C1232 Code: How to Fix The Left Front Wheel Speed Circuit Issue?

The speed sensor of a car is susceptible. It is essential for both measuring speed and an effective ABS. The OBD II code C1232 defines the problem with the left front wheel speed circuit. Can you imagine what can happen when your vehicle falls down the issue? The faulty speed sensor can be a barrier to driving the car with comfort.

Moreover, the left from the wheel speed circuit problem hampers the wheels. When the issues occur, the wheels can not maintain the speed capacity equally. So,  the vehicle loses its balance and becomes unsafe to drive. To avoid these problems, you must keep the wheel speed sensor safe every time. You can also check the OBD II code with the scanner if you feel your vehicle is in any problematic situation.

Possible Causes:

  • Faulty Wheel Speed Sensor
  • Damaged or Corroded Wiring
  • Poor Electrical Connections
  • Damaged or Rusty Tone Ring
  • Faulty ABS Control Module
  • Sensor Misalignment
  • Tire Size Discrepancy
  • Faulty Wheel Bearing

Possible solutions to the C1232 code:

  • Inspect the Wheel Speed Sensor
  • Check the Wiring and Connectors
  • Wheel Speed Sensor Resistance Check
  • Check the Tone Ring
  • Wheel Hub & Bearing Inspection
  • ABS Module and Circuitry
  • Diagnostic Scan Tool
  • Road Test
  • Consult a Professional
The Possible Causes of the C1232 Error Code

The C1232 indicates the problem related to the left front wheel. When your wheel speed circuit becomes affected, it can not turn the wheel efficiently. As a result, the wheel speed decreases and affects the other reels. Now I am mentioning some possible causes of the C1232 code. After getting the reasons, you will quickly understand why the error code comes to your OBD II scanner

  • When The Hub Assembly is Defective

The hub assembly maintains the electrical to the wheels connection of the vehicle. The car automatically uses the connection to operate the speed as a vehicle. The electrical hub has great importance to the system. But, when it becomes unable to work and when the hub assembly becomes defective, the left front wheel speed circuit becomes erratic and provides low speed than necessary. When The Hub Assembly is Defective

  • Hydraulic Brake System Installation Problem

The hydraulic brake system is one of the essential systems for ABS vehicles. It is crucial for the perfect control of a car or other vehicles. If the hydraulic braking system becomes problematic, the front wheel speed sensor has many problems with working. The imperfect installation of the hydraulic brake system can not ensure the well-being of the front wheel sensor. So, the system hampers the left front wheel speed circuit and becomes reliable for causing the C1232 code. Hydraulic Brake System Installation Problem

  • Poor Electrical Connection to the Speed Sensor

The speed sensor of the wheel continues its work with a solid electrical connection. But, when the connection is lost or slow, the wheels become problematic. You know,  the sensor has relativity with the electricity. But, the poor connection can not provide a good service. As a result, the left front wheel can lose the appropriate speed and can not maintain equal speed with the other wheels. Checking Electrical Connection to the Speed Sensor

  • The Problematic Left Front Wheel Speed Sensor

The sensor has the essential task of maintaining the speed of the wheels and the braking system. The left front system can not work perfectly when the sensor becomes problematic. It can not keep an accurate balance with the other wheels. Moreover, it cannot control the perfect connection with the braking system. As a result, the left front wheel speed circuit delivers an issue that presents the C1232 code on the OBD II scanner. 

  • Open or Shorted Harness of the Sensor

The harness is the connection between the sensor and the wheels. They are firmly attached to the system. But, somehow, if the harness opens or becomes short, the left front wheel will decrease working as a standard wheel. So, it can hamper the sensor as well as the wheel speed. At last, the wheeling activity will be hampered, and the OBD II scanner will show the C1232 error code. 

Symptoms of the OBD II C1232 Error Code

Like the other OBD II error codes, the C1232 will give you some symptoms to identify. No need to be anxious about checking the code repeatedly; the signals will make you sure that your vehicle is problematic. After getting the symptoms, it will be easy to identify the specific issues with the scanner and repair them in the best way.

When there is any problem with your vehicle’s left front wheel, the ABS light of the car will turn on. It will identify that any system of your vehicle is problematic. The ABS light is only the identifying sign of the complexity and prepares you to determine the specific issue and be ready to solve it.

  • Engine Light is On

The engine light of your vehicle will assist you in identifying the problematic issues inside your car. It turns on when the vehicle needs a service for repairing some damaged items inside the vehicle. After getting the light on, you have to go to the service center immediately. But, you can check the result on the OBD II scanner before going to the mechanic. It will make the issue specific to you and help you go to the perfect repairman to solve your vehicle’s problem.

How to Repair The OBD II C1232 Error Code?

Suppose you enjoy driving, but you have been frustrated about your vehicle for some weeks. You are driving on it, but you can not enjoy the proper smoothness. Sometimes, the rough performance of the left front wheel seems to you disgusting. What can you do now?

Check The Error Code

Firstly, you have to be sure that the left front wheel of your vehicle is problematic. Then scan the OBD II code through a scanner. After getting the code, you can be sure which function of your car is damaged. Then, you can take it to an expert. If the error code is C1232, you are sure that the problem is related to the left front wheel speed. Check OBD2 The Error Code

Check The Hydraulic Braking System

You have to be sure about the proper installation of the anti-lock braking system  (ABS). You also have to be sure about the hydraulic control unit (HCU). The two items are the first and foremost for the proper controlling of a vehicle. The hydraulic system must be filled and appropriately bled to work efficiently. The braking system’s perfect installation and functioning help continue the appropriate control during an emergency. 

Take The Vehicle to a Repairman

Now bring the defective car to the repairman, a wheel specialist. When you check the OBD II code through the scanner, you determine which part of the vehicle is problematic. But, if you want to fix the elements, you have to take a repairer’s help. I hope you will get better results if you follow this theory. 

Cost of Repairing The C1232 Code

The repairers are present in every city. But, there is discrimination in their costs. Generally, the repair cost depends on the place, repair quality, vehicle brand, etc. When there is a slight problem with your vehicle, $75 is enough to fix it. But, it can be more when you are going to the mechanic with a significant issue. When you use a quality vehicle costlier than others, you need to spend $150 for every service. These kinds of cars require more care.


The speed sensor plays a vital role in the maintenance of a car. You need to use the car carefully when you want to run the vehicle, control it, and even keep it free from any problems. Scanning the OBD  II code and repairing the issue is essential for keeping the vehicle’s condition. You must make your car fit every time to enjoy a comfortable and happy journey. Whenever you find an error code, you have to take action to fix it immediately. Significantly, the problems related to the braking system cause some unwanted accidents. So, you have to be careful every time to maintain the proper safety of your vehicle.

Meet our professional car mechanic, Russell D. Steele, who has been in this field for five consecutive years and works with several automotive companies. He completed the "AUTOMOTIVE & LIGHT DUTY DIESEL TECHNOLOGY" course from NorthWest Lowa Community College, where he learned essential diagnostic and transportation management skills and became a certified mechanic.

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  1. The code came on and it was the c1232 took it to have it checked at an Auto Zone just to see what it meant and it was at the speed sensor circuit that was shorted or circuit open took it to a mechanic and he scanned it there was no codes in the system had new axel shaft put in because during the shaking of left front wheel it damaged the axel was repaired but still have some shaking throughout my car have unplugged the abs control module and still have trembling and does not ride well, what can we do to find the problem and fix it?

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