Best Professional automotive diagnostic scanner 2017(Nov.) Reviews


What you can do with a normal obd2 scanner? And What you can do with the best Professional automotive diagnostic scanner?
For normal obd2 scanner, You can only read, check and reset the scanner code.
But, professional automotive scanner gives you more depth result. This type scan tool will able to identify almost all type car problems and of course more accurately than any other.

Here are the some advance features that you may find only the best professional diagnostic scan tool.

  • Compatible with most of the USA, European and Asian vehicles.
  • Support Full system diagnosis: First diagnostics and then analyze the data. Also should have actuation tests, adaptations, live data view etc. functions.
  • It supports lots of special functions like EPB, SRS, ABS, SAS, TPMS, DPF Regeneration, Oil Reset, battery register/battery maintenance service etc.
  • Able to scan engine control unit (ECU).
  • Support Bluetooth and WiFi.
  • Online software update option.
  • Big touch display and more…….

If you able to select the right professional scanner then you can save thousand of dollar. But, this type scanner price is high.

So, who will buy this kind professional automotive scan tool?

If you are a mechanic or you want to reduce your mechanic cost or as an auto enthusiast you want to solve your vehicle all problems then you should buy this type tool. If you don’t want to spend big money then you can check other obd2 scan tool list here.

Aftermarket analysis and from personal experience I will suggest two brand scan tool. One is Autel and other is Launch. Depending your budget, you can choose from this list.

Our recommend top 5 Best Professional automotive diagnostic scanner list:

Scanner ListOur RatingPriceWhy BuyDimension
OSWho will buy this
FOXWELL Nt301 Obd2 Code Scanner Universal Car Engine Diagnostic Tool100
LowAll features include that you need8.7x3.1
Autel Maxisys Pro MS908P Automotive Diagnostic Scanner95
ExpensiveComplete Diagnostic Scanner & You can scan anything 19.7x7.9
AndroidProfessional Mechanics who have lots of personal experience
Launch X431 V+ Full System Diagnostic OBD2 Android Wifi Tablet Scanpad Scan Tool90HighMost advanced Scanner & You can Diagnostic almost anything13.8x5.9
AndroidProfessional Mechanics but budget is less
Launch CRP Touch Pro OBD2 Diagnostic Scan Tool85MediumAlmost all features have that a mechanic need9.2x4
AndroidPerfect for Beginner Mechanics
ANCEL AD310 Classic Enhanced Universal OBD II Scanner80LowestOk features8.9x6.9

Our Top Pick Foxwell Nt301 Automotive Diagnostic scanner Video Review

Our Recommend Foxwell Nt301 Price Details on Amazon

Diagnostic scan tools play a huge role in identifying electronic problems of the car which come from the engine, emissions and transmissions. This tool proves to be so essential to car owners and more specifically mechanics as they repair vehicles. An automotive diagnostic scanner plays some crucial roles in identifying trouble codes, sensor PIDS, and other system data. Mechanics should always have the best professional diagnostic tools as they handle different cars.

Acquiring a device that is compatible with different cars, and devices is really important.This brings us to the question, what is the best professional automotive diagnostic scanner on the market? With several brands posing as the best, it is vital to note which features the scan tool should have for efficient and effective performance.

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Factors to look for in a quality professional automotive diagnostic scanner

  • Power source

Check and identify where the scanner is powered through the obd2 scan tool or it has its personal internal power supply. Also, the diagnostic tool you acquire should be able to last you through work day. Some batteries are costly while others are cheap. Consider this before buying any type of battery.

  • Size of screen

For commercial or even personal use, you definitely require a device that has a large screen so that it can clearly display information. It should be colored and easy to read. This is a feature to highly consider for better utilization of the scanner.

  • Bluetooth connectivity

This aspect makes using automotive scanners to be easy and convenient. Instead of linking the scanner with your computer or phone through a cable, the wireless connectivity scanner allows the user to easily use the device via hands free technology. The mechanic can carry out a diagnostic within the workshop and not necessarily when inside the car.

  • Platform needed

What platform do you prefer using is it a tablet device or a conventional hand-held scan tool? As well, you can get software for converting a laptop into a scanner. This way, you will be doing away with buying of hardware. Decide on the method you think will work best for you.

  • Compatibility with devices

Some diagnostic tools are compatible with some few devices. When looking for an automotive diagnostic scanner it’s great to ensure that your device is compatible with it. Usually, they are compatible with android and apple iOS devices. Also, some come with different manufacturers software such as windows.

  • Ease of use

Since you are acquiring the device for commercial use, ensure that your workers in the garage or shop are able to use it without needing any training. Some models are complicated and will need training before a person uses. A simple to use scanner will also mean that you attend to your clients quickly.

  • Upgrades

Consider buying an automotive scanner that can be upgraded. So, having a scan tool that cannot be upgraded will appear to be dumb and waste of resources as tools are being upgraded and updates seasonally. Upgrades can be costly but they are worth having so that you can provide your clients with the best services.

  • Warranty

The initial cost of some of the quality diagnostic tools on the market is high and acquiring one with a warranty so that it covers defects is really important.

Most of the manufacturer provide at least one year plus warranty.

List of top 5 Best Professional automotive diagnostic scanner

After lots of research we have listed 5 best scan tool for mechanics.

Autel Maxisys Pro MS908P Automotive Diagnostic Scanner With ECU Coding(Our top pick)

Ancel is an excellent professional scan tool with outstanding features. It has a large screen where it display information. It diagnosis and analysis vehicle data, actuation tests, adaptations, show live data and engine control unit information. The classic design is for easy use and have lots of functionality. Manufacturer provides one year warranty to purchasers of the autel scan tool.

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Main features:

  • Diagnosis very fast if you compare with other scanner.
  • Perform multiple task at a time.
  • For vehicle identification use Auto-Vin technology.
  • Large LED touch display
  • 32 GB hard drive.
  • one years warranty


  • Perfectly designed.
  • Easy to use.
  • Has large LED screen to display data.

Launch Full System Diagnostic Scan tool

Launch X431 V+ Full System Diagnostic scanner is one of the best. As simple as it appears, this device has 10.1″ LCD display where codes and other texts are read easily. It supports Special Repair Functions like Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, Read Datastream, Maintenance Recommendations etc and other latest obd protocols. It is great for personal and commercial application.

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Main features:

  • Not only Read and clears codes but also lots of advance features.
  • Bluetooth and Wifi support.
  • Big LCD touch screen display
  • 5MP camera and 16GB internal memory


  • It is easy to read
  • Compactly made
  • Works with different types of car.
  • Functions without the need of a laptop.

Launch CRP Touch Pro 5.0″ Android Touch Screen Professional Diagnostic automotive diagnostic scan tool

The Launch CRP obd2 scan tool is able to read and clear codes easily. It has 76 systems OEM-specific coverage on 46 vehicle. Also, it is covers different types of vehicles that were manufactured from 1966 or later. It has 12 month hassle free quality warranty. this is a diagnostic scan tool worth having for your car or cars.

Check Amazon To View Current Pricing & Availability

Main features:

  • Reads and clears different codes
  • Covers 46 vehicles
  • Wifi enable and 1GB internal memory.
  • 1 hassle free Quality warranty
  • Depth scan report.


  • It covers a wide range of vehicles most of which date from 1966 or later(total 46 vehicle)
  • Lauch obd2 is very easy to use
  • It is a cost-effective method to read and clear definitions

Foxwell Nt301 obd2 code scanner diagnostic tool

The Unique patented design of the Foxwell Nt301 diagnostic tool makes it durable for use. It read and clears vehicle codes at a faster rate. It is easy to use and has a display screen to show definitions. With a lifetime free software upgrade and 3 year product warranty, this is a device worth having in your garage.

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Main features:

  • Fast read and clear vehicle codes
  • On screen DTC definitions
  • Red/yellow/green LEDs
  • Unique patented design
  • Built-in speaker
  • Life-time free software upgrade
  • 3 year product warranty


  • Easy to use
  • Clearly read and clear codes
  • LED screen for display

Ancel AD310 obd2 scanner diagnostic scan tool

Ancel is another excellent professional scan tool with outstanding features. It has a large screen where it display information and is equipped with a 2.5 feet long cable. The classic design is for easy use and the manufacturer provides a 3 year warranty to purchasers of the scan tool.

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Main features:

  • Equipped with 2.5 feet long cable
  • Classic design
  • Freeze frame data
  • Large LCD display
  • 3 years warranty


  • Perfectly designed
  • Easy to use the software.
  • Has large LCD screen to display data

Foseal car WiFi obd2 scan tool

The Foseal obd2 scanner comes with WiFi technology that allows user to connect the device to a tablet or phone and run diagnostic scan from there. It supports both obd2 protocols. Also, it is compatible with android and iOS devices. In addition, it is compatible with most cars and suitable for use by mechanics of for commercial use.

Check Amazon To View Current Pricing & Availability

Main features:

  • Display current sensor data
  • Supports obd2 protocols
  • Supports android and iOS devices
  • Compatible with many car brands


  • Easy to install device
  • Compact scan tool
  • It is compatible with many car brands
  • It is compatible with android and iOS devices


Professional mechanics should always go for the best automotive diagnostic scanners. These are those that are compatible with most of the devices, vehicles and have a variety of On-board diagnostics features that make using them to be easy and fast. Choose from the best brands and ensure that the scan tool can be upgraded. Hopefully, you have found our review to be helpful. You can go ahead and use our information to choose a quality scan tool or select from our best five list above.


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