Trouble Code P0011: Possible Symptoms, Causes, and Repairing


What Does Code P0011 Mean?

The OBD-II fault code P0011 is mainly categorized as the generic powertrain code that stands for the “A Camshaft Position Timing Over-Advanced or System Performance Bank 1.” This is one of the most common fault codes that vehicles face. People search for the solutions to the fault code P0011 on the internet, but they do not get the cherished answer or solve the problem most of the time. So here I am bringing to you the most convenient solutions, systems, and causes of the fault code P0011 so that you can eliminate the problems at home by yourself, but in case of extreme complexity, you need to service the vehicle to an expert professional. So let us dig deep into the arsenal and fix the error code P0011.camshaft position sensor a

Almost all the VVT (Variable Valve Timing) systems utilize the pressurized engine oil for the rotation of the camshafts to base set the retard timing of the valve. The engine’s valve timing keeps affecting the upgrading power of the engine and declining the fuel consumption. The PCM is the main factor behind the decent working of the engine speed sensor, throttle position sensor, and camshaft position sensor. Note that the PCM orders to inject the pressurized oil into the camshaft compartment of the vehicle, and the crankshaft is also correlated with the camshaft; both of them combinedly operate the rotation in the engine. If the chain timing valve faces any defect, then the entire process may break down. The users of some common car brands have faced the error code P0011. Some error codes include Nissan P0011, P0011 chevy, P0011 Subaru, P0011 Hyundai, P0011 Altima, etc. 

Possible Symptoms of Code Trouble P0011

A lot of symptoms may show up when the error code P0011 takes place. Here I am elaborating on some of the common symptoms of the error code P0011, p0011 chevy silverado

  • The CEL and MIL will start to illuminate as the camshaft may have sent some notifications to the MIL that some complexity in the engine may have occurred. The engine may have been stalled suddenly, and limp mode may have been activated to preserve the initial state of the car. 
  • The engine may have been misfired or may have caused difficulty in starting. Rattling noise will disturb your concentration. The exit of the fuel emission may have suffered clogging, and black and white fumes signify that the car is facing a severe engine problem. 
  • The engine may feel rough while accelerating. The camshaft positions and timing misalignment may cause severe irregularities in the system of the engine.

What can cause a p0011 code?

There are a bunch of causes to generate the fault code P0011. Some of the reasons are depicted below,  

  • The camshaft and crankshaft sensors may have started to operate roughly, and it may show the rotation level higher than the ECM has ordered it.
  • The oil control solenoid to the bank one camshaft may have deferred from its actual position or clogged due to unusual fuel emissions.
  • The camshaft-phasers may have caused unnatural internal positioning. There could be some sorts of faults in the wiring as well as in the intake timing control valve system. The oil viscosity may not have compatible with the engine. The continuous flow of oil to the camshaft timing chamber may disorganize the whole process. 

Is Code P0011 Severe?

The most sufferer is your car’s engine when the error code P0011 occurs. The engine may face a stalemate, run rough, or may have gone through a dire starting situation. The fuel consumption may have started to soar up, and the fuel economy may gradually start to fall down. The failure of the camshaft to advance or retard for a long time may cause irreparable damage to the engine.

How to Diagnose the Engine Code P0011?  

For the convenience in reading the full diagnosis process, we are going to elaborate them by Parts, and the diagnosis system of the error code P0011 is exaggerated here, 

  • Check the codes carefully.

The initial step is to check the codes that appeared on the screen of the OBD-II scanning tool. You need to have an advanced and upgraded scanning tool to check the fault codes of the car. If you have found more than one error code along with the P0011, then it will be wise to combat this code initially and then solve the next error code. 

  • Diagnose the oil filter

The oil filter needs to be checked if the oil’s viscosity does not match the engine’s requirement, then the whole thing may collapse due to a flaw in the circulation of the fuel. Sometimes the fuel emission could be clogged and generate unhealthy black and white fumes. 

  • Diagnose the wirings and connectors

After doing all these tests, if the error code still appears, then it’s probably any fault that happened in the wirings and connectors in the camshaft. You need to scrutinize for the bent spots, leakage, or any sort of short wiring issues. The electric connectors are responsible for providing information in every possible connector and circuit in the camshaft section. SO make sure that everything is alright inside the camshaft compartment.

  • Check the timing belt.

A smooth and flawless timing belt maintains the proper rotation of the camshaft and the crankshaft, strengthening the proper connection between these two. So the timing belt should have been stuck to its initial position for the proper rotation of the supportive components. Sometimes the teeth of the timing belt could be broken or damaged. Then you need to change your teeth as soon as possible.

  • Diagnose the Oil Control Valve 

The oil control valve is responsible for the circulation of fuel inside the engine, and If it is degraded, then it may impede the entry of sufficient oil into the engine. Sometimes the valve is clogged due to excessive dirt present in the fuel. So it is imperative to input fresh and compatible fuel regarding the model of the vehicle.  

How to fix code p0011 easily?

Repairing the fault code P0011 needs extensive care to solve the problem. The generic powertrain codes are always critical to handle as they are solely related to the vehicle’s engine. Here I will elaborate on the entire fixing method of the fault code P0011,  how to fix code p0011

  • At first, you can take the test drive of the vehicle; in some cases, this initial test drive helps to eliminate the illumination of the code, which means the illumination of the MIL got cleared.
  • The main part of the engine is the fuel or oil consumption; always use the perfect viscosity oil to run the vehicle smoothly. If the fuel is not compatible with the car’s engine, it will not support the vehicle’s internal system. 
  • You need to quickly replace the wiring and connectors on the oil control valve in order to run the Bank 1 camshaft sensor of the vehicle smoothly. 
  • Replace the camshaft oil control valve if it gets defected somewhat; it is a costly replacement, so make sure that it occurs; otherwise, all your spending will turn into veins.
  • Time chain alignment must have been well cooperated. It is mainly responsible for the smooth operation of the camshaft and the crankshaft movement. 
  • Check the PCM if it is getting defective. Sometimes the algorithm of the PCM becomes outdated. So it is recommended that you need to update the PCM.

How much does it cost to fix p0011?

As I have said earlier, repairing the fault code P0011 is very much tiresome and a big-budget repair. If the mechanic finds fault in the Variable Valve Timing Control Solenoid or the Oil Control Valve, he may charge you $300 to $400. A minor oil changing problem may cost you not more than 60$. But if it is the engine that has deteriorated, then you have humongous spending ahead of you; you will be compensated about a massive $3000 to $4000 bill that might be proven a burdensome cost for a car owner. 

Common mistakes in repairing the Engine Code P0011

A car owner’s most frequent blunder is sending his car directly to the mechanic before checking the engine compartment at least once. It is a bad practice to seek the help of a professional for even a silly fault in the vehicle. Some problems are minor that the car owner himself can solve. So it is necessary to visually inspect the car at least once before sending it to the auto garage. The installation of oil is one of the most crucial parts of a car. But keep in mind that you put the right viscosity oil into the car as the manufacturer recommends.

There is a manufacturer manual available with the vehicle. You can check that manufacturer’s manual and act according to it. Most vehicles face the acute sensor problem. The camshaft and crankshaft sensors sometimes misbehave and fail to maintain the connection between these two. As a result, acute rotational problems occur and become a pain for the car owners.    


Experiencing the sudden error code P0011 gets the car owner perplexed, and if you are a new owner of the car, it seems more gargantuan to you. There are so many parts that can be affected due to the error code P0011, like the oil control valve, timing chain, sensors, or connectors. Even the main engine can be affected badly. So, before you are on the way to repair your car, make sure that it is serviced in good hands, as an inexperienced mechanic may cause greater harm to your car. I hope you have benefitted from this detailed guideline on how to solve the error code P0011 effectively.

Kevin Nicholas is an automotive technician who is a genius at software and hardware-related issues. He manually tested more than a hundred OBD scanners and gave his honest opinion on whether the device was worth the money or not. His in-depth OBD review articles help people choose the right product, whether it is a European, American, or Asian vehicle. He completed his Automotive Specialized Training Course at Universal Technical Institute and has more than 15 years of experience in the field.

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