OBD-II P0016 Code: How to Fix Camshaft Position A Problems?


What does the P0016 code mean?

The DTC P0016 is commonly a form of the generic powertrain code which suggests “Camshaft Position A – Camshaft Position Sensor Bank 1. ” We know that both the camshaft and the crankshaft have a deep correlation. Actually, they work harmoniously; thus, the processes in the main engine perform well. You need to know that your vehicle’s PCM (Power Control Module) is mainly accountable for the frequent rotation of both the camshaft and the crankshaft.

There are two individual types of sensors called the camshaft sensors and the crankshaft sensors. Their work is to monitor and provide the basic information regarding the rotation and movement of the cams crankshaft. If it finds any fault in the cycle, then it sends that message to the PCM, and eventually, the PCM commands the MIL or the CEL to blink and register the error code P0016. This is how the total system works to show up the error codes.

Popular brands encountering the respective code:

P0016 Chevy, P0016 Ford, P0016 Dodge, P0016 Mercedes, P0016 Toyota, P0016 VW, etc.

P0016 Bank 1 Sensor A Location:

In most conditions, the camshaft position sensor is situated on the valve cover in proximity to the reluctance ring. And the crankshaft position sensor is located on the crankshaft pulley in most vehicles. Suppose the PCM finds anything unusual in the sensors. In that case, it immediately gives a notification to the check engine light, and then pertinently, the DTC P0016 appeared on the screen of the scanning tool. p0016 bank 1 sensor a location

What are the prime causes for the P0016 code?

Although there are tons of causes that the P0016 code appears in the monitor of the scanning tool, here is a conventional list of what causes are the most prominent in happening of the error code P0016, 

  • The engine oil level may have gone down to a lesser than the actual level, or it may be facing incorrect oil viscosity that ruins the engine’s overall operation. The oil that has debris or impurities in it or is contaminated is not good for the main engine.
  • The reluctor ring may have faced some unknown issues that are not quite obvious, and A bad timing chain is dangerous for the natural flow and movement of the camshaft. The timing components regarding the gear, belt, or chain might face an internal injury like worn-out timing belts, missing teeth in the timing chain, etc.
  • The camshaft phaser may be out of order due to the inconvenience with the positioning of the phaser. The Oil Control Valve (OCV) may be damaged, and the filter may gather unwanted dirt and debris.
  • There may be some bad issues in the camshaft sensors and the crankshaft. The electrical wiring and the connectors may have a loose connection that impedes naturally passing the rotational information. The timing belt tensioner may be damaged due to excessive heat as the timing belt is made of rubber. It can not withstand too much temperature. 
  • Defects may occur in the variable valve timing (VVT) actuator and VVT solenoid. The PCM might be outdated and needs a proper update.   

Possible Symptoms of the P0016 code

The possible symptoms are not getting more prominent than the error code P0016 symptoms. Here are some of the possible P0016 symptoms, 

  • The check engine light is on. The vehicle may face an unwanted hard starting issue and may face roughness while accelerating. 
  • The mileage of the fuel of the engine may decline, and there may be a notable decrease in the fuel economy. 
  • The engine may produce a rattling noise as there may have caused havoc in the harmonic balancer. The Variable valve timing actuator may fail due to some unknown issues. 
  • The PCM may have started to behave incorrectly as the software composition may have been outdated.    

What is the diagnosis process of the P0016 code?

The first stage is to attach the OBD-II scanner to the car, check for the existing error codes and read the freeze frame data inspecting the rotational graph of the camshaft and the crankshaft. Diagnose the entire sensor system of the camshaft and the crankshaft. Diagnose the timing components properly. Check If there is any tear or missing tooth in the timing chain. Diagnose the oil control valve and check for the possible sludge and impurities in the pathways. Examine the oil filter and replace it if it is outdated. Last of all, diagnose the PCM if it can carry correct signals to the MIL or CEL.p0016 bank 1 sensor a location

Avoid common mistakes when diagnosing the P0016 code

Even an experienced mechanic can make mistakes while diagnosing the error code P0016. Sometimes the problem is manufacturer specific instead of generic. So we suggest checking the technical service bulletin (TSB) before starting the diagnosis. Some mechanics may skip checking the engine’s fuel level or forget to check the timing components. Some internal wiring issues may also occur, which might remain unnoticed; recovering all these faults while diagnosed may save your valuable money to a greater extent.

How dangerous is the P0016 code?

We know that most of the generic powertrain codes are not suitable for the main engine. They can cause extreme havoc to the entire engine module. Both the camshaft and the crankshaft are harmonized with a timing belt series that operates procedure as the whole in the engine. Note that if the timing components are out of sync, it might collapse the entire engine workability. Belts as a whole may be snapped or broken as they are made of pure rubber, and they can not bear extreme temperatures. If this happens, the rotation of the camshaft and the crankshaft may have been poorly disrupted. Continuously driving the car and ignoring the error code may be proven to be one of your biggest mistakes. Neglecting the fault code may add some extra dollars to your repairing bill. 

How to fix the P0016 code?

Fixing the issues of the error code P0016 is an expensive and lengthy process. And if the code has affected the internal camshaft section, then the overall Maintenance cost will soar up to the limit. Here I am describing the whole fixing process of the error code P0016 parts by parts,

  • Reassure that the Error code P0016 has been registered 

First of all, take an intelligent OBD-II scanning tool and check for the error codes. Connect the scanner with the main interface of the vehicle and wait for a while to receive the error codes. The scanner may show up with one or more than one error codes regarding the issue in the camshaft segment. Once you see the codes on the screen, note them down and check for the manufacturer’s specific service manual.

  • Change the Engine Oil

After successfully registering the error codes, you need to check the engine oil level. If the engine oil level is insufficient, add some fuel to the engine. Check If there is any kind of debris or impurities in the oil or if the oil’s viscosity is correct. You have to remove the oil plug, drain all the contaminated soil, and then dispose of that impure oil while maintaining proper safety precautions and changing the oil filter to get the maximum output. Apply the correct viscosity oil into the tanker and close its opening. Now your car is good to go.

  • Examine the camshaft oil control valve 

The voltage is to be at the suitable standard to operate all the procedures smoothly. Use a voltmeter and check the relative voltage of the camshaft oil control valve. If the voltage is higher or pretty much lower than the actual standard, you need to replace the valve as soon as possible.

  • Investigate the camshaft and the crankshaft Sensors

The sensor is one of the most valuable components in the engine. Simple mismanagement in the engine may lead to a complete collapse of the main engine. The first duty is to locate the camshaft and the crankshaft Sensors and examine if there is any discontinuation or leakage. Introduce a digital multimeter to examine the actual resistance of the sensors. If the resistance value is between the standard level, your sensor problem is successfully solved.

  • Repair the Timing Components

The timing component consists of the Timing Belt, Camshaft pulley, Tensioning pulley, Crankshaft pulley, and the Idler. Altogether they operate the Camshaft and Crankshaft. If you notice wear or tear in the timing belt, make sure that it is repaired. Some teeth of the belt may be missing or may be broken. Repair them. Investigate all the parts individually to see if they are operating correctly.  

  • Clear the Error

It is time to bring back the OBD-II scanner and rescan the vehicle. This time you may have probably no codes jumping into the scanner’s screen or may have one. Try to delete the inactive codes and scan once again to eliminate the error codes totally. 

How much money do you need to fix the DTC P0016 fully?

A bunch of repairs is needed to solve the error code P0016. All the service charges may include the cost of the related parts and the labor cost. The very initial stage is to change the Engine oil and filter, and it might cost around $20 to $60. Repairing both the Camshaft position sensor and the crankshaft position sensor can cost you between 170$ to 230$ individually, and if you have an issue with the reluctor ring, you have to spend between 200$ to 600$ inclusive. If the mechanic finds any fault in the timi9ng belt, he may charge you around 300$ to 400$, including all the hidden charges. Last but not least, to fix the timing chain, you need to spend between 1500$ to 2000$, which is quite a tremendous cost for you.

Final Overview

The problems in the camshaft and crankshaft may be proven a troublesome chore for you. It can cost a huge sum of money to fix the issues. But if you follow the above guidelines, then it is possible to repair the problems by yourself. Give it a careful try, and do let us know if the guidelines were helpful to you.


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