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Launch x431 ( Pros Mini vs. V+ Models) OBD2 Review in 2023

One of the most important tools for mechanics is a diagnostic scanner. Without this tool, It is very difficult to find out the car issues. Therefore, every mechanic or individual needs a quality Professional automotive Scanner because there are lots of scan tools on the market. If you are a professional mechanic, then you should have a diagnostic obd2 scan tool that will be able to find out the car’s problems. With so many brands and types to choose from, this may seem like a mountain to climb, especially for beginners. Read this Launch x431 Review article to know more about this professional tool.

The Launch X431 can read ECU coding, Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, Read Datastream, Maintenance Recommendations, Supports over 68 car brands, and much more. If you need a lower-price scanner, then you can check the Launch crp123  or launch a crp129 model. But, you will miss the premium features of those professional diagnostic scanners.

Launch x431 Pro vs. Mini Comparison Chart

ImagesLaunch x431Features included
(Editor’s Choice)
Check Price
Launch X431 V+ Android OBD2 Auto Car System Diagnostic Scanner Global Version with DBScarII Bluetooth Connector and Wifi Full 2 Years Update
Read Review
  • Bidirectional scan tool features ECU Coding, Guided Function, ABS, SRS, Transmission, etc.

  • Upgrade version of Launch X431 scanner

  • Weight: 18.1 pounds

  • Slightly High Priced
  • Check PriceLaunch X431 PROS Mini Automotive Diagnostic Tool OBD2 Scanner Code Reader with Wifi & Bluetooth Covering 108 Vehicle Makes + 2 Years Free Update
    Read Review
  • Fast1.3ghz quad-core processor with with 6.9 inch large HD display

  • Designed for ECU Coding and 31+ reset service functions

  • Weight: 7.45 pounds

  • Medium price
  • Launch x431 scan tools are some of the best in the market. The Launch OBD scanner brand is a firm that was discovered in the year 1992. It has been producing some of the best automotive scan tools in the market, and it was listed on Hong Kong’s GEM board in 2002. Their most famous car diagnostic scanner is the launch x431 which comes in different models. In this review, we are going to discuss two models in detail.

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    The Launch x431 OBDscan software is feature-packed and very easy to use through connections like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Also, the support of various car brands and makes in the US, Asia, and Europe. To know more about the Launch of X431, read on. Although this product price is high, you will get rich features too.

    Summary of Contents

    Importance of having an automotive OBD2 scan tool

    • They have easy controls.
    • Allow users to save money.
    • Provide standardized outcomes and error codes
    • Helpful in interior places

    Best Launch x431 OBD2 Series Reviews in 2023

    Since the release of Launch x431, we have seen a few versions have been released of this model. Read this Launch x431 review to know about them.

    Launch X431 V+ Android OBD2 Auto car system diagnostic (Our Top Pick)

    • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity
    • Large display screen & smooth operating system
    • Large Data storage capacity
    • Attractive, Intuitive user interface & powertrain control module
    • Oil reset service and steering angle calibration
    • Uses android 5.1
    • Electronic parking brake reset
    • Supports more than 68 car brands
    • Diesel particulate filter regeneration and pressure monitor system
    • 2 years free update
    • PDA design
    • Launch scan tool offers 5 years warranty

    The Launch X431 V+ Android OBD2 is one of the best Bluetooth car scan tools on the market, with outstanding features. It has several outstanding features that ensure every diagnostic test carried out provides a quick scan, and the results are shown on the large display screen that it comes with. It is sleek in appearance and nice to hold in your hands as you carry out diagnostic tests. The diagnostic scanner can be connected via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for easy use by the mechanics.

    In addition, this automotive scanner can support at least 68 car brands, and it comes with a 2-year free update. The PDA design can be stored as it fits well in your pocket or even backpack. With a large storage capacity, this is a great scan tool to have.

    Technical specifications of the Launch x431 V+ Diagnostic Scanner

    Key Features Launch x431 V+
    Works: ALL 1996 and Supports over 68 car brands
    Display: Latest display technology (10-inch capacitive touch screen)
    Android Operating System: Yes
    Check Engine Light: Yes
    Oil Reset Service & Steering Angle Calibration: Yes
    Electronic Parking Brake Reset: Yes
    Battery Register /Battery Maintenance: Yes
    ABS, Fuel Sistem, Emission System, SAS, DPF, EPB, BMS, TPMS, ETS, and ECU Coding Function: Yes
    Larger storage capacity: Yes
    Bigger battery for a longer use time between recharging: Yes
    Faster Processor: Yes
    Quick auto scanning: Yes
    Wireless Bluetooth OBDII connector: Yes
    Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, Read Datastream: Yes
    Main Brands: Skoda, Opel, Rover, Porsche, Audi, Citroen, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ford, Lincoln, Honda, Acura, Lexus, Mazda, Nissan, etc.
    Batteries: 1.12V battery required (included)
    Weight: 18.1 pounds
    Price: Launch x431 V+ ReviewCheck Today’s Price

    Pros of the Launch X431 Scanner

    • This amazing obd2 scanner supports more than 68 car brands and 220 car models from America, Asia, and Europe.
    • The user is able to run the scanning, repair, and diagnostic tests while you are working under the hood or while performing other maintenance tasks at your workplace with this excellent automotive scan tool.
    • The wireless scan tool has a large storage capacity
    • It is fast and efficient in data coding, which provides ample time for the repair to mechanics and other users of the automotive scan tool.
    • The scan tool comes with a large display screen for showing the fault codes and outcomes recorded.
    • The car diagnostic scanner is multilingual, as it has an interface that covers several universal languages. So, there is no need to get translations from mechanics or motorists.
    • It uses android 5.1 to offer users the most advanced user interfaces that have powerful functions, fast auto scanning, and vehicle diagnosis.
    • It has a faster processor, which means a quick scan and quick results of whatever test you are carrying out in your car.
    • The manufacturer provides 2 years of free updates, and after that, the yearly update fee will be $699.
    • The car diagnostic scanner uses a wireless network connection by either linking it to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity.
    • This scan tool is as well cost-effective as it has several features that perform different functions.
    • It’s also convenient to use because of its size as it can be placed in the pocket or backpack whole, not in use.
    • It is excellently designed, which makes it a good choice among many motorists and mechanics.

    Launch X431 PROS Mini automotive diagnostic tool OBD2 Scanner

    • Android 5.1
    • Bluetooth connectivity
    • Multilingual
    • Front and rear-facing cameras
    • 2 years free internet update
    • Wi-Fi connectivity
    • Works on more than 80 US, Asian, and European cars
    • Full system diagnosis function
    • Supports IMMO/Key Programming Feature
    • Large display screen with 6.9 inch HD
    • The quad-core processor of 1.3ghz
    • 14 vehicle connector
    • 3000mAh rechargeable lithium-polymer battery
    • Shockproof storage case

    This is another excellent scan tool for the car from Launch. The X431 Pro supports android 5.1 devices or above. It is multilingual in that the user shouldn’t be worried about having a language translated as it includes several languages.

    Launch x431 pros mini can be connected through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for simple and quick use by the user. It has front and rear cameras. This powerful diagnostic car system with a quad-core processor of 1.3 GHz and a 3000mAh rechargeable battery makes it suitable for mechanics. It can be used on 80 different car brands and models from the US, Asia, and Europe. This wonderful automotive car scan tan has a large display touchscreen for showing all the results being performed during diagnostic tests.
    X431 PROS Mini automotive diagnostic toolFurthermore, the manufacturer provides 2 years of free internet updates, and it has a shockproof storage case for proper storage of the device when not in use.

    Technical Specifications of the Launch X431 Pros Mini OBD2 Tool:

    Key Features Launch X431 Pro
    Works: All vehicle models after 2006 from Asia, Europe, and America.
    Check Engine Light: Yes
    Diagnostic operations, including Auto Scan, Manual Scan: Yes
    View live data stream: Yes
    Reading and clearing of diagnostic trouble codes: Yes
    ABS Bleeding: Yes
    Oil Reset Service: Yes
    Anti-theft Matching: Yes
    Battery Register /Battery Maintenance: Yes
    Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality: Yes
    Update Option: Two-year Free Update
    Warranty: 5-year warranty
    Price: Launch X431 Pros Mini scannerCheck Today’s Price

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    Pros: What are the advantages?

    • This diagnostic scanner comes with a large display touchscreen that shows the results of the scan codes and tests being carried out on the car.
    • It is versatile in use as it can connect to at least 80 car brands and models from the US, Asia, and European vehicles.
    • This pros mini diagnostic scanner can be connected easily to your android 5.1 phones through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity making it very easy and efficient to use.
    • It is multilingual, which offers the mechanic ample time to carry out various tasks without the need for translating the language.
    • It comes with a shockproof storage case that ensures everything is kept well and the scan tool remains in perfect condition for future use.
    • The manufacturer offers a 2-year free internet update which is just excellent.
    • It has an easy-to-use interface that is colored and displays everything the user needs. In addition, its excellent design makes using this diagnostic scan tool to be fun.
    • This automotive diagnostic scanner has deep system coverage for all electronic systems.

    Launch x431 vs. crp123

    The launch x431 is a good scan tool for professional mechanics. Because it has lots of advanced features, on the other hand, the Launch crp123 scan tool is less expensive and a perfect scanner for beginner mechanics or DIYers.

    LAUNCH X431 V Series Comparison

    Features LAUNCH X431 V+ X431 V
    Version: Latest Old
    Latest Features:  Included Not included
    Diagnosing Speed: Faster Fast
    Support Guided Function: Yes No
    Support Heavy-Duty Module: Yes No
    Display Screen Size:  10.1 inches 8 inches
    Battery Backup: More Less

    Best alternative of Launch x431- XTOOL D8 Automotive OBD2

    -3-Year Free Update
    -Free software update worth $600
    -Bi-Directional Control
    -ECU Coding & Key Programming
    -38+ Services
    -8 in 1 Graphing & Export Data
    -10,000mAh stronger rechargeable battery
    -OE Full Diagnosis & Oil Reset
    -2GB RAM & 64GB ROM
    -ABS Bleed & CANFD
    -Quad-Core 1.8GHz CPU Processor
    -Work on 85+ car brands and 10,000 cars

    How to program keys with a Launch X431?


    The above two diagnostic scan tools are some of the best in the market. They have exceptional features and function well in carrying out diagnostic tests. They have large display screens than the Launch crp129 and support more than 68 car models and brands within the US, Asia, and Europe. In addition, the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity make using these Launch x431 automotive scan tools to be fun. Hopefully, you have found this launch x431 review to be helpful. You can now go ahead and pick a model that you like from the above two.

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