If you are a car rider, you may have many problems with your vehicle. You can find out about it when you face any issue by checking the ODB II trouble code. C0045 is a code to identify a problem with a wheel. 

What does the C0045 trouble code mean?

There are a lot of problems with your vehicle. If you use a car, you may face some difficulties. But, it is not hard to identify the issue currently. When your Fixd sensor shows that your vehicle has the problem C0045, you will understand that the problem has happened with the left rear wheel speed sensor. For some reason, the circuit presents a difficulty and orders you to fix the connection between the wheel and the sensor quickly.

Working Process of a Wheel and a Sensor

There is an electronic brake control module (EBCM) in a car. It gives ignition voltage to the wheel speed sensor, and the sensor sends the DC square wave signal back to the control module. The frequency of the square wave signal is essential to EBCM. It uses the signal and calculates the wheel’s speed while spinning. 

Some Important Signs of the C0045 Code

If you do not know the symptoms of an ODB II trouble code, you will fail to identify the problems. Here I present some vital signs of the C0045 ODB II trouble code. You can get a clear idea of how to identify the situations when the car’s fixed sensor will show you the codes.speed wheel sensor

How much does it cost to diagnose the C0045 code?

The diagnosis of C0045 costs on an hourly basis. If you hire a repairer, he will fix the price based on your location, vehicle model, and engine type. There is a general rate for the repair of your car at a specific time. Generally, they charge from $75 to $150 per hour. It depends on the conditions mentioned above.

How Can I Identify the Problems with the C0045 Code?

Knowing about the symptoms is very important for treating a patient. Likewise, having the signs of problems is essential to fixing the vehicle’s issues. C0045 shows some difficulties with a car, and it also has some vital signs to identify it.

It is the most effortless process to find out the problems, including C0045. As the problem is related to the wheel, the ABS is affected. Therefore, the anti-lock braking system (ABS) light turns on and presents the problem with the wheel.

The engine light can also present problems for the car. When the wheel and the speed sensor become problematic, the engine light turns on and gives you the information that something is hampering the rare wheel and speed sensor.

How to fix the C0045 fault code?

If you find the C0045, you will know that the left rare wheel is problematic. To solve the problem, you have to remove the wheel arrangement and erase the code quickly. Now it is time to understand how to fix the problem with C0045. Mainly, the C0045 code is the problem with the left rare wheel speed sensor. As a result of the ODB II trouble code, you must repair the left rare wheel. Here I am presenting the method of improving the rotation.left rear wheel speed sensor circuit

First, you have to turn out the T30 bolt to open the sensor. Turn the screw very carefully as the nut does not cut out. 

You pry out the speed sensor very carefully to not be affected. If you pull it out forcibly, it can break down. It is first because the new sensor will come and replace the old one. 

When you open the car’s system, you must remove the harness. After that, you have to be prepared for the next stage of solving the problem. 

For adding a new sensor, remove the connector with the old sensor. It will disconnect the system and make you prepare for fixing the problem by connecting the new sensor. 

As the old sensor is damaged, you must connect a new sensor to the system. 

When all of the connections have been completed, you have to pour some lubricant into it. Then, install the new sensor and bolt with it. 

Then you will turn the bolt with the help of an instrument. Start tightening the bolt as a necessity. Do not tight it hard; otherwise, it can break.

When there is a connection problem between the sensor and the left rear wheel, you can follow the steps mentioned above to change the sensor. Now, I am showing you the process of replacing the wheel if the C0045 code indicates any problem with the wheel.

If you do any work on your car, you have to turn on the emergency brake to reduce the risk of an accident. After setting the car in a specific place, you can start repairing efficiently.

Turn the screws out and keep every screw in another place safely. 

Removing the wheel is the most crucial stape. It will make you prepared to fix all the problems of the wheel.

When the wheel is free from the car, fix all its problems. If it is unfixable, replace it with a new one. 

Final Thoughts

Every item can be damaged. If you know the best process of repairing, you will be benefitted. Like other instruments, you can also take your vehicle to a repairer to fix the problems. But, when you are on a journey and get no person to fix it, you have to know how to repair your vehicle. I hope you got some essential techniques from this article.

Meet our professional car mechanic, Russell D. Steele, who has been in this field for five consecutive years and works with several automotive companies. He completed the "AUTOMOTIVE & LIGHT DUTY DIESEL TECHNOLOGY" course from NorthWest Lowa Community College, where he learned essential diagnostic and transportation management skills and became a certified mechanic.

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