Having car insurance is a must in most of the states in the USA. But when did the insurance policy become essential to driving a vehicle in most of the cities?

Car insurance became mandatory locally in 1927. Massachusetts is the first state in the USA that requires insurance for cars inside. But, after this time, it became mandatory in most states of the USA in 1970.

How many types of car insurance are available?

A car insurance policy is a must, but which policy should I have? Some drivers may ask the question. Hopefully, there are many types of car insurance policies in the US. These policies are different, with several features according to the demands of different people.

Liability coverage

There are two types of liability coverage. i) Bodily injury liability; ii) Property damage liability

If you drive the wrong way and you are responsible for damaging another vehicle or striking passersby, you should pay sufficient compensation. The liability coverage will fulfill it.

Collision coverage

Collision coverage is optional insurance. So there is no problem if you do not follow the policy; even if you do, you will not be fined according to the Road Act.

If you have an accident with your car that is caused by hitting another wall, a repair, or a fence, you must observe whether your vehicle is damaged. If you see the damaged part, you should go to the insurance company to get the reparation cost.

Collision coverage is necessary for people who are leaseholders or lenders of any vehicle.

Medical payment coverage

This coverage is very important because it ensures the safety of the bodies of the drivers and passengers. If some of them are injured, they can easily get the proper cost of treatment from the medical payment coverage.

MedPay is necessary for every health-conscious person riding in a vehicle.

Comprehensive insurance coverage

This coverage ensures the safety of your car from such events that are not under your control. Theft, vandalism, storms, floods, fire, hail, etc. can be reliable for damaging or losing your car. As you have nothing to do with the issues, the insurance company can pay you the total compensation for your vehicle.

Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage

This insurance coverage works when you have an accident with a vehicle that has no liability coverage. If the owner of the other car is unable to pay your vehicle’s respiration cost, your uninsured or underinsured coverage will fulfill it. Moreover, this coverage will also cover medical bills. But if the other driver has sufficient liability coverage and is reliable for the accident in an at-fault city, there is no need to utilize your uninsured policy. The liability coverage of the other vehicle owner will fulfill it.

When did the first car accident occur?

The first car accident occurred in New York City. Henry Wells of Springfield, Massachusetts, caused the first car accident with the bicycle of Evelyn Thomas. The bicyclist was from New York.When did the first car accident occur

Thomas’s leg was broken, and as a punishment, Wells had to spend the night in jail. This incident happened in 1896. After some years, in 1927, car insurance started in Massachusetts and became mandatory. Gradually, insurance has become a must in almost every place in the USA.

How can I get cheap car insurance for a new driver?

Young drivers are much more likely to have an accident with their car. First, they have little experience, and they cannot drive the car with proper intelligence. Moreover, emotional and reckless drivers cannot control their cars timely, so accidents occur. For these reasons, every insurance company has a tendency to charge higher insurance premiums for young drivers.

Many surveys say that five out of six young drivers cause an accident within the first six months after starting to drive.

The average insurance cost for an 18-year-old driver is about $450 per month. This cost is essential for full-coverage insurance.

Still, there are some effective ways to make the insurance premium cheaper. You can follow the techniques given below:

i) Do not modify your car

If you want to customize your vehicle, you should first inform your vehicle insurance company. But it is not a good thing to modify the car without any necessity. Although the process can give a cool look to your car, it costs more money.

ii) Do not auto-renew your car insurance

If you auto-renew your car insurance, the premium rate will automatically increase. So, if you want to get insurance again the next year, you have to get a new policy. Otherwise, the increasing amount of charge deducted every year will make the premium cost more than the repair cost of your vehicle.

iii) Add a second driver

It can be another way to get a cheaper rate for your car insurance premium. If you tend to drive at a higher speed, you have to take another driver to drive your vehicle who controls the car very carefully. However, if he has a clean driving record, you can get insurance for your vehicle for a fraction of the premium cost.

iv) Purchase an affordable car.

Sometimes, people find cars on the market with a more precious outlook. These vehicles are costlier, and their insurance prices are also much higher. But, as an economical person, you can purchase the less costly vehicles. Therefore, you can save money by purchasing the car at a lower price and also paying less for insurance costs.

v) Research about discounts

There are several types of insurance discounts offered by different insurance companies.

If you are a college student and you have to drive more than 100 miles away to reach your college every day, the insurance company will give you a discount. Moreover, you can get another discount on your result if you get a GPA of 3.00 on your exam.

Frequently asked questions

When did car insurance become mandatory in the UK?

In 1930, an act was published in the UK, and it ordered every driver to keep insurance for their own safety and the safety of the other drivers.


An insurance policy is essential for the safety of the driver. So, if the policy is not mandatory in your city or state, you should not consider it. Instead, you must take out the necessary insurance policy because you have to keep yourself protected from any harm or damage to the money.

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