In-Depth Guide to Fix Error Code P0015


Meaning of the DTC P0015 Code

The DTC P0015  is a generic powertrain code that stands for the “Camshaft Position B Timing Over-Retarded (Bank 1).” This code is solely associated with the variable valve timing (VVT) and the variable camshaft timing (VCT); mainly, it is a fault in the camshaft section. The camshaft showcases an over retarded movement towards the engine. Your car’s PCM will be triggered when it sees something unnatural in the camshaft and immediately sends the error code to the MIL. As a result, the MIL and CEL started to blink.

Possible Causes of the Fault Code P0015

The possible causes of the error code P0015 are described below,p0015 exhaust camshaft position timing

  • The failure in the oil control valve and the VVT solenoid hampers the entire engine module. Low engine oil may be one of the most significant causes of the error code P0015. 
  • The timing chain and the timing belt may be worn out. The tiny teeth of the chain may be broken, which causes irregularity in the circulation of the camshaft, and as a result, the entire engine fails to operate.
  • Wiring problems or complexity In the harness system may happen in the timing control valve solenoid system. Oil flow may be continuous in the VCT chamber piston. 
  • Sludge builds up in the oil pickup tube that resists the natural flow of fuel in the fuel tank. A poor PCV operation or poor-quality oil might strengthen the appearance of the error code P0015. 
  • The PCM could face a severe outdated problem. The code may not be the same as in a smart PCM. So change and fix the PCM in order to get the code eliminated.

Disguised Symptoms of the Fault Code P0015

The symptoms are more or less the same as the previous fault code. The engine might face hard starting or rigidness. An annoying rattling sound may come out from the main engine. The fuel consumption may increase as well as the emission becomes contaminated with white band black fumes. The MIL may start to illuminate as the error code appears.

Complete Diagnosis Of Error Code P0015

The diagnosis process of the code P0015 is more or less extensive; here is the diagnosis process of the DTC P0015,mini cooper p0015

First of all, attach an innovative OBD-II scanning tool and check for any possible error codes. Then check the level and viscosity of the engine oil. Recheck the connections between the wirings and the connectors. Examine the camshaft and crankshaft sensors to see if they provide correct information throughout the engine. Lastly, you need to check the timing components. The gears, timing belts, and chains must be in a proper shape to provide the actual rotation of the camshaft. Finally, Check the PCM and decide if it needs any treatment.  

How serious is Code P0015?

The trouble code P0015 can cause irreparable harm to the vehicle if it is not checked timely. It may shatter the timing gear and the chain. The interconnection of the wiring may be damaged badly. This code can cause an abnormal rotation in the camshaft. Overall the lifespan of the main engine may be poorly disrupted. 

How to Fix OBD Code P0015?

For the convenience of understanding, we will describe the entire repairing method in four basic steps.  


Check the engine oil and apply more fuel if needed. Clean the oil control valve if there is any sludge. Then repair the VVT system. In the end, clean the oil filter to get the maximum flow of fuel in the engine. 


The next step is to locate the camshaft position sensor and check it closely to see if it is working efficiently. Look into the electrical connection and the wiring bin for the camshaft. If they are disorganized, ensure that they return to their initial stage and help to communicate within the camshaft segment successfully.  


Check the timing components and examine every part of it, including the timing belt, chain, and gear. Ensure that they cooperate with the natural movement of the camshaft.


Check the PCM of the vehicle. Repair and update the algorithm of the PCM to get the maximum correct output.

Necessary Tools: OBD-II scanner, digital multimeter, battery terminal cleaner, manufacturer-specific service manual, basic screwdriver set, etc.  

This code is mainly associated with the discrepancies in the camshaft position being over-retarded. You should consult a professional to eradicate the fault code P0015. This article proves to be handy in getting rid of this acute code, and I hope you will gain maximum output by going through this detailed article.

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