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Actron CP9690 Reviews 2024: Trilingual OBDI/OBDII Elite Autoscanner

The Actron cp9690 trilingual auto scanner is an excellent device for DIY enthusiasts. It provides excellent features that have the ability to read manufacturer-specific DTCs, chart engine data, record, and playback kept vehicle data, and the ability to print the data with the help of your pc or laptop. Actron scanner is ideal for use on all 1996 or newer import and domestic OBD2 and CAN vehicles, 1994 to 1995 OBD2 up-to-date vehicles, and 1984 to 1995 Ford, GM, Chrysler, and Toyota OBD 1 vehicle. Is it a good auto scanner? Read further of this Actron CP9690 reviews article to know the details of features of this auto scanner.

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Technical specifications of the Actron CP9690 Scan Tool

Works: ALL 1996 and later vehicles
Display: Easy-to-read color LCD screen
Check Engine Light: Yes
Record, playback, and graph live engine data: Yes
Larger Screen: Yes
OBD I cables and coverage: Yes
Update option: Yes (Via the internet)
Code Connect: Yes
Views freeze frame data: Yes
Oil light and battery reset: Yes
Battery system monitor: Yes
Dimensions: 10.2 x 13.6 x 5.4 inches
Weight: 3.8 pounds
Get transmission codes: Yes
Warranty: 12 months
Price: Actron CP9690 ReviewsCheck Today’s Price

Summary of Contents

Note: If this scanner is discontinued, you can try the best alternativeBosch 1300

Product Description & Review- Actron CP9690 OBD2

  • OBD1 cables and coverage
  • Large LCD color screen
  • Record, playback, and graph live engine data
  • Trilingual menu
  • ABS and SRS Airbag coverage
  • Has the ability to print data to PC
  • Reads all OBD 1, OBD 2, and CAN car engine codes
  • OBD II definitions/codes
  • Compatible with 1966 and newer vehicles, both domestic and foreign
  • Oil light and battery reset
  • Updatable by use of USB plug
  • AutoID
  • CodeConnect
  • Powertrain and ABS vehicle coverage
  • Backup battery

After recording or carrying out different tests, these can be easily read on the large LCD color screen that it comes with. The screen has a backlight that allows the user to read the gadget even in dim or extremely bright conditions.

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Also, it has a battery backup in case your engine is out of power or if required to save engine power. Despite having excellent features, this scan tool doesn’t come at a simple price. This is one of the things that make people not purchase it. But actually, it is worth the price. This is an upgraded version of the Actron CP9680 and the Actron CP9670 auto scanners.

Benefits of the Actron cp9690 scan tool

  • It is user-friendly – this is one of the easiest scan tools to use on the market compared to other professional scanners. It has a large display screen that clearly displays the data carried out by the device. The information is displayed in colored form, making it easy and quick to read. There is a backlight that ensures that the user doesn’t get inconvenienced when he or she uses it in dark or poorly lit environments.
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  • Different languages – with three languages to choose from, this is a great device to have. You can decide to set it in Spanish, English, or French. Choose a language that you understand better or are conversant with.
  • Compact and lightweight design – some diagnostic scanners on the market weigh heavily and are not suitable to walk or move around with. This is not the case with the cp9690 diagnostic tool. It weighs less, and its compact designs allow the user to fit it in the pocket or back very easily. So, you won’t have the burden of carrying it during work or after work.
  • Fast and precise results – if you have been getting the wrong codes or tests, then you should change to a more reliable and accurate scan tool. The CP9690 trilingual scanner delivers quick and accurate results. That’s why many people love it. You can never go wrong with it.
  • True link technology and code connect – Two amazing features for a scan tool to have. On top of that, it does fast fixing of the diverse data code with the inclusion of the fixing of the check engine light.
  • Internet Updatability – if you buy one of the latest car models, you don’t have to worry about this tool not delivering. It is updatable to conform to the current onboard diagnostic scan user’s needs. This is made possible by the special USB port that the manufacturer includes in the purchase. Just connect it to the internet to update the device. The only setback is the device does not support Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Wide coding – this is one of the most versatile scan tools on the market. This is because it has the ability to read codes on both OBD-I and OBD2-compatible vehicles. It can read over 26 million codes. Hence you should be certain that it will read and identify the different codes on your vehicle.
  • Has lived as well as freeze data readings – today, it is important that the OBD2 scanner that you purchase is able to carry out live data and freeze data reading. The cp9690 has the capability to store data for future use as well as the graphic presentation of the same. Besides, you can as well decide to have live and freeze data in hard copy if you want to. That’s how special the cp969 diagnostic scanner is.
  • External power source – are you worried about your low car battery? You shouldn’t, and the cp9690 scan tool comes with backup power. This is an external battery that can be connected to the scanner to save on the engine power or use the device when your car has no power at all. Sometimes, the battery of the car may run out while carrying out a scan which might leave you clueless and not knowing what the error is. The backup battery helps in such a scenario as it will continue performing the test.
  • Improved features – this diagnostic scan tool comes with unique features that are not present in most of the other devices. The first feature is the code connect aspect that enables fast fault code correction and compatibility across the body. Also, the OBD1/OBD2 scanner covers the antilock brake system, which is a safety measure. Also, it resets the oil light and battery.
  • Comprises of OBD 1 oriented accessories – since this scan tool covers both OBD1 and OBD 2 compliant vehicles, it comes with a cable and other accessories meant for OBD I cars. It works great in detecting codes in both old-generation vehicle models and new-generation vehicle models.
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  • Very efficient – when it comes to identifying car engine problems, the cp9690 is very efficient in that regard. This is why it is regarded as one of the most efficient and fast scan tools on the market. Besides providing very quick outcomes, it is also accurate.
  • Extremely economical – considering the different features that it comes with and its ability to cover almost all obd1 and obd2 compatible vehicles, this can be seen to be very economical. So, you can use it on different car brands and models. Furthermore, it has different code capacities and enhancing features to go with.
  • Reliable support – using this tool enables the user to get in touch with the ASE technical staff, which is an online center that offers some of the most current queries that enable the tool users to enjoy uninterrupted data code reading and analysis with up to the minute answers to the different uses of this tool.

I have explained everything in our Actron CP9690 reviews that you should know. If you have any questions, comment below.

Troubleshoot for the Actron cp9690 scan tool

  • Issue: Device not powering on
    • Possible Causes: Battery not charged or defective, power connection issue
    • Solutions: Charge or replace the battery, check power connections
  • Issue: Unable to connect to the vehicle
    • Possible Causes: Faulty OBD-II connection, incompatible vehicle, damaged cable
    • Solutions: Check OBD-II connection and cable, ensure vehicle compatibility
  • Issue: Inaccurate diagnostic readings
    • Possible Causes: Sensor malfunction, software glitch, user error
    • Solutions: Verify the procedure, reset the device, check for software updates
  • Issue: Software update issues
    • Possible Causes: Internet connectivity problems, corrupted update files
    • Solutions: Ensure stable internet connection, redownload updated files
  • Issue: Screen issues (e.g., display not clear or not responding)
    • Possible Causes: Screen damage, software glitch
    • Solutions: Restart the device, consult the manufacturer for screen repair or replacement

Compared with the Actron 9680 OBD2

Features Actron 9680 Actron 9690
OBD1 Support: No Yes
Supports all protocols: No Yes
Freeze Frame Data: No Yes
OBD1 Cable: No Yes
Vehicle Coverage: Less More
Ideal for: DIY & Beginners Professionals
Price: Medium Slightly high

Bottom Line

With so many diagnostic scanners on the market, choosing one that meets your different needs is really important. Some scanners have diverse features, while others don’t. That’s why it is important to know what the scan tool performs before acquiring one. The CP9690 scan tool is one of those outstanding diagnostic scanners on the market. It can perform tests on both OBD 1 and OBD2 compatible vehicles. Thus, it is suitable for mechanics or car repair shops.  In addition, it has some exceptional features like code connect, a trilingual menu, powertrain & ABS car coverage, and oil light and battery reset that make it a top scan tool on the market.

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  1. Just purchased this scanner, does everything I required, OBD1 and 2, I have a 93 Firebird with 3.4 engine could not read codes by jumping ports A-B, but this scanner read the codes with no issue’s, I have vehicle’s with OBD2 and this scanner is awesome. My only thing is with OBD2 you can record data and view data and graph’s, OBD1 only record and view data it would be nice to view graphs in OBD1 also, and you can not print OBD2 graph’s from the scanner like other information on the computer.

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