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Different Types Symptoms

Symptoms of a Bad Starter

What are the Symptoms of a Bad Starter? 5 Warning Signs!

If a car doesn’t start, it is normally linked to a dead battery. But this isn’t usually the case. A bad starter can cause...


The Best Tactical Flashlight reviews

Best Tactical Flashlight Reviews 2018(January) For the Money

There are two type flashlight available on the market. One is High quality flashlights and other is low quality flashlights or fake flashlights. Quality...
The Best Rechargeable Flashlight Reviews

Best Rechargeable Flashlight Reviews 2018(Jan.): You Should Know This!

The first rechargeable flashlight was discovered in the year 1967 to tackle the cost and management of batteries. At this time the lights were...

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Car parts Cleaning

Clean Egine & Oil

Car Starting Problems

Why my car wont start

Why Won’t My Car Start? 7 Most Common Sign!

You head to your car as normal and try to start the engine. To your surprise, the engine won’t start! You start asking yourself...


How to Clean Car Upholstery

How to Clean Car Upholstery?

The car interior should always be kept clean as people spend most of time in it. Whether it is getting rid of stains, dirt...
How to Clean Car Windshield

How to Clean Car Windshield?

The windshield of your car is an important part that should be kept clean when driving. This is because dirt or any obscure particles...
How to Clean Engine block

How to Clean Engine block

The engine is the heart of any vehicle. Thus, it should be kept in the most pristine state for it to function excellently and...
How To Clean Intake Manifold

How To Clean Intake Manifold? 5 Step Cleaning Guide

Cleaning the intake manifold is part of maintaining your car and to keep in running smoothly with less trouble. If there is excess build...
How to Clean Car Leather

How to Clean Car Leather

Deciding to have leather seats in your car is an expensive option. But if well maintained, the leather upholstery lasts longer and keeps your...

Leather Cleaner

Best Leather Cleaner and Leather Conditioner Review 2018(Jan.)

The Best Leather Conditioner
There is a good chance that almost every single person has at least two or more items made from leather. Leather can be found...

Leather Honey Reviews: Most popular Leather Conditioner

Leather Honey Reviews
In today’s world, almost all household have at least one or two leather products. Leather products can be found almost anywhere. This include leather...