Best OBD2 Scanner Reviews 2019: for the Money

OBD2 Scanners help vehicle owners and mechanics to determine what the cause of the check engine light is and allow them to detect other issues on the car as well.

Why spend lots of money on an obd2 scanner which isn’t reliable? You will find lots of feature difference between a basics scan tool and a quality diagnostic scan tool.
Technicians and Mechanics know that a high-quality scanner will provide more functionality than just reading or erasing error codes. Some obd2 diagnostic scanner on the market may not give you accurate results, which might end up costing you more. To avoid this, It is a great idea to spend a little bit more on a good quality scanner. Although, If you are not a professional mechanic, then you don’t need to spend a thousand dollars on a Professional automotive diagnostic scanner. But, what is the best obd2 scanner for the money 2019?

With so many OBD2 scanners on the market, choosing a reliable and accurate device is vital. I am a professional mechanic, and I have used lots of obd2 scan tool in my life. After hours of research, I came up with a list of the best obd2 scanners.

Our Recommended 10 Best OBD2 Scanner Comparison Table

ImagesOBD2 ScannersWeightProduct Dimensions
Budget Choice
Autel AL619 Autolink EngineCheck Price
Autel AL619 Autolink Engine,ABS,SRS Auto OBD2 Scanner Car Code Reader Automotive Diagnostic Tool
Read Review
2.05 pounds70.9 x 31.5 x 102.4 inches
Editor's Choice
Innova 3160g Code Reader/Scan ToolCheck Price
Innova 3160g Code Reader/Scan Tool with 3.5" Display, ABS, SRS, Bluetooth, and Live Data for OBD2 Vehicles
Read Review
1.23 pounds10.2 x 8.2 x 1.5 inches
Autel AL519 AutoLink Enhanced OBDCheck PriceAutel AL519 AutoLink Enhanced OBD ll Scan Tool with Mode 6 Fault Code Reader EOBD
Read Review
2.05 pounds7.8 x 4.1 x 1.5 inches
Check PriceLaunch CRP129 Code Reader OBDII Scanner Scan Diagnostic Tool with Eng/Transmission/ABS/Airbag System Test and EPB/SAS/Oil Reset Functions
Read Review
10.6 ounces7.3 x 4.3 x 1.2 inches
Check PriceFOXWELL NT630 Elite OBD2 Scanner ABS SRS Code Reader Automotive OBD II ABS Airbag Diagnostic and Active Test Scan Tool
Read Review
2.95 pounds13.2 x 9 x 3.1 inches
Check PriceANCEL AD310 Classic Enhanced Universal OBD II Scanner Car Engine Fault Code Reader CAN Diagnostic Scan Tool - Black
Read Review
12.3 ounces8.6 x 6.6 x 0.3 inches
Check PriceLaunch X431 V+ Diagnostic Tool Full System OBD2 Scanner Android Wifi Tablet Scanpad Scan Tool with 2 Years Online Update DBScarII Bluetooth Connector Module and Complete Accessories Set
Read Review
13.23 pounds13.8 x 5.9 x 9.8 inches
Check PriceAutel Maxisys MS906 Automotive Diagnostic Scanner Scan Tool Code Reader (Upgraded Version of DS708 and DS808) with OE-level Vehicle Coverage of Read/Erase Codes, Actuation Tests, Adaptations etc.
Read Review
22 pounds10 x 1.4 x 6.9 inches
Check PriceAutel Maxisys Elite Diagnostic Tool (Upgraded Version of MS908P Pro) with WiFi Bluetooth Full OBD2 Automotive Scanner with J2534 ECU Programming & 2 Years Free Update
Read Review
24.9 pounds25.6 x 7.5 x 16.9 inches
Check PriceAutel Maxidas DS808(Upgraded Version of DS708) Automotive Diagnostic Tool OBD2 Scanner with Key Coding and Multi-language System (Same Function as MS906)
Read Review
17.64 pounds17.3 x 6.7 x 21.6 inches
In this obd2 scanner reviews, we are going to let you know how to use an obd2 tool to diagnose your car when you see engine light. Also, we’ve highlighted some of the best obd2 car diagnostic tools on the market.
In this modern era, vehicles are manufactured with computers that dictate what transpires. These computers are in charge of deciding what function performs what, what every component is conducting and discovers when a component has malfunctioned. So, if you suspect your car or engine to have an issue, it is important to run a quick diagnostic test using one of the most accurate and advanced modern tools which are the best obd2 scanner.

How OBD2 Functions?

The OBD2 is a standard in all vehicles manufactured from 1996 or beyond. It is different from OBD1 in that the 1996 standard applies to error codes, protocols, and connectors supported by all vehicle manufacturers. This implies that an OBD II diagnostic scan tool has the ability to retrieve diagnostic codes from any vehicle constructed from 1996 and beyond.

Firstly, let’s begin by defining what obd2 scan tool is an what obdii actually do? The obd2 scanner is a lightweight, compact and auto diagnostic device with integrated software. It is created to progressively control a car and alert the owner of all the issues in a real-time mode. OBD is an acronym for onboard diagnostics. While OBD2 is a standard in all vehicles built in 1966 or later. You can learn more about the obd2 scanners in that website. They are specialized in reviewing only the scanner.

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OND2 Scan tools are simple to use as they follow the same standard. They fit the same connector, which is installed in all vehicles, as defined by SAE standard J1962. Normally, these connections are based under the dashboard close to the driver’s seat, depending on the make of the car. Generally, this scanner is plugged into the connector, and when the vehicle is switched on and you follow the simple menu on the display to recover any diagnostic codes saved to the on-board of the computer. These codes stay in memory until the issue is tackled or they are deliberately cleared. Professional level obd2 scan tools have greater capabilities and need some training. If you suspect your car to have a problem, let’s say engine, simply run a diagnostic scan to identify the issue.

Types of OBD2 Scanners

  • Code readers

These are cost-effective, simple gadgets that that are plugged into a car primarily for reading and clearing error codes. They don’t offer any extra data, and may not reflect a broader set of codes in use by a number of manufacturers.
Car problems finder

For instance, an obd2 car scanner meant for GM Cars will just read only the basic codes saved to memory and extra codes for GM cars and lorries only. Extra data is normally offered online or through a reference pamphlet that lists the available codes with brief explanations for every code. There are some modern Bluetooth scanners which help to monitor everything by smartphone.

  • Scan tools

These are more advanced and are available in various levels of complexity, from compact consumer versions to powerful diagnostic computers in the application by commercial auto shops. Scan tools usually offer a wide range of codes and extra explanations for each one. Sophisticated versions will include options such as both live and recorded data, customizable menus, tests, options for manufacturer-specific codes, code reads, and parameters. Typically every car sensor that transmits signals to the onboard computer creates codes that can be easily read by the best obd2 scanner.

Factors to look for in an obd2 scanner

  • Full code definition

Verify the scanner you intend to buy. It should have a full code definition for every code. The scanner which provides you with the definitions will save you much time and annoyance. This feature is very important just as having how to use manual.

  • Compatibility with your car

Another important thing to ensure is that the obd2 tool you are buying should function with the computer setup in your vehicle. Usually, there are 5 different forms of communication systems utilized in obd2 cars and not all scanners are compatible with all the five.

  • Ability of scanner to be upgraded

Each and every year, new car models are brought into the market. Thus, if you want your scanner to be compatible fully with new cars, you must ensure that the scan tool you are purchasing has the necessary function to be updated. Professional scan obd2 scan tool has this ability but they cost a lot for every update.

  • Data reading

One of the unique features of professional code readers is that it offers you live data reading when the engine is running and you are on the road.
Modern scanners to buy

Thus, if the device you use doesn’t have the ability to store the data readings it is a disadvantage for the scanner device.

  • Diagnose ABS/SRS/Transmission

What level of data are you searching for to get out of your scanner device? Many of the modern cars are setup with ABS and SRS which makes these features to be very vital in the vehicle code readers.

  • Brand

As you search for your next obd2 code reader for your car, it’s crucial to acquire a device that is reliable and very effective. With so many brands being offered on the market, you’ve to know which ones function exceptionally and which ones don’t. You can’t afford to spend cash on inferior products as they won’t help you accurately read the codes. Some of the notable brands include: INNOVA, Autel USA, Launch tech, Actron, and

  • Price

Will you get the best obd ii scanner under 50? It’s better to spend some few more bucks and get a device that provides you with accurate data in the long run. Low cost vehicle scanners are not as effective as the professional scanners.
cheap obd2 scan tool

So, why not pay more to acquire a device that will sustain you for long and can be upgraded to?

Benefits of the Best OBD2 scanner

  • The scanner saves you some cash. Before you take your car to an auto shop for repair, you can use obd2 tool to discover the problem and then diagnose it.
  • It provides you with a very important warning which is whether you should continue driving or to stop and get the services of a mechanic. The code readers are portable and allow you to carry them and check your car anywhere.
  • The obd2 code reader provides an efficient, up-to-date and uniform information in different car settings as needed by a regulatory body known as EPA which was created to ensure minimal emissions.
  • Before you acquire a second hand car, it is important you run a scan through it before you can buy it.

Problems that OBD2 scanner detects in your car include:

This heavily relies on the type of scanning tool you’re using. But typically, these are some of the problem detected by an obd2 reader.

  1. Issues that are linked to the engines combustion system. This covers the work of the fuel injectors, turbocharger, the throttle and injection pumps.
  2. Problems reported by the engine sensors such as carburetor, air intake, fuel pressure, exhaust and oil temperature.
  3. An issue with the function of the ignition and the output systems of the engine. It could be a malfunction in the ignition coil, crankshaft or the timing chain.
  4. Problems with the electrical system such as the wiring or fuse box.
  5. Issues with the emission settings, and the exhaust, like overheating.

Top 10 best obd2 scanner reviews 2019

If you are a DIY guy, you definitely want to have a diagnostic tool with you. These devices are available in a variety of models and brands. There are those meant for commercial use and some are for personal use. Look for one that suits your budget and has the features that you need to help you diagnose your car if you detect an issue.

After a deep research, here are the top 10 best obd2 diagnostic tools that we’ve discovered on the market:

Autel AL619 AutoLink ABS/Air Bag + OBDII Scan Tool(Our Top Pick)

Autel is a notable brand with a number of quality obd2 scan models. This effective and high end diagnostic tool is easy to use and offers powerful diagnostic performance. It has an easy use push button switch and clean screen for great viewing of texts. In addition, the Autel AL619 is compatible with cars built from 1966 or later.

It also covers a wide range of cars and clean codes help driver to check for problems while driving. It has option to reset data or clears the data. On purchase of the scanner, one gets easy free internet updates. Acquire this sleek diagnostic tool and detect all the problems your car might be facing. Autel AL619 one of the best OBD2 Scanner for the money.

Technical Specifications of the Autel al619 obdii scan tool
Autel al619
Works: All 1996 and newer vehicles
Display: TFT color display
ABS, SRS Airbag: Yes
Check Engine Light: Yes
Views freeze frame data: Yes
Reads, Stores, & Playback Live PCM DataStream: Yes
Retrieves vehicle information: IN,CIN and CVN
Displays monitor and I/M readiness status(emissions): Yes
Reads and Clears OBDII: Yes
O2 Sensor Monitor Tests: Yes
Model Support: Over 50 different vehicle
Update option: Free Lifetime Updates
Warranty: One-Year Warranty
Price: best OBD2 Scanner for the moneyCheck Today’s Price

Key features:

  1. Complete function capability
  2. Remote technical support
  3. Very affordable price.
  4. Clean display monitor.
  5. Extensive vehicle coverage
  6. Easy data code look-up.


  1. It is easy to use
  2. Can be used by 50 different automotive manufacturers
  3. Diagnoses system codes ABS/ SRS.
  4. Live sensor data and live PCM data stream.
  5. Can be used data while driving.
  6. Provides powerful diagnostic performance.
  7. For Emission easy On board Monitor Tests
  8. Manufacturer provides easy internet updates

INNOVA 3160 diagnostic scan tool

INNOVA is a famous brand and has some of the best features to offer. The INNOVA 3160 diagnostic tool offers SAE enhanced live data. The code reader is compatible with most of the cars especially those constructed from 1966 and later. These include cars, light trucks, SUVs, and minivans. The obd2 code reader comes with a USB that facilitates updating of the tool through a standard windows pc.

Also, the diagnostic reader diagnoses ABS and SRS of most cars such as newer GM, Toyota, Chrysler, Honda and Ford. The LED screen is large enough and displays texts and all the codes acquired from the engine light warning. Some of the advantages of this obd2 code reader is that it has a memory and backup battery.

Technical Features of the Innova 3160 (Latest Model)
Innova 3160g
Check Engine Light: Yes
Live Data: Yes
OBD1: (Optional Upgrade)
Airbag (SRS), Brake (ABS) Codes: Yes
Oil / Battery Reset: Yes
Live Data: Yes
Emissions Readiness: Yes
RepairSolutions: Yes
Battery/Alternator Test: Yes
Language Support: English, French, and Spanish
Price: obdii diagnostic scan toolCheck Price

Key features:

  1. SAE enhanced data
  2. USB port
  3. Compatible with 1966 and newer cars, light trucks, SUVs and minivans
  4. Diagnoses ABS and SRS
  5. Displays obdII freeze frame data
  6. LED display
  7. Memory
  8. Battery backup


  1. It is simple to use
  2. Can be utilized on a wide range of vehicles
  3. Has a screen display and LED display for reading of texts and outcomes
  4. It diagnoses ABS and SRS
  5. It records live data
  6. Manufacturer offers one year warranty on defects of material and workmanship

Autel AL519 OBD II Scan tool

The Autel AL519 is a compact unit that conducts accurate diagnostic tests on your car. It is very portable and can be easily carried in its carry case. The code reader has a TFT color screen where the data recorded is displayed. In addition, the bright color coded LEDs and built-in speaker offer both visual and audible tone for readiness verification.

The scan tool has the ability to recover generic, manufacturer specific and pending codes. It has a patented one click readiness key for fast stat emissions readiness check and cycle checking. Other unique functions of the diagnostic reader are that it reads, stores and playbacks live sensor data. Get this diagnostic tool and solve your cars problems without calling a mechanic. If you are looking for the best budget obd2 scanner then buy this OBDII scan tool.
Autel AL519 Automotive scannerCheck Price

Key features:

  1. Compact unit
  2. Patented one click I/M readiness key
  3. TFT color screen
  4. Bright color coded LEDs
  5. CD software
  6. Portable
  7. Retrieves generic, manufacturer-specific, and pending codes
  8. USB cable
  9. Mode 6
  10. Carry case


  1. This device is very portable
  2. It is compact and can be easily stored in its carry case
  3. Has a TFT screen to display text and codes recorded
  4. It easily determines the problem of the check engine
  5. Functions on all 1966 and newer vehicles

INNOVA 3100 diagnostic scan tool for OBD2 vehicles

The INNOVA 3100 obd2 diagnostic code reader has a battery backup memory that gives off-car review and analysis by the device. Also, it has patented all-in ne screen and LED display for showing the figures and texts recorded by the device. It functions efficiently as it’s able to automatically refresh after every 30 seconds. The diagnostic reader is compatible with 1966 or later cars. Light trucks and SUVs.

It excellently reads and erases ABS light trouble codes for various GM, Chrysler, Honda, Ford and Toyota. With is sleek design and compatibility, this tool is worth having in your car to help you when the engine light turns on. Innova 3100 is one of the popular best obd2 scanner for all cars.
INNOVA 3100 diagnostic scan toolCheck Price

Key features:

  1. Automatically refreshes data every 30 seconds
  2. Read and erase ABS light
  3. Battery backup memory
  4. Patented all-in one screen and LED display
  5. Compatible with 1966 and newer cars, light truck or SUVs


  1. It is compact for easy storage
  2. Has an LED display screen for simple viewing of data and codes
  3. It is portable and good having in your car for diagnosing
  4. Can work on a wide number of vehicles.

Actron CP9680 OBD II Scan tool

Tired of calling the mechanic every time your car has an issue? Acquire the Actron CP9680 obd II scanner. Actron is one of the famous brands that offer quality car diagnostic scanners. This model is perfectly designed for do-it-yourself professionals. It has a large LCD screen that displays the information recorded for you. If you are looking for the best obd2 scanner at an affordable price then go for it.

It covers ABS and SRS airbag. The tool is able to print data to your pc and has improved vehicle coverage through 2013. With its USB port, it allows you update it and has a hands free feature that makes it convenient to use the diagnostic code reader. Use this diagnostic scan tool if you notice warning light from your engine and identify the problem.
Actron CP9680Check Price

Key features:

  1. Compatible with 1966 or newer vehicles
  2. Color LCD screen
  3. ABS and SRS airbag coverage
  4. Capable of printing data to pc
  5. OEM specific definitions/codes
  6. Improved vehicle coverage through 2013
  7. Oil light and battery rest options
  8. Hands-free vehicle link
  9. USB port for updates


  1. It is very easy to use
  2. Has a large LED screen to display information
  3. Has hands free connection for convenience by user while driving
  4. It allows updates through its USB port
  5. It is compatible with 1966 or new vehicles

Launch CRP129 OBD2 Code Reader

The Launch CRP129 scanner is suitable for professional mechanics and DIYer enthusiasts. It is great for comprehensive diagnosis as it covers the most crucial car systems such as ABS, engine, SRS, transmission, SAS, EPB, and oil service light. In addition, it supports all the 10 test modes of the OBD II. The CRP129 diagnostic scanner is compatible with more than 40 1996 US-based, 2000 European-based and newer OBD2/EOBD protocol vehicles. The Launch CRP129 is also well-designed and very easy to use. It features lovely colors of red and black, which are very appealing to the eye.
Launch CRP129Check Price

Reading and erasing codes on this scanner has been made easy as it features a large display screen. Also, it has easy to use buttons, a durable design, and the plug & play with little booting time. All these features combined together make using this device fun and quick.

The Launch CRP129 is very simple to analyze as it provides graphical data streams. Moreover, it is very easy to update as long as you have the manufacturer’s full one year warranty and have access to all the current online updates from Launch. At such a great price, this is a great tool to have for different car tests.

FOXWELL NT630 Elite OBD2 Scanner

Foxwell is one of the leading scan tool brands on the market. They offer high-quality but affordable OBD2 scanners. The Foxwell NT630 elite code reader is one of their top products. This is a powerful OBDII tool as it automatically recognizes the vehicle you’re testing, stores and playback live data, turns off malfunction indicator light, read diagnostic trouble codes, stores & playback live PCM data stream, and views live data readings from airbags control system and ABS.
FOXWELL NT630 Elite for professionalCheck Price

The Foxwell NT630 elite scanner covers an amazing range of vehicles as it is compatible with 52 vehicle manufacturers. Actually, it functions on all 1996 and newer vehicles. Also, it is very easy to use as no battery is required to be connected but it charges directly from the OBDII interface in your car.

The sleek and compact gadget is also very easy to use as it comes with a well-arranged keypad and menu-driven operations. Some o the tests that it carries out include the auto bleed test, ABS manual control test, traction control system manual control tests, brake bleed preparation, gear tension relief test, automated test, etc.

ANCEL AD310 Universal OBD II Scanner

If you’re looking for a quality and affordable code reader, the Ancel AD310 OBDII scanner is a good option. It is one of the best selling airbag scan tools on the market and it is very easy to use. The AD310 scanner functions on most 1996 US-based, 2000 EU-based and Asian car, and the latest OBD2 & CAN domestic or import vehicles. Additionally, it is multilingual and very convenient for people from different corners of the world. You can switch to Spanish, German, English, Finnish, Portuguese, French, Russian, and Dutch.
ANCEL AD310 OBD II ScannerCheck Price

Unlike some other sophisticated code readers on the market, this one is very simple to use and compact in design. The large LCD screen displays all the info and the buttons are clearly indicated. Also, it easily and quickly establishes the cause of the check engine light, read hard or pending and historic codes, view freeze frame data, show definitions and performs I/M monitor readiness test.

Similar to the previous scanner, this one doesn’t need a battery for it to function as you just have to connect it directly from the OBD2 Data Link Connector inside the car. With a three year warranty, this is a great and accurate scanner to have for mechanics as well as DIYers.

Launch X431 V+ Diagnostic OBD2 Scanner

Launch offers some of the most advanced and accurate diagnostic scanners on the market. The Launch X431 V+ diagnostic scan tool is a professional OBD2 scanner with a wide range of features. First of all, it has one of the most advanced user interfaces. It uses Android 5.1 to bring you with a simple to use interface that has powerful functions, a touchscreen that is easy to use, and quick auto scanning and vehicle diagnosis. As a matter of fact, this scanner is an upgrade of the former versions of the X431 V, IV, and III.
Launch X431 V+ professionalCheck Price

One of the unique features of this wireless diagnostic scanner is that it can be connected to both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for easy use. So, you don’t have to be connected to the dashboard to use the scan tool. Apart from that, it has powerful functions such as reading DTCs, read datastream, special repair functions, clear DTCs, and offer maintenance recommendations.

Also, it is compatible with over 68 car brands and 220 car models from Europe, Asia, and America. The only challenge is its initial cost, which is slightly higher.

Autel Maxisys MS906 Automotive Diagnostic Scanner

Autel Maxisys MS906 is an upgraded version of the Autel DS708 and Autel DS808 scan tools. This means that it is more powerful and offers more functions than the later. The Autel Maxisys MS906 features an 8.0-inch LED touch screen which is bigger and extremely sensitive. Also, it has a 5000mAh lithium-polymer battery that provides more than 5 hours of continuous runtime. The scan tool also features the most current AutoVIN technology to distinguish cars in just one touch to scan ECUs, run diagnostics on selected systems, and get vehicle info.
Check Price

The MS906 automotive scanner is extremely extensive as it is compatible with more than 80 car manufacturers such as GM, BMW, Ford, Dodge, Benz, Audi, and Chevrolet. You can as well update the software online with real-time push message notifications. On purchase, you will get a 1-year warranty for quality issues and 1-year free update. But updating is not a must as you can also use the device manually.

The moment you see an engine light or warning light coming on while driving, just knows you have to make a quick diagnostic test to your car. This is more common for people with old cars. But this doesn’t mean you’ve to call the mechanic right away as some problems can be handled easily. All you need is to have an obd2 diagnostic tool to identify the problem. Look for the best obd2 scanner that is compatible with your car and has easy to use features for easy diagnosing of your car. Also, consider choosing from the best brands in order to read the codes accurately.


Question: Can I use any diagnostic scanner on any vehicle make?
Answer: Before you purchase any diagnostic code reader or scanner, you need to determine if it is compatible with your car make and model. Some devices say they do but they may not be compatible. Also, you need to check if it can perform the tasks that you want it to such as testing the ABS, transmission, SRS, and engine. The more advanced the device is, the more equipped it is likely to be.

Question: Does Launch CRP129 code reader read all systems?
Answer: Yes, it does. The Launch CRP129 is capable of supporting transmission, engine, EPB, SRS, ABS, Oil light reset, and record data & playback or review. So, it is very versatile and can be used for a number of testing.

Still, have a question after reading this Best OBD2 Scanner? Comment below.

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