C1225 Code: Fix Left Front Wheel Speed Sensor Malfunction

The front wheel speed sensor is a pulse generator with encoders to detect the wheel speed. Do you know how to solve the problems with the wheel speed sensor? The encoders are the plates where the north and south poles are alternately arranged. The speed sensors present the output, including the pulse signals. The signals are adjusted according to the wheel speed. When the wheel speed sensor has any problems, you will be notified by the presence of the engine light and ABS light. After that, checking with an OBD II scanner is relevant to provide the result with the code numbers. Perfect judging and proper servicing will help you to provide comfort and peace on your next journey.


  • Faulty wheel speed sensor.
  • Damaged or corroded wiring and connectors related to the wheel speed sensor.
  • ABS module malfunction.
  • Faulty wheel hub or bearing.
  • Accumulated metallic particles on the wheel speed sensor tip.
  • Damaged or worn reluctor ring (or tone ring).
  • Low brake fluid level.
  • Malfunctioning hydraulic brake components.
  • Faulty ABS pump or motor.
  • Corroded or poor ABS module ground.


  • Check the Wheel Speed Sensor
  • Wiring Inspection
  • Sensor Gap
  • Tone Ring Inspection
  • Check ABS Ring
  • Measure Sensor Resistance
  • Sensor Harness
  • Diagnostic Scanner

The Possible Causes of The C1225 Code

The OBD II code C1225 detects the wheel speed sensor problem. Wheels are one of the essential elements of running a vehicle. The speed sensors work to diagnose the speed and measure for running the car smoothly. Logically a question can come to your mind, what can be if there is a problem with the wheel speed sensor? When the sensor does not work, it will fail to detect the vehicle’s proper speed. It will also be the failure to distribute the speed among the wheels equally. Here I am presenting the possible causes of the error code C1225 in some steps.

  • The Hub Assembly is imperfect

The correctly arranged hub assembly is perfect for accurate wheel speed. But, if it is faulty, it can not provide you with a fear-driving experience. Even it will not assist you in measuring the accurate rate. As a result, you may fall into an unwanted accident. The C1225 is the result of the problem. After having the possible symptoms, you have to check the code with the OBD II scanner.  bad wheel hub symptoms

  • If the Left Front Wheel Speed Sensor is Problematic 

The faulty left front wheel speed sensor means the vehicle cannot detect accurately and provide the perfect speed. It destroys the wheel speed sensor and makes driving problematic. When the car runs up against the problem, it shows the error code C1225.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Wheel Speed Sensor

  • If The Left Front Wheel Speed Sensor Harness is Open or Shorted

The faulty left front wheel speed sensor can hamper the vehicle and impede the speed. Especially when the harness becomes short, it may be a reason for disconnecting the harness system. Moreover, the open harness becomes the reason for hampering the vehicle’s speed sensor system and causing errors related to the C1225.

  • The Poor Electrical Connections

Every wheel speed sensor needs to have a robust electrical connection to bear the proper electricity to the wheel. Thus, the system provides sufficient electricity to the wheels and takes the vehicle smoothly. When it loses adequate connection, it may be inappropriate to spin the reels and run the car smoothly. As a result, the vehicle becomes problematic, and the OBD II scanner shows you the C1225 code. 

  • If you install different sizes of tires

The exact size of the tires is related to the comfort of every journey. But, if you install the different sizes of tires several times, it becomes a reason for hampering the wheel’s condition. So, the wheel speed sensor becomes problematic for keeping the correct speed for your running. When you use the different sizes of tires, you include the problem yourself and become a reason for causing the error code C1225. How to Choose a Different-Sized Wheel and Tire Combination

  • Wheel Speed Sensor Installing Mistake

When you install the wheel speed sensor but can not install it properly, it may cause a connection problem between the sensor and the wheel. Every user has to maintain the highest caution when installing the sensor. The incautious becomes a big reason for hampering the vehicle and presenting the error code C1225.

What Are The Possible Symptoms of The C1225 Error Code?

The OBD II code C1225  indicates the speed sensor problem of the front left wheel. It comes when the sensor cannot provide sufficient speed to the wheel. The cause of the C1225 is terrible for the drivers because it interrupts them from increasing the car’s speed. Some symptoms are available to identify the car’s problem, and it is the previous task of checking the error code.

ABS light is a piece of relational equipment to the chassis system. When the car faces chassis-related problems, it results in the ABS light. After getting the light on, you may be sure of the symptom of a problematic vehicle. You can easily understand some problem is with your car. So, the ABS light notifies you of the complicated situation of your vehicle. 

  • Engine Light On

The problem with the chassis-related vehicle instrument, like spark pluck, brake, etc., determines the engine light’s activity. Turning on the engine light shows you that your vehicle is problematic. So, when you find that the engine light is on in your car, do not be late to check the problem through an OBD II scanner. Decide quickly and keep your vehicle safe from any unwanted happening. 

Repairing Process of the C1225 Trouble Code

If you get the C1225 code, you have to take steps to solve the problem. Checking the OBD II code is a simple, straightforward process for everyone. The OBD II scanner is the best companion for you. It will help you by allowing you to check the car issues at any time. 

The best way after checking the problem is to take your vehicle to a repairer. A vehicle specialist or an expert can solve your car’s issues smoothly. But, if you have any idea about the repairing process of the wheel speed sensor, try to solve it yourself. The expert hands get much priority to keep the constancy of a vehicle. 

The Diagnose Cost of The C1225 Code

All of the costs of diagnosing the chassis series codes are the same. The diagnosis of C series codes gets about $70, $75, or $100 to $150 per hour as the standard of diagnosing the vehicle. The location of repair, vehicle’s model, vehicle’s condition, etc., determines the cost indeed. The changing area or the changing repair shops can be reliable for the discrimination of repairing prices. 

Final Remarks

No trouble is unable to tolerate if you can solve it. Similarly, car problems are also easy to solve if you choose a better solution. The left front wheel sensor malfunction is terrible for driving a car and an obstacle to a safe journey. So, when you get the error code C1225, you must replace the front wheel sensor or repair it. It makes the chassis free from damage and makes the wheels free from discomfort. The perfectness of a sensor is helpful for removing the worry about chassis problems. 

Meet our professional car mechanic, Russell D. Steele, who has been in this field for five consecutive years and works with several automotive companies. He completed the "AUTOMOTIVE & LIGHT DUTY DIESEL TECHNOLOGY" course from NorthWest Lowa Community College, where he learned essential diagnostic and transportation management skills and became a certified mechanic.

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