OBD2 Code C0040: Right Front Wheel Speed Circuit Malfunction & Solution

The DTC code is the first necessary for identifying the car’s problems. Most of the vehicles provide us with attractive features from most brands. The modern ABS (Antilock Breaking System) increases the characteristics of a car, providing us with numerous advantages. ABS provides the driver with a unique braking system to fulfill someone’s necessity. It is a feature of almost all the vehicles in the world. Modern cars, bikes, and other speedy vehicles on the road are unthinkable without ABS.

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What is ABS Breaking?

ABS (Antilock Breaking System) is a term that refers to an electronic and exceptional breaking process with pumping. It aids drivers in maintaining control of their vehicles while driving.ABS is a computer-controlled action.

An ABS includes a sensor to identify the rotation of the wheels. Do you know how it works? When the sensor can realize the wheel is slower than the pressure capacity of ABS, it is like making an accident or any unwanted scene. It causes an opportunity for the braking system to lock the wheel. The electronics activate a relief valve and reduce the brake pressure. When the pressure becomes equal to the other wheels, it starts to work and breaks the wheel. As a result, any wheel that accidentally locks cannot be released.

What Do You Understand by “C0040 Code”?

C0040 Code= Right Front Wheel Speed Circuit Malfunction

C0040 is the appliance for determining the “Right Front Wheel Speed Circuit Defect.” When you get the C0040 code, it is a warning of damage to the right-side front wheel circuit. It can be faulty, poor, or have a shortened electrical connection to the wheel. If the ABS module can identify any problem with the braking system of the right front wheel, the C0040 code will notify you quickly.wheel speed sensor code

The wheel speed sensor shows the speed of the wheel. It creates an input to the electronic device for presentation to the users. The ABS cars are complete with sensors. Every wheel of the vehicle contains a sensor. They offer the result of the car’s working system every time. If they find anything unexpected, they show the result.

Sings of C0040 Error Code

The Electronic Brake Control Module (EBCM) is a device that controls the electronic braking system. It gives the wheel speed sensors an ignition signal if there is any difficulty with the car. The sensors can control the module by following some steps.

  • Firstly, it gets the signal.
  • The sensor sends a square wave as a signal.
  • The rotational ratio of the wheel is used by the sensor to generate the signal.
  • The EBCM interprets the signal and calculates the speed of the wheel. 
  • Finally, it ensures consistency between the wheel and the control module.

The Possible Causes of the C0040 Fault Code

Every OBD II code has some reasons for causing it. Likewise,  some significant reasons are also reliable for the generating of C0040. 

  • When the wheel speed sensor cannot work, the C0040 code occurs.
  • If the speed sensor circuit becomes damaged, then C0040 gives you a signal.
  • The ABS module problem is an essential cause of the C0040.
  • The Reluctor of the wheel creates a problem and shows the signal.
  • When the wheel bearing becomes problematic and creates an issue, the car shows a C0040 signal.

Diagnosing Process of the C0040 Code

The code C0040 can be odd or terrible for someone. Some people are even unaware of the code. But, the OBD-II code is necessary for every car owner to identify and solve the problem most impressively. how to fix code c0040

You can follow the instructions in the manual book of the OBD2 scanning tool to identify the problem. If you have no experience, you may be able to help another person who is an expert in identifying and solving the problem. The device will present the problem code on the dial and confirm which car device is problematic.

The Best Way to Reset the C0040 Code

All vehicles are not the same in size, weight, and configuration. So, you may have different steps for fixing the same instrument on different cars. However, repairing the problems with the C0040 code is not complicated. The repair manuals and databases made the process of repair easier. So check the WSS circuit and ABS module frequently because sometimes C0040 can occasionally pop up irregularly. If you are confident in your skills, you can repair the C0040 yourself. Otherwise, you can take it to an expert.


The fixing of C0040 includes both advantages and difficulties. It is not hard for an amateur person to fix the C0040. Even he does not need proper tools and information. He can restore it by following the instructions in the manual book.

But the problem will start if you can not fix the wheel speed sensor may not be suitable for the break function of your car and cause inconsistency between the break and the wheel. The best way is to be cautious about the problem and quickly take it to the expert.

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