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Actron CP9670 Review 2022: Autoscanner Trilingual obd II & CAN Scan Tool

Many people wait until their car develops a grievous issue before taking it for inspection or repair. This shouldn’t be the case. The moment you see that the check engine light is on, you should respond immediately by taking the car to your nearest repair shop or to a mechanic for a check-up. But, it may cost you a lot!
Alternatively, you can purchase a code reader or scan tool to know what the issue is and tackle it right away. Some problems are minor and can be handled by any motorist by following the recommended guideline. All you have to do is to choose a quality, accurate, and reliable onboard diagnostic scanner. And thus, the Actron CP9670 review is here. It is a basic but accurate scan tool, and the price is very low.

Technical specifications of the Actron cp9670 auto scanner


Actron CP9670

Works: 1996 and newer vehicles
Larger screens, Color screen: Yes
Check Engine Light: Yes
Powertrain and ABS Vehicle coverage: Yes
Battery system monitor: Yes
Read & Erase DTCs: Yes
Update option: Yes
Get transmission codes: Yes
Views freeze frame data: Yes
State OBD check (emissions): Yes
Live data information: Yes
Dimensions: 11 x 8 x 1.5 inches
Weight: 1.3 pounds
Warranty: One year
Price: Actron CP9670 ReviewCheck Today’s Price

Although, you can compare this scanner with the other two models Actron CP9680 and Actron CP9690 scanner. One of the scanners that I highly recommend is the Actron cp9670. A reliable brand creates this scan tool. Actron scan tools are known for their excellent features and quick reading of error codes and erasing them, too. The Actron cp9670 offers accurate results and is extremely reliable.

Check Today’s Price

One of its outstanding features is live data which allows you to view the automobile sensor, relay, and switch inputs immediately while the monitor is functioning. You will learn more about the cp9670 scanner in this Actron CP9670 Review as you read further.

Features and Benefits of Actron CP9670 onboard diagnostic

  • This scan tool has an excellent design that is built for longer use. The plastic body that the scan tool comprises is sturdy and can defy the hardships of a car repair shop. It is also compact in design and very easy to handle.
  • It has a large LCD screen that is colored and enables the user of the scan tool to view data clearly. This includes both dark and very bright places. When in dark places, the backlight display feature provides much-needed illumination.

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  • It has the ability to present the data in live form and also assist in the playback feature if required. This makes it very simple to use.
  • The scan tool comes with different languages to select from, which are English, French, and Spanish. So, you can select a language that you are more comfortable or familiar with.
  • This is a universal diagnostic scanner as it can be used on any obd2 oriented car model. This is because of the professional orientation based on the True link technology assumed by Actron.
  • It has better compatibility with the ability to provide the technician with better data, including the vehicle data for the recently manufactured car models.
  • This is a versatile scan tool in terms of coding, which enables the onboard diagnostic tool to read as well as erase diverse data codes, including the famous antilock brake system (ABS) on different unique car brands.
  • This Actron OBD2 scan tool can be updated with the feature that makes it function on most recent car models.
  • It has a backup battery that enables it to function on its own without relying on car engine power. Also, the diagnostic scanner has a charging monitor that shows the user when it is full.

Actron CP9670 review & Advantages of this scan tool

  • Sturdy scan tool – even though it is made of plastic material, the scanner is sturdily built and can withstand any hardships. The plastic is solid and cannot spoil on a single drop. This can serve the user for a very long period of time.
  • Easy to use – amateur mechanics have highly praised this diagnostic scan tool due to its simplicity in use. The large LCD screen and colored display are very easy to interpret, even in dark or poorly lit areas. Also, using it for basic or advanced functions is very easy as you can explore on your own and use it correctly. This is not the case with other advanced scan tools on the market.
    actron autoscanner cp9670Check Price
  • Lightweight – if you intend to carry this scanner around the workshop or in your repair shop, this won’t be a burden at all as it is very lightweight. Its compact design and lightweight nature make it suitable for use around a busy garage.
  • Speed – one of the reasons why motorists love this scanner is because it offers very quick results. This is because of the AutoID technology that it comes with. It will save you time and enable you to concentrate on how to handle the error codes that you have detected.
  • Compatible with newer cars – if you are looking for a scan tool that works best on car models built from 2000 through to 2013, this scanner will be very helpful to you. It is compatible with newer cars, and this makes it be modern.
  • Provides precise results – one of the best things about this scanner is that it provides very accurate results. So, using this diagnostic scan tool to scan codes and provide better data reading is a great idea.
  • Easy to update online – not all scan tools can be updated online. But this is very important, especially if you intend to buy a new car model or lend it out to a friend who has just bought one of the latest car models. This is done very easily and quickly.
  • Affordable price – unlike many quality Autel scanners on the market, the pc9670 scanner is offered at a very competitive price. Considering its quality, one expects this scan tool to be highly priced. You can use it for basic scanning or professional use.
  • Instructions – the scan tool comes with instructions that let the user know what to do. The instruction manual shows where to insert the scan tool cable on the board of the vehicle and carry out the tests.

Disadvantages of CP9670 diagnostic scanner

  • The Actron cp9670 has been exceptional in reading codes of different vehicles. But 9ts inability to read or erase codes in some vehicles manufactured between 1996 and 2013 is worrying. This scan tool has failed to function with some of the models that include the 2006 Subaru forester, the 2002 Nissan Frontier, and the 2015 Subaru WRX.
  • Another shortcoming is the cp9670 has had no firmware update from the year 2010. A good number of vehicle manufacturers are changing the programming in their cars. Without regular firmware updates from the Actron cp9670, they will be left behind as far as technology is concerned. This is a huge blow to Actron.
  • The device is very complex to use with the graphic data presentation in some scenarios requiring a greater understanding of the data code meaning. Linking the OBD2 tool is also tricky as it is not Bluetooth supported OBD2 unit.
  • Finally, the user guide included in the bundle of the Actron cp9670 diagnostic scanner is not clear and a bit confusing. This should be revisited and made clear for users to understand it easily.

Bottom line

The Actron cp9670 is a great scan tool with excellent features. It has shortcomings of its own, but the benefits outweigh them. The scan tool provides accurate results and is very easy to use. The larger display and colored readings make this device to be suitable for use in extreme light or darkness. It is also lightweight and very easy to carry as you perform different diagnostic tests from different vehicles. The tool is best suited for beginner DIY enthusiasts. So it is not an ideal scanner for professional car owners. I hope you have gotten a clear idea after reading this Actron CP9670 review. If you want a durably made scan tool for both DIYers and professional mechanics, then Actron cp9670 diagnostic scanner is a great tool to have.


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