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Autel MD802 Review 2021: Maxidiag Elite Scan Tool

The Autel brand creates code readers that are considered to be among the best. The Autel md802 all systems scanner can read/erase codes, Live Data, Freeze frame, DTC lookup, Retrieving I/M Readiness Status, OIL reset service, EPB, O2 monitor test, Component test, ON-board monitor test, Viewing vehicle information, Modules present and much more. Read this Autel md802 review to know more about this scanner.

Professional mechanics and DIYer enthusiasts understand to have a quality obd2 scan tool. A high-quality automotive diagnostic scanner save lots of money and headache as well. That’s why most of them use the most sophisticated diagnostic scanners on the market. Not every scan tool will carry out a diagnostic test on every car. But most of the best scan tools like md802 can perform a test on almost all vehicles.

Technical specifications of the Autel md802 maxidiag elite


Autel md802

Works: ALL available systems for most of the European, Asian, and domestic vehicles after 1996
Freeze frame Data: Yes
Check Engine Light: Yes
Broad Vehicle Coverage: Nissan, Infiniti, Toyota, Lexus, Scion, Honda, Acura, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Isuzu, Kia, Daewoo, Mazda, Holden, Bens,Hyundai, Smart, Sprinter, Maybach, BWM, Mini, VW, Seat, Skoda, Audi, Opel, Land Rover, Volvo, Porsche,Jaguar, Saab, EU Ford, Ford, GM, Chrysler, Peugeot, Vauxhall, Citroen, Renault, Dacia, Fiat, Abarth, Alfa-Romeo, Maserati, Lancia.
Retrieving I/M Readiness status: Yes
ON-board monitor test: Yes
Component test: Yes
Live Data: Yes
Viewing vehicle information: Yes
OIL reset service: Yes
Mode: 6
Software update: Yes, Life-time of free
Automatic VIN Acquisition: Yes
Price: autel maxidiag md802 Elite Check Today’s Price On Amazon

Their diagnostic scanners are built with cutting edge features that make diagnostic tests to be easy and quick. In this Autel md802 Review article, we will explain why this is one the best scan tool.

One of the best creations of Autel is the md802 scan tool. This car scan tool is regarded as one of the best obd2 scanners on the market. It is compact in design, performs quick scans and very easy to use. Autel is among the top manufacturers of scan tools on the market. Since the firm was established around 10 years ago, it has been offering its clients with high-quality diagnostic tools at very competitive prices. The brand boasts of a number of diagnostic scanners from which a user can pick from. live Data scan tool MD802Check Price
Thus, depending on your needs, you will find a diagnostic scanner that you love and has the features that you desire from Autel.

For now, we are going to review the Autel md802 car diagnostic scanner. This scan tool has all the features that a person can wish for in a powerful odb2 scan tool.

Main Features of the Autel Maxidiag Elite MD802

The Autel md802 is a powerful obd2 scan tool with excellent features that give the user an easy time performing diagnostic tests. The device has 50 plus module coverage, and automatic VUN acquisition. In addition, the diagnostic scanner comes with a carrying case for proper storage and longevity of the tool. It has a large colored LCD screen that enables the user to read the graphs and codes with much ease. Other outstanding features that the tool has to include live data graphing for all modules, and performs oil light/ maintenance reset.

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Unlike other odb2 scan tools, this scanner has a simple to use one-click erase all codes, and its compatible with all domestic, Asian and European vehicles model of 1996 or newer versions. Also, it’s lightweight and compact in design for easy use. On purchase, the manufacturer provides a one-year free internet software updates. Such features make this Autel md802 model to be regarded as one of the best odb2 scanners. Its features and advantages are below:

Main features:

  • Live data graphing for all modules
  • 50 plus module coverage
  • Automatic VIN acquisition
  • Perform electronic parking brake testing
  • Carrying case
  • Compatible with all domestic, European, And Asian vehicles model 1996 or newer
  • Perform oil light/ maintenance reset
  • One-click erase all codes
  • One year free internet software updates
  • Diagnostics menu
  • Control unit function
  • Limited one year warranty

Scanner Autel MD802 Review 2021:

  • It is versatile

Finding a device that works on most of cars is no easy thing. But the Autel md802 is an excellent automotive scan tool that supports domestic, Asian, and European vehicles of model 1996 or newer. Simply connect the device well on your respective car and carry out the diagnostic test.

  • Easy to use

Some obd2 code readers are very difficult to use and have a difficult understanding interface. But this scanner comes with a simple understanding of the menu and doesn’t need any training for the user to get started. Also, it just uses one-click to get rid of all the trouble codes.

  • Compact design

Many professional mechanics love code readers that they can handle easily during repair work or when servicing the car. This obd2 scan tool is compactly created to fit well in the hands of the user and give them ample time during use. In addition, it has a nice grip that allows the user to hold firm as they view the results of the test or graphs.

  • It’s quick and saves time

For commercial use, mechanics need an obd2 device that works fast and saves them time to carry out different assignments. This model from autel is regarded as one of the fastest obd2 scanner on the market today. It allows the user to perform a very quick diagnostic test.

  • Very cost-effective

For individuals who own several cars or mechanics that have clients with varying car brands and models, this scanner can prove to be helpful to them. This is because this diagnostic scanner functions on different car brands and models domestic, Asian, and European from 1996 or later. This will, in turn, prove to be less costly than having several obd2 scanners. If you need a cheap scan tool then check this Bafx 34t5 Bluetooth scanner.

  • Highly reliable

This code reader is reliable in that it has the capability to read, erase and guide the user. This feature makes it be distinct from other obd2 scan brands and models being sold.

  • Very portable

There is no need t worry if you want to move around with this powerful obd2 scanner. This is because it is lightweight and compact for simple storage and use. Also, it comes with a carrying case that ensures the tool is kept safely after use.

  • Easily reads and clears codes

Every professional mechanic or DIYers love a scan tool for cars that can easily read and erase codes without much trouble.
MD802 Easily reads and clears codesCheck Price
This model from autel will provide you with quick results and you won’t struggle to use it.

  • It supports all 10 test modes of the latest J1979 OBD2 test specs

Not all the diagnostic scan tools on the market can support all the 10 test modes of the latest J1979 OBD2 test specs. But this autel model has the capability to do that. So when you acquire this gadget, you will be able to test all 10 modes.

  • Has a colorful LCD

What is the importance of acquiring a quality scan tool that you can’t view its figure well? The autel md802 is an excellent car diagnostic scanner that allows the user to view codes, figures, and graphs being displayed on it. It is large and colorful for excellent views. Its screen similar to the Autel Maxicheck Pro.

  • Simple user menu

Some devices come with complicated menus making it challenging for users to use the obd2 scanner. With this model, the mechanic or motorist will have ample time to read the menu as it is very simple to comprehend. Everything is named and the user won’t have a hard time using it.

  • Warranty from manufacturer

Finally, it’s important to acquire a scan tool with at least one year warranty. A warranty not only shows how the manufacturer is confident in their product but also is an indication of a quality product. Autel offers one-year of free internet software updates to buyers of the product.

Autel al619 vs md802

Here is the difference between Autel md802 and al619:

Autel md802 vs maxicheck pro

These Autel maxicheck pro and md802 scanner prices almost the same. You will find similarities in their functionalities too.

If you are looking for a great odb2 scanner from Autel brand, then the Autel md802 is one of them. This compact and simple to use automotive diagnostic scanner has great features that offer the user a wonderful experience. The display screen is large, it has a simple to use menu and easily reads and clears codes. In addition, the scanner is very reliable and efficient in use. I hope you have enjoyed this Autel md802 review. Get this car scan tool for your different range of cars.


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