Autel Maxidas DS708

Autel Maxidas DS708 Review (New Upgraded Version DS808)

For busy commercial repair shops, professional mechanics, and individuals with different car brands, the Autel Maxidas DS808 (Upgraded Version of DS708) scan tool is the best obd2 scanner to have for reading and clearing trouble codes. This Autel scanner is costly but has features that justify its price. Also, it functions great in diagnosing electronic car issues. Read this Autel Maxidas DS708 review to know more about this diagnostic tool.

The Autel Maxidas DS708 scan tool can be applied to more than 80 domestic, European, and Asian vehicles. The main features of this scanner are Oil Reset, TPMS Programming, EPB, DPF Regeneration, SAS Calibration, ABS/SRS, and more.

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Review: Is The Autel Maxidas DS708 Scanner Suit For Professionals?

Yes, it is an advanced OBD2 tool ideal for both Pro DIYers and Professionals. Some of the roles of the Autel Maxidas DS708 automotive scanner plays include: monitoring the smooth running of the engine, detecting the faults disturbing your car and electrical system, and inspecting maintenance procedures of your vehicle. This model is costly, and in our Autel Maxidas DS708 review article, we will discuss why you should buy this model.

  • Can you buy any parts separately?

No, the parts are not available. Only USB cables are available.

  • Is it possible to replace the DS807 power button?

No, they don’t sell any parts separately.

  • Does Autel DS807 allow relearning TPMS sensors?

Yes, it does.

  • Does it show ABS live data?

Yes, including the ABS pump and bleeding test.

Main Diagnostic Services:

  • It is ECU certified
  • Innovative dual-processor technology
  • VNC remote control software built-in
  • 7-inch colored touchscreen interface
  • Wide vehicle coverage for more than 80 American, European, and Asian vehicles
  • Complete function capability
  • Displays live data in text, graph, and analog views
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Innovative graph merging
  • Advanced USB communication
  • Two years warranty from the manufacturer

Autel Maxidas ds708 is a professional-level diagnostic scanner with excellent features that can be used to diagnose several issues. Unlike other scan tools, the Autel Maxidas ds708 has Wi-Fi and USB connections that make it user-friendly. The Autel brand has come a long way and is, at the moment, considered one of the best OBDII diagnostic scanners. This brand has been creating high-quality tools with advanced features. So, whatever motor vehicle emission issue that your car might be having, you can count on the Autel Maxidas ds708 to tackle it, as it’s one of the best. You can compare this scanner with Autel Maxisys ms906, which is an advanced tool like this. Read further below to understand more about this high-quality automotive diagnostic OBD2 scanner.

Technical specifications:

Features Autel Maxidas DS708 (DS808) OBD2 Scanner
Works: 1996 and newer vehicles
Display: 7-inch LCD Touchscreen
Os Android operating system
Memory: 32GB
Processor: Cortex-A9 processor (1.5 GHz)
Operating Temp: -10 to 60°C(14 to 140°F)
Storage Temp: -20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F)
Check Engine Light: Yes
ECU information: Yes
Live Data: Yes
TPMS Programming Service: Yes
DPF Regeneration Service: Yes
Oil Reset Service: Yes
SAS Calibration Service, ABS/SRS Service: Yes
Smart AutoVIN: Yes
Connectivity: • USB 2.0 •Mini USB 2.0• Wi-Fi • Micro SD card
Special Features: Additional special features of the product include a Puddle Lamp or Memory settings on a mirror.
Featuring multitasking-capable: Yes
Weight: 2.95 pounds
Vehicle Coverage: Acura, Audi, Benz, BMW, Bentley, Bugatti, Citroen, Dodge, Daewoo, Ford, Chrysler, Fiat, GM, GMC, Infiniti, Holden, Hyundai, Honda, Isuzu, Land Rover, Jaguar, Kia, Jeep, Lexus, Maybach, Mini, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Opel, Saab, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Scion, Seat, Smart, Suzuki, Skoda, Sprinter, Subaru, Toyota, Volvo, Vauxhall, Volkswagen, VW, etc.
Software Update: One year free update online
Warranty: One Year
Price: Autel Maxidas DS808Check Today’s Price On Amazon

Summary of Contents

Features Details of the Autel Maxidas DS708 Scanner

Autel Maxidas ds708 is a high-quality model from the Autel brand. This tool is more suitable for professional-level users as it has a wide range of features and uses. It has the ability to support at least 80 domestic, European, and Asian vehicles. It is ECU certified and accepted in both European and Asian markets.
autel maxidas ds708 automotive diagnostic systemCheck Price
Also, it is very easy to use as it can be linked with a USB or even Wi-Fi connectivity. It comes with a highly innovative processor technology and displays live data in text, graph, and analog views. Other unique features of this scan tool are the smart AutoVin technology for detecting vehicles easily and instant remote control tech support.

Related product comparison: Know the differences between Autel DS808 and MK808 scanning tools

The colored 7 inches LED display that it has is for showing the results of the diagnostic test, graphs, and codes. It also has automatic updates, and the manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty to purchasers of the car diagnostic scanner. Features and benefits of the Autel Maxidas DS708 have been discussed further below.

  • Cost-effective, high-quality scan tool

The Autel Maxidas DS708 scan tool is a high-quality device, and that’s why it’s expensive. It has excellent features that make using it fun and very easy. The main reason for this Autel Maxidas ds708 review is the scanner quality.

If you want to reduce the cash spent visiting a service station or garage, then you should get this quality scanner for your car. Although the initial price is high, you will get more from this OBD2 scanner than other average scan tools on the market. Also, the price is lower than the updated Autel Maxidas DS808K and Autel MaxiPro MP808TS TMPS scanners. It can be used on more than 80 vehicles, so you can use it on different cars. Low-price scanners are available in the market too, but high quality with rich feature scan tool cost will be like this.

  • Ergonomic design

This scanner is built with a highly innovative and lovely design that any car enthusiast will love to have. Besides this, the OBD2 scan tool is small in size and fits well in your hands without much trouble. This implies that using it won’t be an issue. Whether it’s in the shop or garage, this scan tool will still look beautiful.

  • The large colored display touchscreen

One of the features that can be easily noted when one buys this advanced scan tool is the size of its screen. Like the Autel MK808BT, the Autel ds708 is made up of a colored 7-inch screen with an 800×480 pixel screen. This enables greater viewing of tests and graphs by the user. Also, the colored screen is clearer, and it’s hard to go wrong with it.

  • High performance

I want a high-performing scan tool. Look no further than this model from Autel. It has outstanding features that not only provide the user with quick results but are also easy to use. Connect the device through Wi-Fi, and your diagnostic results will be detected within a few seconds. That’s why many professional mechanics love this odb2 scanner.

Mechanics choice for high performanceCheck Price

  • User-friendly

Unlike the Autel MD802 Maxidiag elite scanner, this device being a high-quality one with lots of features, it is still easy to use. It has a simple-to-use interface and intuitive operation. All the users need to do is read the user manual, and they will be ready to start utilizing the quality obd2 scanner.

  • Durable scan tool

A scan tool is a tool that you will use for a very long duration of time. So if you want to fully utilize a car scan tool, it’s’’ better if you acquire a well-built and compact diagnostic scan tool. The Autel Maxidas scan tool is compactly created to withstand hard situations. This gadget will last as long as you keep it in good condition.

  • Wide vehicle coverage

Before buying a scan tool of your choice, it is important to check if it covers the range of cars that you have. Some automotive diagnostic scanners just cover a few cars, while some cover several. The Autel Maxidas ds708 covers more than 80 car models, domestic, Asian, and European.

  • Customer support from the technical team

Autel is one of the brands known for having the best technical support team. In case you buy one of their automotive diagnostic tools and discover that you have a problem, they will help you tackle the issue as long as you get in touch with them.

  • Has free automatic updates

Any device that doesn’t have a feature that allows updates can be deemed inferior. This is because as technology changes, so make the demands of cars. This model allows for free automatic updates, which ensure that the car diagnostic scanner has up-to-date software. This free update lasts for 12 months.
Autel maxidas ds708 reviewCheck Price

  • Warranty

The one-year warranty provided by Autel is a great way of instilling confidence in the buyers of this quality device. Although it’s costly, the Autel Maxidas ds708 is worth its price as it performs well, and in case of any issue, the manufacturer is there to assist the buyer.

Comparison Table: Autel DS708 vs Autel DS808 OBD2 Scanner

Features Autel DS808 Check Review Autel DS708 Check Review
Processor:  Cortex-A9 processor (1.5 GHz) Samsung S3C2440 ARM9 Processor 400 MHz
Operating System:  Android 4.4.4 Windows CE
Touch Screen Display:  7 inches LCD touch screen (1024×600 resolution) 7.0 inches TFT Resistive Touch Screen (800×480 Resolution)
Wifi:  802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz
Weight:   2.42 lb 2.95 lb
Wireless VCI:   Yes No
AutoVIN Technology:   Yes No
Language: English English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Russian

Alternative Of Autel DS708 OBD2 Scanner: Autel Maxidas DS808K OBD2 Scanner

  • Dimensions: 9.45 x 5.9 x 1.38 inches
  • Operating System: Android 4.4.4
  • Display: 7-inch LCD touchscreen (1024×600 resolution)
  • Memory: 32GB
  • Weight: 2.420 lb
  • Battery: 5000mAh lithium-polymer battery
  • Battery Charging Input: 5 V/1.5 A
  • Processor: Cortex-A9 processor (1.5 GHz)
  • Oil Reset: Yes
  • SRS: Yes
  • Freeze Frame Data: Yes
  • ABS, TPMS, EPB, SAS, DPF, SRS, BMS Resets: Yes


Many people have highly praised the excellence of the Autel Maxidas ds708. It is a high-end diagnostic scan tool that performs very exceptionally. It has a wide range of features that make it one of the best OBD2 diagnostic scan tools on the market. From the large LCD screen to Wi-Fi connectivity and other unique features, this device is an ideal scanner for cars. In addition, it covers more than 80 domestic, Asian, and European vehicles. Those who are ready to spend to get the best, then they can acquire the Autel Maxidas ds708 automotive scanner. The diagnostic scanner is worth every penny spent on it.

Kevin Nicholas is an automotive technician who is a genius at software and hardware-related issues. He manually tested more than a hundred OBD scanners and gave his honest opinion on whether the device was worth the money or not. His in-depth OBD review articles help people choose the right product, whether it is a European, American, or Asian vehicle. He completed his Automotive Specialized Training Course at Universal Technical Institute and has more than 15 years of experience in the field.

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  1. Does the autel mk808 have each cylinder breakdown to show which cylinder is misfiring by watching all the cylinders I have a ds 708 that was only used 12 times and when I emailed autel they said they did not have to program to reprogram it due to it Being to old because it kept saying sad card cracked or not inserted correctly I turn wrenches on the side and can’t see spending big $ on the snap on scanner a few friends had the same issue with their autel and threw it away

    1. Kevin Nicholas

      Yes, A misfire sets throw the engine, and the scanner will read it and tell you what cylinder or multiple cylinders misfiring.

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