How to fix OBD2 trouble code P0024? (Problem With Camshaft Position B)

What Does the P0024 Code Mean?

The powertrain generic code P0024 stands for the “Camshaft Position B Timing Over-Advanced or System Performance Bank 2.” The elaboration of this code is that the bank 2 exhaust camshaft valve is in a more advanced position as the ECM has commanded it to do so.

What are the Possible Causes of the P0024 Code?

The possible causes of the error code P0024 have been depicted below, 

  • The engine oil may have been dirty and full of impurities. You may have used the wrong viscosity oil, or there might be a lack of necessary fuel in the engine.
  • The Camshaft variable timing solenoid may fail due to insufficient power supply, or the Camshaft phaser is seized in the upper position.
  • Unnecessary oil flow to the Variable Camshaft Timing chamber may cause the error code P0024 to happen. Unwanted carbon accumulation in the VVT of the engine can facilitate this code to happen.
  • The camshaft phaser may have obstructed in an advanced position resulting in severe damage to the main chambers in the engine. The PCM might be out of order or can not catch the intermittent data from the camshaft rotation.

What are the Common Symptoms of the P0024 Code?

There might be some common symptoms of the error code P0024 that are illustrated below,What causes code P0024?

  • The check engine light may be turned on, and the engine may showcase failsafe mode. While driving, the engine may face stalling. And the starting must be rough and full of hesitation. The engine might show some pre-ignition faults. 
  • The vehicle may fail the emission test as unhealthy black and white fumes are produced from the car. The fuel efficiency may be lowered due to the surge in fuel consumption. The oil control valve and the filter may showcase some abnormalities.
  • The PCM yields an error in reading the rotational value of the camshaft. Then it is mandatory to replace the PCM or update the software.

How to Diagnose the P0024 Code?

Diagnosis of the fault code P0024 is a long and tiresome job. I will depict a complete illustration of how to diagnose DTC P0024,

  • Diagnose the OCV

The oil control valve consists of a particular purpose valve and a filter. Examine both of the parts and replace them if needed. 

  • Monitor the Electrical circuits and wirings

A short circuit in the camshaft wirings may disintegrate all the proceedings in the main engine. So check the connectors and the sensors of the camshaft to avoid any difficulties in the main engine.

  • Pay attention to the timing chain.

Scrutinize the timing belt, timing chain, the gears, idlers, and the camshaft pulley to see if there are any sorts of haphazard positioning. After diagnosing, replace the faulty parts.

  • Scrutinize the PCM

Finally, diagnose the most crucial engine feature, the PCM. Check and update the software for a better experience.

Common Mistakes When Diagnosing the P0024 Code

Some mistakes often occur while diagnosing the error code P0024. Let us have an observant look at those mistakes, 

Sometimes we forget to check the engine oil level and the fuel viscosity. We don’t pay heed to replace the oil control valve and the filters. Sometimes we totally neglect the checking of the wirings and the sensors. The timing components also remained unchecked during the diagnosis process. The professionals most often neglect to check the PCM of the vehicle. 

How to Fix the P0024 Code?

Initially, you need to fix the OBD-II scanner if it fails to read the trouble codes. Then gradually fix the OCV and the oil filter. Replace the engine fuel and fill it at a standard level. Replace the corrupted wirings, connections, and circuits. Check the sensors and repair them. Repair the timing components and fix the broken teeth of the timing belt. Take help from the service manual if you do not understand fixing any parts. Finally, check and fix the PCM. That’s all for the repair process. I hope that you will overcome this error code by properly following these guidelines.

Repairing Cost

The repairing of the error code can be proven an expensive gamble. The mechanics may charge you $300 to $400 if the Variable Valve Timing Control Solenoid is replaced. The oil change may cost about $30 to $60. The cost soars up if the entire engine collapses; in that case, you will need a massive $3000 to $4000 to fix the issue.

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