OBD II Code C1223: Fix Left Rare Wheel Speed Sensor Complication


Have you ever thought about what can happen if the left rare wheel speed sensor becomes damaged? Some terrible or unwanted things can affect the wheel speed sensor. Faulty hub assemblies, intermittent speed sensor issues, open or shorted harnesses, and other significant causes are all capable of causing the trouble code C1223. However, the issues are not complex to solve. An experienced automobile mechanic can solve these kinds of problems quickly. However, the issue arises when users ignore the difficulties and procrastinate in taking the car to the mechanic. The sensors are so important that we can’t imagine the wheels moving without them. So, you have to know the details about the C1223 code and the difficulties with the left rare wheel speed sensor.

What Are The Possible Causes of The Code C1223?

Have you gotten the trouble code C1223? Indeed, you are aware of the code and know it is related to the left rare wheel speed sensor problem. But do you know what can be affected by the code? How many issues of your vehicle show the C1223 code? The causes will help you determine the point entirely and make ways to solve the problem. They are also helpful for you as you can abstain from the possible reasons that can randomly affect your car’s system. Let us see why the C1223 code comes and the possible causes. 

  • When The Hub Assembly is Defective

Every electrical system needs to have a well-decorated hub assembly to maintain the perfect connection. The left rare wheel speed sensor is not exceptional also. Even a part of the assembly, the sensor has a significant association with it. But, the defective assembly can hamper the electrical system of the vehicle. As a result, the left rare wheel speed sensor can be complicated. Thus, you can get the C1223 while checking the OBD II code.What happens when hub assembly is bad

  • When The Rare Wheel Speed Sensor is Problematic

The C1223 is mainly related to the rear wheel speed sensor. When the sensor has any problem inside it or related to the connection, the OBD II scanner shows the C1223 code to inform about the situation. Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Wheel Speed Sensor

  • When The Speed Sensor Harness is Open or Shorted

The rare wheel speed sensor harness connects the sensor with the wheeling system. A strong harness connection is necessary for providing the vehicle’s good speed. But, the open or shorted connection is reliable for losing the electrical link of the wheel speed sensor. As a result, the C1223 code comes to your scanner. 

  • Poor Electrical Connection

This point is quite similar to the previous one. The electrical connection should be strong, like the harness. Otherwise, it can be lost at any time. As a result, the wheels will lose contact with the engine and may stop going suddenly. Car Electrical Problems Symptoms

The prevention of possible problems is one of the best remedies to eliminate the issues. So, keep every electrical connection strong and avoid problematic sensors. If you can choose the vehicle components at the time of buying, you can be free from the issues and have a long-lasting vehicle. 

Symptoms of the C1223 Code

There are a lot of trouble codes for a car. They show the problems that happened with the various systems of the vehicle. Could you be aware of the issues with the car instantly? The car offers some mentionable symptoms that assure you that your vehicle has a problem as the problems occur. The symptoms can be the criteria for identifying the issues with your vehicle.

  • ABS Light On

The first identifying item of the problem is the ABS light which can be a determining term of the C1223 trouble. The light indicates the falling of your car in any complexity. So, when you find the ABS light of your vehicle turned on, be sure that it has a problem. Check the trouble code immediately and take action by taking the car to an efficient repairer. 

  • Service Engine Soon Warning Light On

The engine light orders you to service the engine soon. It indicates that some problems are happening with the vehicle’s system. So, you have to repair them quickly. When you get the engine light on, you have to remember that the light is a signal for improving the engine or engine-related systems soon. Do not be late; check the error code fast. When the problem is left rare wheel speed sensor is connected, and the C1223 code will come on your OBD II scanner’s dial. It detects the inner issues of your vehicle and orders you to take it to an expert for repair. 

Can I Drive a Vehicle Without Repairing The C1223 Code?

This article shows you the C1223 code is related to the left rare wheel speed sensor malfunction. You are also getting information about the problems related to the complication of the wheel. It is unnecessary for the cars only but equally significant for the other vehicles. So, think deeply; what if the vehicles’ wheels remain damaged? Since the wheels are dynamic equipment types, they can easily cause accidents. 

Bottom Line

The OBD II trouble codes show you various problems related to your vehicles. Significantly, the C codes are related to the engine and the chassis problems. According to the multiple types of codes, their works are also different. So, you may fall into a big issue while deciding to take the best step for repairing your car. The OBD II trouble codes help you get instant results and take action quickly. Likewise, when you contact any problem related o the left rare wheel speed sensor, the C1223 will indicate it firmly. It makes your vehicle’s problem-identifying process more manageable and gives you comfort after getting into trouble.

Meet our professional car mechanic, Russell D. Steele, who has been in this field for five consecutive years and works with several automotive companies. He completed the "AUTOMOTIVE & LIGHT DUTY DIESEL TECHNOLOGY" course from NorthWest Lowa Community College, where he learned essential diagnostic and transportation management skills and became a certified mechanic.

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