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Autel MP808TS Review 2022 [Full TPMS Service Functions ]

The Autel MaxiPro MP808TS is a perfect OBD2 scan tool for professional mechanics looking for an excellent tool that provides full TPMS service functions. Aside from diagnosing TPMS, the scanner also performs bi-directional control, 25 plus service functions, and supports complete OBD2 systems. Read this Autel MP808TS review to know more about this Diagnostic Scanner with TPMS functions and WiFi/BT equipped tablet.

Autel scanner brand is known for providing elegant, user-friendly, accurate, and reliable diagnostic tools. The Autel MaxiPro MP808TS is not an exception. You will get a professional-level scanner compatible with more than 80 US, European, and Asian vehicles.

Technical Specifications of the Autel MP808TS Diagnostic Scanner


Autel MaxiPro MP808TS

Display: 7 -inch LCD touch screen with 1024*600 display
Throttle Body Adjustment: Yes
25+ Service Functions: Yes
MX-Sensor programming: Yes
View live data: Yes
EPB/ OIL/ ABS/ SRS Reset: Yes
TPMS /BMS /DPF Reset: Yes
ECU Programming: Yes
IMMO Reset: Yes
Injector Coding: Yes
Easy to Navigate: Yes
Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Weight: 5.7 pounds
Warranty: 12-month warranty
Update: Free online

The device operates through a Bluetooth connection or by connecting it using the OBD2 cable. Like Autel Maxisys MS906BT, it has advanced bi-directional control. It is easy to utilize, making it ideal for start-up mechanics, though the price may be a lot for such individuals.

Autel MP808TS Review 2022

In this Autel MaxiPro MP808TS automotive scanner review, we’ve featured all the information that you need about this fantastic professional OE-level tool. 

Sleek and stylish design

The appearance and design of the Autel MP808TS are appealing to the eye. The scan tool has the same structure as a tablet, making it convenient to carry around and use.

User-friendly design

If you’re a newbie or DIYer, you don’t have to worry. This advanced scanner is simple to use as it comes with a large display for a straightforward interpretation of results. It consists of a 7-inch LCD touchscreen with a 1024×600 resolution display. This will present quality results that will be quick and straightforward to read. But if you want a wider 8-inch screen, you can get Autel Maxisys MS906 automotive scanner.

Faster processor

Autel maxi pro mp808ts also comprises the court-A9 processor. This allows users to execute special functions faster than most devices. As a result, you can diagnose many vehicles in a single day compared to other competitor products with slower processors.

Exceptional operating system

Aside from the faster processor, the scanner also features a unique operating system that is similar to Autel DS808K diagnostic scanners. The excellent 4.4.2 KitKat android operating system works hand-in-hand with the cortex-A9 processor to make sure that the user has an unforgettable experience. The OS helps the user to multitask without slowing down the performance of the scan tool.

Larger storage space

Since this is a professional scan tool meant for experienced mechanics, it is important to save customers’ vehicle data for future reference. You can do so with the 32GB memory that is installed on the tool. You can also use it to save your files.

Extensive vehicle coverage  

If you intend to diagnose different vehicle makes and models, you will love this diagnostic scanner. The code reader works on more than 80 US, Asian, and European vehicles. However, many people have complained about compatibility problems. Also, it does not work with OBD1 cars.

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Built-in battery

The scan tool is very convenient to use as it does not rely on the vehicle’s power. Instead, it comes with a built-in lithium-polymer battery with an extended runtime of up 7 hours. Therefore, if the car you’re diagnosing runs out of power, you don’t have to worry as you can continue to find out why the check engine light came on.

Wireless connection

MP808TS is an advanced scan tool with lots of diagnostic functions to diagnose. It comes with both Wi-Fi Bluetooth connections. Wi-Fi allows you to share information with the community and find possible fixes, while Bluetooth enables you to connect the car and diagnose it from outside. Other connection options are HDMI type A, Mini USB 2.0, and MicroSD slot card option, with up to 32GB support.

Friendly user experience

The Autel MP808TS comes with lots of user-friendly features that will make your work to be fun for professional users. For beginners, the Autel MD808 Pro or Autel MD802 would be an ideal scan tool. MP808TS has one-stop multitasking included for ideal management of workshop operations and Cloud-Based MaxiFix online community for finding possible verified fixes.  

Warranty and software upgrade

The manufacturer gives buyers a 1-year warranty and 12-month of free software updates. People usually complain about the expensive software upgrades after the free upgrade is over.

Functions of the Autel MP808TS MaxiPro

  • Full OBD2 systems – you can diagnose the engine, transmission, EPB, ABS, SRS, chassis, BSM, TPMS, Security systems, and tons of data.
  • Supports all OBD2 functions – read and clear fault codes, turn off CEL/MIL, diesel particulate service, live data, views freeze frame data, etc.
  • Auto Vin Technology – the user won’t have a challenge identifying the vehicle make, model, and manufacture year. Therefore, the diagnosis will be carried out faster and more efficiently.
  • Advanced TPM health check – this advanced diagnostics function takes care of TPMS related issues with outstanding convenience. It will also help show TPMS status, activate 98% of all known TPMS sensors, and even program Autel MX-sensor.
  • Comprehensive OBD relearn coverage is more than an Autel MX808 MaxiCheck OBD2 tool.
  • On-screen relearn procedure
  • Advanced bi-directional control
  • Multiple serve functions – the scanner covers at least 25 service functions. Some of them include EPB reset, oil reset, Throttle matching, BMS reset, Clutch, Cylinder, ABS, SRS, and much more.

Pros of the Autel MaxiPro MP808TS

  • Intuitive and user-friendly design
  • Easy and straightforward to use
  • Outstanding performance with the fast processor
  • It allows the user to multitask
  • Autel maxi pro mp808ts works with many cars make and models
  • Performs multiple functions
  • Wireless connection offers convenience
  • This advanced diagnostics tool comes with free software upgrades for one year
  • 1-year warranty

Cons of the Autel MP808TS OBD2

  • It comes with a high update fee after the free software upgrade
  • Autel maxi pro mp808ts is slightly more expensive than the mid-ranged Autel AL629 OBD2 tool
  • Several users have reported compatibility problems

Who should buy the Autel MaxiPro MP808TS?

The Autel MP808TS upgraded version of the Autel MaxiPro MP808 device is more of a professional diagnostic scanner because of the many advanced features. If you’re a car owner or DIYer, you may not want to spend all the money on this scanner. The device supports all OBD2 systems, full OBD2 test modes, and all service functions. This shows how versatile the tool is.

Apart from professional mechanics and technicians, small auto repair shops can also acquire this tool to handle different vehicle makes and models.


The Autel MaxiPro MP808TS comes with most of the features that professional technicians desire in a quality diagnostic scanner. It performs advanced functions such as advanced bi-directional control and full TPMS service. It also offers 25 plus service functions, basic functions and supports all the OBD2 systems.

If you’re ready to spend to getting one of the best Bluetooth scan tools, the Autel MP808TS will be a fantastic choice. Besides, it comes with one year of free software upgrades and a one-year warranty. I hope that this Autel MP808TS review article has given you a clear idea about this scanner.


Question: Why is my check engine light on?

Answer: If your check engine light turns on, it means that your vehicle has a problem that has to be handled. It may be an issue in the engine system, transmission system, Airbag system, or other vehicle systems. In some cases, the light may turn on if you leave the gas cap loose or when you refuel your engine when the vehicle is on.

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Ensure that the gas cap is properly tightened and only fuel when the car is turned off. If the check engine light doesn’t go away, get the best diagnostic scan tool such as the Autel MP808TS and find out the problem before visiting the mechanic for repairs.

Question: What’s the main difference between the Autel MP808TS and Autel MK808 scan tools?

Answer: These tools offer basic, special, and advanced functions, but the Autel MP808TS is more advanced than the Autel MaxiCom MK808 scan tool. Some of the tasks that it performs but lacks on the Autel MK808 include Throttle relearn and complete TPMS service functions.

Question: Can I return the Autel MP808TS if I change my mind after purchase?

Answer: Yes, you can. Autel gives you 30-days from the date of purchase to either replace the tool or return it. After 30 days, you will not be permitted to return or replace the scanner. You don’t just return the scan tool, but you have to apply for the return or replacement.

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