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Best Floor Jack Reviews 2023 [For Trucks, Cars & SUVs]

If you’re in the automotive line of work, then you understand how important it is to have a reliable and functional floor jack. A non-reliable or low-quality floor jack may break down under the weight of the vehicle, which may cause damage or even harm you. In order to prevent this, you need to purchase a quality and sturdy floor jack that is durably made and can withstand the different weights of different cars.
You are looking for the best floor jack. Right? As an auto enthusiast, you can trust my advice because I have used many floor jacks.

With all kinds of floor jacks on the market, choosing the best can be daunting. To make your work a little bit easier, we interacted with a number of auto mechanics and came up with the best floor jack as follows:

Here is The Common problem that I faced:

  • Suddenly stop working in the middle of the job.
  • Jack stops lifting without any warning.
  • If you lift your vehicle, then slowly lower itself.
  • Oil Leak.
  • Internally damage even after lower weight lifting.
  • The release valve doesn’t work smoothly.
  • The reservoir cannot hold enough hydraulic fluid.

Those are a very common problem, especially for those who buy cheap jacks. You don’t need to buy an expensive floor jack to avoid those problems. You only need to choose the right jack to get rid of those problems.

Top Rated 3 Floor Jacks Comparison Table

ImagesPopular Floor JackLoad Capacity & Features
(2023 Editor’s Choice)
Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor JackCheck Price
Arcan ALJ3T Floor Jack
Read Review
  • Weight: 56 pounds

  • Materials: Aluminum

  • Capacity: 3 Ton (56 pounds)

  • Medium price
  • (Professional Choice)
    Check Price
    Performance Tool W1645 (6,000 lbs.) Capacity Low Profile Floor Jack
    Read Review
  • Weight: 100 pounds

  • Materials: Galvanized steel

  • Capacity: 3.5 Tons (6,000 lbs.)

  • Medium price
  • (Best Budget Choice)
    Check Price
    Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack
    Read Review
  • Weight: 30 pounds

  • Materials: Heavy duty steel

  • Capacity: 2 Tons

  • Low price
  • Summary of Contents

    10 Best Floor Jack Reviews in 2023

    Since numerous types and brands of garage floor jacks are on the market, picking the best can sometimes be challenging.

    Our expert panel sat down and researched the best vehicle floor jacks. These ten best floor jacks below were found to be ahead of the rest in various perspectives. Read further to know more about them and their effectiveness in performance.

    Powerzone 380044 garage Jacks(Our top pick)

    Powerzone is a notable brand that shouldn’t be left behind when mentioning the best floor jack. A Powerzone floor jack is a heavy-duty tool with the capability of lifting different types of vehicles. It is made of both lightweight aluminum and heavy-duty steel lift arm for strength and longevity.

    Technical Features of Powerzone 380044 Aluminum Steel Garage Jack:

    Features Powerzone 380044
    Rated capacity: 3 Ton (6000 pounds)
    Lift Range: 4-inch to 18-1/4 inch
    Made of: Lightweight aluminum frame
    Saves time: Quick lifting hydraulic system
    Rubber padded saddle: Yes
    Rear wheels swivel: Yes
    Foam-covered handle: Yes
    Dimensions: 28.4 x 13.9 x 7.4 inches
    Weight: 59.1 pounds

    In addition, the garage jack comes with a quick hydraulic lifting system that ensures it lifts their car faster. The rear wheel swivel allows easy maneuverability when the jack is in use. The car floor jack has a rubber padded saddle and has foam-covered handle to protect the car frame.
    top rated floor jacks buying guideCheck Price

    Main features:

    • Rubber padded saddle
    • Aluminum and steel garage jacks
    • Best 3-ton floor jacks
    • Quick lifting hydraulic system
    • Rear-wheel swivel
    • Safety valve
    • Foam covered handle


    • The jack can be lifted with ease due to its lightweight
    • It can be used both in the garage and travel with for various car services
    • It has a rubber padded saddle and foam-covered handle to secure the car frame
    • The rear wheel swivel allows the car jack to move freely
    • The quick-lifting hydraulic system saves time by lifting your vehicle faster.

    Arcan XL2T Black Low Profile Steel Service Jacks

    Arcan floor jack is also another notable brand when it comes to floor jacks. The Arcan XL service jack is a low-profile car jack that can be used almost in any car. The service jack is made from steel metal, which makes it strong and durable. Despite the sleek jack, it has a long chassis that covers the car well when lifted. In addition, it meets the industry safety regulation standard ASM PALD 2009, making it safe for use. It has a dual dump that makes it lift the car a bit faster than other types of service jacks. This is a wonderful tool to have in your garage.
    Arcan XL2T Low Profile jackCheck Price

    Technical Features of Arcan XL2T Black Low Profile Steel:

    Features Arcan XL2T
    Rated capacity: 2 Ton
    Height range: 2.75 inch to 24 inches
    Extra-long chassis: 32 inch
    Saves time: Quick lifting hydraulic system
    Dual pump: Yes
    Universal joint release mechanism: Yes
    Complies: ASME PALD 2009 standard
    Dimensions: 32.5 x 8.2 x 11.2 inches
    Weight: 97 pounds

    Main features:

    • Steel service jacks
    • 75-inch to 24 inches height range
    • Dual pump
    • Meets ASME PALD 2009 standard
    • Long chains
    • Low profile jacks
    • 2-ton capacity


    • Arcan XL2T is favorably priced
    • It is made of quality steel metal for longevity
    • It is a low-profile jack to fit under any vehicle
    • Meets the industry safety regulation that makes it safe to use

    JEGS Performance Products 80006 Professional Floor Jacks

    JEGS floor jack is a portable car jack that is well made to lift cars excellently for service. It is built with aluminum, which is lightweight, allowing the jack to be carried wherever the user wishes. In addition, it has dual side grip handles for lifting the service jacks easily. The low-profile floor jack can be used to lift any kind of car. Its lifting capacity has been rated at 4 000 lbs, which is just excellent. The rubber lift pad that it has is for preventing marring saddle. With such features and many more, the JEGS garage jack is definitely among the best car floor jack on the market.
    JEGS Performance Professional Floor JacksCheck Price

    Technical Features of JEGS 80006 4000lb Low-Profile Aluminum Floor Jack Garage Car Truck:

    Features JEGS 80006
    Rated capacity: 2 Ton
    Height range: 3-1/2″ to 19-1/4″
    Extra-long chassis:  26-1/2″
    Hydraulic Lift: 15-3/4″
    Dual pump: Yes
    Knurled grip: Yes
    Complies: ASME PALD 2014 standards
    Dimensions: 7.4 x 14.8 x 31.6 inches
    Weight: 50.2 pounds

    Main features:

    • One of the best Aluminum floor jack
    • Low-profile garage jacks
    • Weighs 49 lbs
    • Lifting capacity rated at 4, 000 lbs
    • Rubber lift pad
    • Dual-side grip handle
    • Two-piece handle with handle sleeve
    • Knurled grip area


    • It is very portable
    • Comes with two handles for easy movement
    • Made of quality aluminum material for durability
    • It’s a low profile service jack to lift different types of cars
    • It has a rubber lift pad to prevent marring saddles

    Sunex 6602LP Service Jacks

    Sunex is an amazing heavy-duty low-profile garage jack. Made from steel, this service jack is suitable for use in the garage as it cannot be easily lifted from one area to another. It can handle a number of cars, such as sports cars and pick-up trucks, with its low profile design. In addition, it has dual pump pistons that give a quick rise to a car being lifted. Furthermore, the jack has a mi height of 2.75 inches and a max height of 24 inches, on purchase of the garage jack, the manufacturer’s ability to provide a one year warranty.
    Sunex Service JacksCheck Price

    Technical Features of 6602LP Sunex Tools:

    Features Sunex 6602LP
    Rated capacity: 2 Tons
    Height range: 2.75 inch to 24 inches
    Extra-long chassis: 18″
    Saves time: Quick lifting hydraulic system
    Dual pump: Yes
    Low profile design: Yes
    Complies: ASME PALD 2009 standard
    Dimensions: 36 x 15.8 x 7.5 inches
    Weight: 103.6 pounds

    Main features:

    • Steel service jacks
    • Low profile design
    • Dual pump pistons
    • 75-inch minimum height and 24 inches max-height
    • 2-ton garage jacks
    • One year warranty from the manufacturer


    • Has rapid rise technology for quick lifting
    • It is a low profile jack with the ability to lift many types of cars, sports cars included
    • Has a quick release handle
    • It has a maximum reaching of 24 inches, thus able to lift even pick-up trucks
    • Made from steel to last long and handle heavy-duty cars

    Arcan ALJ3T Floor Jacks

    This is an excellent floor jack for people searching for a car jack to travel with. Arcan floor jacks made from string and lightweight aluminum make moving with it from place to place to be simple. The dual pump pistons the service jack has give a car a quick rise. The reinforced lift arm offers strength, chassis torsion, and longevity. The two wheels, which are the ball-bearing mounted rear swivel caster wheels and wide track front wheels, offer easy movement of the jack. With its minimum height, the car jack can lift low-profile cars as well as standard vehicles. Also, the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty.
    Arcan ALJ3T jacksCheck Price

    Technical Features of Arcan ALJ3T Low Profile Steel:

    Features Arcan ALJ3T
    Rated capacity: 3 Ton (6000 pounds)
    Height range:

    3-3/4 Inch – 18-1/8 Inch

    Easy Storage: 2-pc. handle
    Saves time: Quick-lock feature
    Dual pump: Yes
    Bypass and overload valves : Yes
    Complies: 2009 ASME PALD Standard
    Dimensions: 30 x 13.5 x 8 inches
    Weight: 56 pounds

    Main features:

    • Dual pump pistons
    • 3-to capacity
    • Aluminum service jacks
    • Pistons dust shield
    • Bypass and overhead valves
    • Reinforced lift arm
    • Rear and front wheels
    • One year limited warranty


    • It is easy to maneuver with the rear and front wheels
    • It has a minimum lift height of 3,3/4 inches to lift low profile vehicles
    • The dual pistons assist in the quick rising of the vehicle
    • The lightweight aluminum helps in easy movement or lifting of the car jack from one place to another
    • The manufacturer provides a one year warranty to buyers of the service jacks

    Liftmaster Heavy Duty Floor Jack with Quick Lift

    Liftmaster is a lovely heavy-duty floor jack sold at an amazing price. It can be used to lift a wide range of vehicles, such as cars, SUVs, and trucks. This floor jack has an ultra-low profile rating of 3-inches and a maximum lifting height of 20-inches. As a result, you can use it to lift extremely low profile vehicles or large SUVs. Lifting the car is not a problem with this hydraulic floor jack, as it features dual pumps for a quick and simple lift. This is the best floor jack for heavy-duty.
    Liftmaster Heavy Duty Floor JackCheck Price

    Technical Features of Liftmaster Heavy Duty 3Ton Floor Jack:

    Features Liftmaster Floor Jack
    Rated capacity: 3 Ton (6000 pounds)
    Height range: 20″
    Easy placement: 3-inch Low profile
    w/ foam bumper: Yes
    Dual pump: Yes
    Two-piece knurled steel handle: Yes
    Strengthened rubber pad: Yes
    Dimensions: 31 x 15 x 6.5 inches
    Weight: 72.8 pounds

    The Liftmaster floor jack is also very easy to handle as it has two pieces of knurled steel handle for a firm grip and is fitted with a foam bumper to avoid damage to your car. Additionally, the strengthened rubber pad offers protection and friction during the lifting of the car.

    Features and Benefits

    • Two pieces of knurled steel handle for a firm grip
    • 3-inch low profile for easy placement under lowered cars
    • Strengthened rubber pad for greater protection and friction
    • Excellent dual pump system lifts save efforts and pumps
    • Heavy-duty construction

    Performance Tool W1645 Profesional Floor Jack

    This is one of the most powerful floor jacks you will ever encounter. The Performance W1645 professional floor jack is a heavy-duty steel floor jack with a maximum lifting capacity of 7 000 lbs. moreover, it has a lift range of 3-1/2-inches to 20-1/2-inches. It features dual pistons for the easy and quick lifting of cars and has an overload protection bypass valve that enables you to use it with confidence.
    Performance Tool W1645Check Price

    Technical Features of Performance Tool W1645 Professional Floor Jack 3 1/2 Ton :

    Features Performance Tool W1645
    Rated capacity: 3-1/2 Ton (7,000 lbs)
    Lift range: 3-1/2′ to 20-1/2′
    Easy to maneuver: Swivel saddle with a rubber cushion and swivel wheels
    Great for: For Cars and Light Duty Trucks
    Dual pump: Yes
    Extra Long Frame: Yes
    Safety: Overload protection bypass valve
    Weight: 5.4 ounces

    Unlike some heavy-duty jack stands, this one is very easy to maneuver as it comes with a swivel saddle with a rubber cushion and swivel wheels. In addition, it is designed with an extra-long frame to offer maximum stability, safety, and a low profile design that enables the user to get under most vehicles.

    Features and Benefits

    • Rubber saddle pad or protection
    • Can handle loads of up to 7 000 lbs
    • Features an overload protection bypass valve
    • The extra-long frame provides maximum stability and safety
    • Has a double-pump mechanism for quick lifting
    • Easy movement with the swivel saddle and swivel wheels
    • It has a lift range of between 3-1/2-inches and 20-1/2-inches

    Neiko Pro 20272B Low Profile Flow Jack

    If you are looking for a lightweight heavy-duty floor jack, look no further than the Neiko Pro 20272B low profile jack. This floor jack is unique in that it carries out heavy tasks but weighs considerably lower when compared to floor jacks in the same category. The weight can be attributed to its aluminum construction. Starting from as low as 3-inches to as high as 19.25-inches, you can lift a vehicle that weighs up to 6 000 lbs.
    Neiko Pro 20272BCheck Price

    Technical Features of Neiko Pro 20272B Low Profile Floor Jack, Dual Pump Design:

    Features Neiko Pro 20272B
    Rated capacity: 3 Ton (6000 pounds)
    Height range: 3-3/4” min. height to 19-1/4” max. height
    Rubber dotted saddle pad: Yes
    Saves time: Quick lifting hydraulic system
    Dual pump: Yes
    Swivel rear casters: Yes
    Easy Carrying: dual-sided handles
    Dimensions: 29.1 x 13 x 6.7 inches
    Weight: 57 pounds

    The Neiko floor jack is sturdily built and has a rubber-dotted saddle for protecting your vehicle frame. It is easy to move as it features swivel rear casters and dual side handles for easy carrying. Use this floor jack to lift SUVs, Sedans, and other cars that you work on in the garage.

    Features and Benefits

    • Durable industrial-grade aluminum construction
    • Rubber-dotted saddle pad
    • Fitted with a safety valve to prevent overloading
    • Has rear swivel casters for easy positioning under vehicles
    • The dual plunger structure offers faster and more efficient lifting
    • Dual sides handles are for easy carrying

    Torin Big Red Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack

    The Torin big red hydraulic floor jack is one of the most affordable jacks on our list. This doesn’t mean that it is not a quality floor jack. As a matter of fact, it has a lift capacity of 3 tons. With the features that it comes with, this is an outstanding floor jack that is suitable for lifting SUVs and trucks. It has a lifting range of 5-7/8 to 17-1/4-inches. The extra-long neck swivel casters make lifting vehicles to be easy and quick.
    Torin Big Red Hydraulic Trolley Floor JackCheck Price

    Technical Features of Torin Big Red Hydraulic Floor Jack- T83006:

    Features Torin T83006
    Rated capacity: 3 Ton (6000 pounds)
    Lifting range: 5-7/8 inches to 17-1/4 inches
    Easy Mobility: 360-degree swivel casters
    Saves time: Extra-long neck
    Affordable: Yes
    Heavy Duty: Yes
    Great floor jack: For trucks and SUVs
    Dimensions: 26 x 11 x 8 inches
    Weight: 43.9 pounds

    The only shortcoming of this hydraulic floor jack is that it is quite heavy, and moving it around maybe somehow hectic. But besides that, it is very affordable and will help you lift different cars in the garage or auto shop during tire changes or repairs.

    Features and Benefits

    • Heavy-duty floor jack with a 3-ton capacity
    • Extra-long neck for quick and easy lifting of vehicles
    • Has 360-degree swivel casters for easy movement
    • Has a lifting range of between 5-7/8-inches and 17-1/4-inches

    Pro-Lift F-767 Low Profile Floor Jack

    The Pro-Lift F-767 low profile floor jack is the most affordable floor jack on our list. So, if you’re on a tight budget but still want high quality and reliable floor jack, this is the best choice for you. The Pro-Lift floor jack is made of heavy-duty steel construction, which means it is very durable despite the affordable cost. Furthermore, the F-767 floor jack features a patented bypass device that secures the jack from over-pumping for safe use. The built-in safety valve offers overload protection.
    Pro-Lift F-767Check Price

    Technical Features of Pro-Lift Grey Low Profile Jack- F-767:

    Features Pro-Lift F767
    Rated capacity: 2 Ton
    Lift range: 3-1/2 inches to 14 inches
    Rust Resistant: Yes
    Built-in safety valve: Yes
    Extra-low profile: Yes
    Patented bypass device: Yes
    Long-term durability: Heavy-duty steel construction
    Dimensions: 17.9 x 5.3 x 8.5 inches
    Weight: 30 pounds

    Use this floor jack to lift vehicles from as low as 3-1/2-inches to a maximum of 14-inches. Thus, it is not suitable for SUVs, but for low profile cars. Also, it has a ton capacity of 2 tons, which is a bit lower than most floor jacks that we’ve discussed in this post. It is a high-quality best floor jack offered at an excellent price.

    Features and Benefits

    • Heavy-duty steel construction
    • A patented bypass device protects against pumping
    • Extra low-profile design
    • Has a built-in safety valve that offers overload protection
    • Has a lifting range of 3-1/2-inches to 14-inches
    • The manufacturer offers 90 days warranty from the date of purchase

    So, What should you consider before buying a floor jack?

    • Lifting capacity: If you need to lift a 2-ton vehicle, then you should buy at least a 3-ton floor jack. To stay safe, I always prefer to buy a higher lifting capacity than yours need.
    • Design’s profile: Low profile floor jack has better flexibility than a standard profile jack.
    • Construction Material: Steel or aluminum? Aluminum is better for its lightweight and portability.
    • Lifting Speed: 7-8 stoke is the standard to lift a vehicle.
    • Price: $200 is enough to buy a high-quality floor jack. If you want to buy the best floor jack that will fulfill all your requirements, don’t go in cheap. (like $60 jacks)
    • Lifting Range: Most of the jack has a standard lifting range, but if you need more, only consider this point.

    If you’re a car enthusiast or mechanic, you already know that having a quality and easy-to-use car jack matters greatly. Different types of service jacks are on the market, starting from trolley jacks, scissor jacks, aluminum jacks, steel jacks, and many others. You might find this confusing if you are new in this area as you don’t know how to go about it. But this shouldn’t be a problem as we will educate you on how to pick the best garage jack on the market for your vehicle as you read on. So, what is the best floor jack for the money in 2023?

    If you don’t know much about quality floor jacks, you can consider buying this Powerzone jack. Affordable prices and can lift any car easily.

    If you are looking for a more jack option, you can see my other recommended list below.

    Types of floor jacks

    • Hydraulic floor jacks

    This is one of the most common floor jacks around because of its ease of use. The car jack has a chamber that is filled with oil. The oil is applied similarly to the hydraulic fluid because it costs less and lubricates the hydraulic chamber.

    When the plunger is pulled back, the hydraulic service jack functions, then the oil is withdrawn from a storage tank into the chamber. A ball check valve in the hydraulic jack prevents the oil from flowing back I the storage tank. Then, the plunger is pushed forward, which in turn raises the pressure in the oil.
    Hydraulic service jacksCheck Price

    The increased pressure makes the lift arm start rising. Another ball check valve holds The lift arm position back so that the arm stays lifted until a release is opened. Normally, the hydraulic jack has four wheels and a trolley. One of the advantages of this car floor jack is that it has a high maximum height.

    • Scissor

    A scissor jack is very commonly used to lift one side of a car so that a tire can be changed. Though it is cheaper than the hydraulic jack, it needs a lot of effort to lift the car off the ground. In addition, it is small in size and can be easily kept in the vehicle’s trunk space. The scissor jack functions easily by inserting the crank into a slot and then rotating it. As a result, it causes the screw to pull the sides of the jack toward the middle, thus lifting the car. The only disadvantage of using this service jack is that it has a height limitation and cannot exceed a certain weight of a car as they are compact. This means that it is limited to what duties it can do for you.

    • Bottle jacks

    Similar to a hydraulic jack, the bottle jacks are hydraulically operated. They are made of concentric cylinders that offer stiffness propelled by hydraulic pressure resulting from pumping a lever, much like a normal floor jack. One of its advantages is its small footprint. In case you are working with limited space or uneven surfaces, the small footprint enables a bottle jack to be more stable in some scenarios. Their disadvantage is that they don’t get as low as normal floor jacks or scissor jacks because of their high free height when compressed. This, in turn, makes it challenging to sue for lowered cars such as sports cars. They are great to use on trucks and can create the highest lifting capacity.

    Safety measures when using a floor jack

    • Always raise your car on level ground
    • Don’t allow your service floor jacks to support your vehicle by themselves. Always apply jack stands for added support.
    • Use a jack stand recommended for your car. This means a floor jack that supports the car’s weight.
    • Apply the ideal jacking points and CDI Torque wrench on your car
    • Always raise and lower your vehicle slowly when using floor jacks.

    What to look for before purchasing a floor jack

    • Material

    The best floor jack you choose should correspond with where you will utilize it. If you want a service jack for your garage, you can opt for the heavy-duty steel type. Alternatively, if you want a portable car floor jack that you can use from place to place, a lightweight jack made from aluminum can be suitable for you. But generally, jacks are made from steel, which will last longer compared to aluminum metal.

    • Design profile

    There are usually two kinds of garage floor jacks. One is the standard size, and the other is the low-profile design. When selecting a car jack based on its profile, you have to put in mind what kind of car you will be lifting up.
    low profile floor jack reviewCheck Price

    If they are sports cars, a low-profile floor jack should be used. A standard floor jack is for lifting cars that are raised.

    • Lifting capacity

    This is considered one of the most vital features of any good floor jack. The weight a car floor jack can lift safely is extremely important. Whatever garage jack you acquire should have a greater lifting capacity than or equal to the car’s total weight. So, ensure that the service floor jack you intend to purchase can lift your car safely.

    • Usage

    When buying a jack, ensure you concentrate on what is supposed to do. To start with, buy a car floor jack that is suitable for lifting your car to the ideal height and can handle its weight too. There are garage floor jacks suitable for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and RVs. Also, if you want a vehicle jack for transmission, ensure you pick the right one too. By doing this, you will do your job to be easier and safer.

    • Lifting range or height

    The lifting range of a floor jack is as well crucial. This is because every jack has a different minimum height and lifting range. If you require lifting your car off the ground to a particular distance, then you should choose a garage floor jack with a high lifting height.

    • Lifting speed

    Some floor jacks lift the car slowly, while others will lift your car a bit quicker. The standard jack takes in between 8 to 10 strokes of the lifting bar. If you need your service jack to attain full high in 3-6 strokes, you should consider a jack with dual lifting pistons or a quick lift system. This is a bit faster when it comes to lifting the car when compared to a standard jack.

    • Brand

    Not every service floor jack out there will give you the same results. Hence, it’s important to go for the best and most well-known brands on the market that will deliver quality results. Floor jacks are tools that shouldn’t be taken for granted, as an inferior brand may cause more harm than good to you when it doesn’t deliver. Pick safe and proven brands such as Arcan, Powerzone, Craftsman, JEGS, and Hein Werner, to just name but a few.

    • Price

    When buying a floor jack, consider acquiring a simple jack instead of going for a sophisticated one that you won’t be using for long. Look for a floor jack with features matching your needs and buy it. Avoid buying a costly jack with features you don’t need.


    With all the above information, we hope you’re now informed about the different floor jacks and how they operate. We understand choosing the best floor jack isn’t easy, especially for those who don’t know what to look for in the best service jacks. It is important for a person to purchase a floor jack that meets their needs and not just because it’s costly. If you have enough technical knowledge, you can build a floor jack yourself. Also, the brand you buy from is crucial as there are some bogus brands in the market that don’t deliver excellent performance for long. Make a good choice by picking a functional and quality car jack that will serve you for a long.


    Question: Which floor jack can I use to lift my ford explorer?
    Answer: The floor jacks that we’ve discussed in this post can be used to lift cars, SUVs, and trucks, apart from the Pro-Lift F-767 floor jack. All of them have at least a minimum height of 3 inches and a maximum of more than 19 inches. Some can even lift cars as high as 20 inches. So, all the floor jacks in the post can be used on your food explorer.

    Question: What is the importance of using safety stands after lifting a vehicle using a floor jack?
    Answer: Floor jacks use hydraulics, which is meant for lifting and not holding the weight. So, if they fail, slip, or leak, the car or weight over you will come crushing and wreak havoc. Therefore, it is advisable to use safety stands or jack stands to hold the car in position.

    Still, have questions after reading this Best Floor Jack Reviews article? Comment below.

    Meet our professional car mechanic, Russell D. Steele, who has been in this field for five consecutive years and works with several automotive companies. He completed the "AUTOMOTIVE & LIGHT DUTY DIESEL TECHNOLOGY" course from NorthWest Lowa Community College, where he learned essential diagnostic and transportation management skills and became a certified mechanic.

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