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Craftsman Motorcycle Jack Review: Quality ATV lift jack

Have you been searching for a motorcycle jack without luck? In this Craftsman motorcycle jack review, we bring you one of the best motorcycle jacks that you can use to fix issues with your motorbike or ATV. Instead of using a car floor jack to lift the motorbike, get one of the motorcycle jack from Craftsman to properly and easily fix your motorbike problems. Read further to learn more.

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Technical Features of Craftsman Professional Motorcycle Jack:


Craftsman Professional 1500 lbs

Rated capacity: 1500 pounds
Lifting range:  3-7/8 in. to 17-3/8 in.
Handle: ratcheting high grip handle
Includes:  swivel casters
Color/Finish: Gray
Body: heavy rubber topped platform and aluminum construction
Perfect for: repair work or changing of the tire
Warranty: 1 year
Weight: 44 pounds

Craftsman Motorcycle Jack Review: Professional 1500 lb motorcycle/ATV jack

If you own a motorcycle, golf cart, or ATV, then this is the best jack to use for repair works or changing of the tire. The Craftsman Craftsman professional jack is excellently built with top features. To begin with, it has heavy-duty casters that provide stability and roll easily on any type of shop floor. The pair of binding ratchet straps that the jack comes with can wrap around any form of the frame. The fast ratcheting high grip handle makes the jack easy to use together with extension bars.

Other top features include: heavy rubber topped platform and aluminum construction. Lift any of your motorcycles, ATVs, or even golf carts, as long as they don’t exceed 1 500 lbs. The jack has the ability to lift your ATV from a height of 3.5 inches to 19 inches. Also, it is very lightweight and easy to carry from one area to another as it just weighs 44 lbs. On purchase, the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty.
Craftsman Motorcycle Jack ReviewCheck Today’s Price


  • Aluminum construction
  • Heavy-duty casters
  • Binding ratchet straps
  • Nice handle
  • Traction heavy rubber topped platform
  • It has a lift capacity of 1,500 lbs
  • It weighs 44 lbs
  • Extension bars
  • One year warranty

Factors to consider when choosing a quality jack

  • What you intend to lift – many people forget to think about what the jack they are buying will be used for. Not every service jack or motorcycle jack you see out there will get the job done. There are those specifically created for heavy cars, light cars, low-profile cars, and others for motorcycles. Ensure that you get the right jack for the right job.
  • How fast the jack is – not every motorcycle jack that you see on the market will give you the best results. Some are inferior and will make you regret acquiring them. Pick from notable creators such as Craftsman Craftsman professional. This will simplify your work and ensure that you get the job done in the best way and in a safe manner.
  • What features does the jack offer – when it comes to selecting ATV jack stands, you need to pick one with features that will hold your ATV in place. First, you should pick one with a load capacity that is above your vehicle for stability. Ensure that the handle is also good for easy and fast use. This will help you a lot. This type of feature is also available in the craftsman 3-ton floor jack.
  • What brand is it – avoid going for the inferior motorcycle or ATV jacks. There are several brands with quality jacks. Most of these are costly but still worth every penny. Check online reviews so that you can know what to expect when you buy from a particular brand.
  • Safety features – this is another crucial aspect to look at. Since you will have to lift the load when repairing your golf cart or motorcycle, you need to make sure that the jack you’re using has extra features of safety to prevent any form of accident.

Why buy Craftsman Motorcycle Jack?

First of all, this motorcycle jack is durably made with an aluminum metal that does not only makes it be long-lasting but as well weighs less for easy movement.

Secondly, the jack is versatile in that it can be used by motorcycle riders, ATV users, and Golf cart users too. In some situations, it can also be used on some vehicles. Also, it has better load capacity than the Harbor Freight Motorcycle Lifting jack.

It is lightweight and thus not a problem to carry it at the golf course or motorcycle racing track if you think the bike might develop some technical hitches.

It has an excellent lifting range of between 3.5 inches and 19 inches. This gives the mechanic or DIY enthusiast ample space to properly fix any problem.

It is very stable, and thus you shouldn’t worry about the load sliding or the jack being dysfunctional. But for safety measures, you should add support to it.

The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty to the purchaser of this ATV jack.


At times, motorcycle riders use service jacks for cars to repair their own motorbikes. Normally, these don’t work very well as they are intended for repairing cars. Motorcycle or ATV jack does a great job of lifting the motorbikes to a height that allows easy and fast repair. The Craftsman Craftsman jack is one of the best motorcycle brands with outstanding features. As seen from the above information, this jack is well suited to use on motorcycles, ATVs, and golf carts. Still, have a question after reading this Craftsman Motorcycle Jack review? Comment below.

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