wiring or connectors.

How to Troubleshoot Code P0017? 

Fixing the error code P0017 is a herculean task. If we divide the entire process into some segments, then it will be easier for us to understand the fixing method, 

The very initial stage is to perform a visual inspection of the sensors and the connectors. The camshaft and the crankshaft connectors and the sensors are interconnected with each other deeply. At first, giving a primary checking in all the camshaft parts may prevent the overburden of repairing other parts.

The sensors are the main components behind the circulation of the necessary information within the main engine compartment. The output of the sensors must be a valid code that commands the other portions to work efficiently.Checking sensor output

The wirings and connectors of the camshaft often become worn out, or discontinuation may occur due to the excessive temperature or corrosion effects.

The oil control valve is one of the main parts in the engine segment. Fuel generally passes through this valve, and contamination in the oil filter may cause unnecessary nuisance and difficulties. The PCM had to be fixed in the final stage when all other problems had been resolved.oil control valve

Following the repairing process above, one can quickly recover from the error code P0017. This may save your precious time and money as going to the auto garage may soar up your cost of service.

What is the Estimated Cost of Repair

The cost of repairing may vary from time to time and place to place. It depends on the quality of the mechanic, the car parts rate, and the availability of the materials. The cost for replacing the timing chain or the timing belt may cost around $300 to $3000, and replacing the CMP actuator solenoid might cost about 200$ to $3000. If you have an issue with the timing chain or belt tensioner, then the replacement will cost around $250 to $3,000. The replacement of the crankshaft and camshaft tone ring will need $100 to $600 depending upon the quality of the product. You need to spend between $150 to $450 to repair the crankshaft and camshaft sensor. The mechanic will charge you between $100 to $500 to repair the wiring and the connectors.  


Repairing the fault code is a notorious job, and if you are a DIY freak person, this article is best for you. If you want to reclaim some money, then give this a try on your own rather than going to the professionals. By following the strategies presented in this article, I hope that It will remove all the error codes, including the DTC P0017.

Codes Related to DTC P0017

There are some other codes related to the DTC P0017. Some of those are listed below,


Can I drive my car with a bad camshaft sensor?

You are permitted to drive with a bad camshaft sensor, but it might be a risky gamble. Camshaft sensors are responsible for carrying necessary information to the ECM of the car, including the rotational existence. When you drive with a bad camshaft, it may deteriorate the car’s overall performance. You might be charged with a huge sum of money to repair the other parts in the long run.

Can low engine fuel cause P0017?

Low oil level is always considered a significant fault for the return of the error codes. When the fuel reaches the lowest level in the car’s engine, it can affect the ignition coil, and the coil may be destroyed to work in the most deficient fuel condition. So the initial stage of the diagnosis should be checking the oil level in the engine.

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