Check engine light is a good alert sign from a car when it has an issue. This is an indication that the car has to be diagnosed, and the issue needs to be solved. There are various OBD2 scanners on the market, and identifying one that meets your car’s needs is important. If you are a DIY guy and just want a simple device that detects all your electronic car issues, then getting a cheaper OBD2 device is crucial. But some of these lowly priced scan tools don’t perform the way they as recommended by the manufacturer. But, the Bafx 34t5 Bluetooth scanner works on all USA vehicles year 1996 or newer! The Bafx 34t5 Read OBD2 check engine light codes, Reset/Clear vehicle’s Check Engine Light, Graph sensor readings, smog/emissions testing, and more. Read this Bafx 34t5 review article to know more about this Bluetooth scanner.

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Technical specifications of the BAFX products 34t5 Bluetooth diagnostic OBDII Scanner

Works: 1996 or newer vehicles
Check Engine Codes: Yes
Pull Readings: Sensors related to the vehicle OBDII / Emissions system
Reset / Clear your vehicle’s Check Engine Light (CEL): Yes
Wireless, Bluetooth: Yes
Update option: Yes
OS: Android & Windows ONLY
Views freeze frame data: Yes
Turn off the ECU and brake warning light: Yes
Opens and closes electronic brake calipers: Yes
Dimensions: 2.8 x 1.5 x 1 inches
Weight: 3.2 ounces
Data logging & map-based tracking of sensor readings: Yes
Price: bafx 34t5 bluetooth obdiiCheck Price

If you are one of those guys who have tried out cheap diagnostic scan tools that continuously fail you, then try out the Bafx 34t5 model. In this review article, we will explain why this is one of the best cheap Bluetooth OBDII Scanner tools.

The Bafx 34t5 is an excellent cheap scan tool that needs to be linked with a phone/tablet or windows pc for it to work. It is quick and reads and erases codes easily. Bluetooth connectivity means that this device is simple to use and doesn’t need any special knowledge. To know more about this small great Bluetooth code reader, read further.

Fastest 5.0 Bluetooth Diagnostic Scanner- Bafx 34t5 Review

The Bafx 34t5 model is made by a good brand that specializes in various scan tools. The Bafx 34t5 is very powerful and assists the user in reading and erasing diagnostic trouble codes for the check engine light on both generic and manufacturer-specific codes.

In addition, it allows the user to pre-test for emissions and graph sensor readings. The scanner can be connected easily to your phone/tablet or windows pc via Bluetooth connectivity, from where you can easily operate it and scan your vehicle. Also, the Bafx 34t5 is compatible with all vehicles based in the USA in 1996 and newer.
Check Price

Furthermore, the Bafx 34t5 is a compact design tool and light in weight, which can be easily carried in your backpack and have it ready for use the moment you see the check engine light. A good number of scan tools claim to function on all vehicles but have issues with the J1850 and CAN protocols. This scan tool doesn’t.

Despite its lower price, the Bafx 34t5 will reset CEL, graph sensor readings, read obd2, check engine lights, prepare for emissions settings, and pull several other sensor readings like speed, throttle, fuel trim, and O2 reading.

Also, it works on Android devices, and the manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty against defects to buyers.

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Main features:

Supported Protocols:

-J1850 PWM
-J1850 VPW
-ISO 9141
-KWP 2000
-ISO 15765 (CAN)
-SAE J2480 (CAN)

Supported Vehicles:

1996 to newer gas & diesel vehicles: USA-made
2007 to newer vehicles: European or Mexico-made
1998 to newer vehicles: Canada-made

Recommended Apps

Free app: Piston
PAID app: Torque Pro
Avoid: Torque Lite

Pros: Why the BAFX 34t5 is the best wireless OBD2 device

The importance of having an obd2 scan tool is for it to scan codes for you and identify the problem that your car might be having. This car diagnostic scanner is very reliable and functions on different car brands based within the USA. All you have to do is to connect it the right way.

Another good thing about this automotive scanner is that it is extremely durable. If you want a tool that will sustain you for many years to come, then this is a great choice. When you have this scanner in your home, you won’t need another tool as it is well-built and functions exceptionally well.
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Many people fear acquiring scan tools because of their initial cost. Unlike other high-quality professional obd2 scanners on the market, this one is less costly but still performs exceptionally. The Bafx 34t5 is affordable as it doesn’t cost much. It goes for around $30, which is unlike the other high-end devices. Among the cheapest odb2 scanners, this one is one of the most effective ones.

Some odb2 tools claim to be compatible with all vehicles in the USA, but they are not. This simple but effective scan tool works on all vehicles in the USA that are model 1996 or newer. This is a guarantee from the manufacturer that it will function.

With Bluetooth connectivity, this car scan tool is very easy to use and doesn’t need additional devices for it to carry out diagnostic tests. All you have to do is to plugin and link the OBD2 scanner to your phone or tablet for it to begin working.

The main aim of acquiring automotive scan tools is to read and erase trouble codes. This device does that very quickly and well. It does this on all obd2 cars in the United States of America for model 1996 or newer.
BAFX Products Bluetooth Diagnostic OBDII ReaderCheck Price

One thing that makes users love this scanner is that it offers a stable connection which isn’t the case with most wireless scan tools.

One important thing to note is that this automotive diagnostic scanner doesn’t function on iOS but just on Android and windows gadgets. So, if you are using iOS, then this is not the device for you. In that case, you have to buy the upgraded Autel MD808 Pro scan device, which is IOS supported.

If you are worried about how you will set up this car scanner, then relax, as it’s very easy and fast. All you need to do is to link it with your Android/tablet or windows pc using an app for you to get started. Some of the apps that you can use include: Torque Pro, OBD car Doctor pro, and many others.

Great customer support is what most clients look for. Bafx offers great customer support to buyers of its tools. If you have any issues with their car diagnostic scanner, you can contact them, and they will answer some of your queries and give you a way forward.

At such a low price, you could think that this device doesn’t have a warranty. But since it’s created from a notable brand, the manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty against defects. So the brand offers an extended warranty compared to Bluedriver OBD2 professional Bluetooth scanner. This provides buyers with confidence as they can use the scanner without any worry. Also, before acquiring this product, people who aren’t based in the USA should contact the manufacturer for more directions.

Troubleshoot of the BAFX 34t5 OBD2 Scan Tools

Problems Possible Cause Solution
Device not connecting Bluetooth off or out of range Ensure Bluetooth is on and the device is within range
Inaccurate readings Interference or low battery Remove any nearby electronic interference and check/replace batteries
App not recognizing device Compatibility issues Ensure the app is compatible with your device’s OS
Inconsistent data transmission Obstructions or distance Remove physical obstructions and move closer to the paired device
The device not powering on A dead battery or damaged unit Replace the battery or contact customer service for a possible replacement

2 Alternative Of BAFX 34t5 OBD2 Scan Tools:

FIXD obd2 Car scanner Check Price

OBDLink MX OBD2 Scanner Check Price


Those looking for a cheap but effective scan tool on the market should go for the Bafx 34t5 diagnostic tool. From the Bafx 34t5 review, it is true that this automotive scanner functions well in erasing and reading OBD2 codes. It is very easy to use with Bluetooth connectivity. All you need to do is to connect it to your Android or windows pc to start conducting diagnostic tests. The car diagnostic scanner is compatible with all cars in the USA, which is not the case with many of the lowly-priced car scanning devices. In addition, the manufacturer offers one of the best customer support as it listens to and answers users’ queries. A two-year warranty against defects is as well provided by the manufacturer to the buyer.

Kevin Nicholas is an automotive technician who is a genius at software and hardware-related issues. He manually tested more than a hundred OBD scanners and gave his honest opinion on whether the device was worth the money or not. His in-depth OBD review articles help people choose the right product, whether it is a European, American, or Asian vehicle. He completed his Automotive Specialized Training Course at Universal Technical Institute and has more than 15 years of experience in the field.

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