Fix trouble code P0010 (Camshaft position actuator circuit bank 1)

What Does Engine Code P0010 Mean?

The Error code P0010 simply denotes the generic powertrain code that occurs in the main compartment of the engine. If we want to elaborate the meaning of the error code P0010, it will go like “Camshaft position (CMP) actuator, bank 1 circuit malfunction.” 

When it Occurs: The electrical circuits of the engine are correlated to each other, controlling the variable valve timing system. The main work of the variable valve is to monitor and energize the torque under different variable conditions. Pressurized oil is being input into the actuator to rotate the camshaft clockwise or anti-clockwise. The condition totally depends on the varying loads on the core of the engine and throttle inputs. Mainly the Error code P0010 is deeply related to the VVT and VCT sending trouble codes to the ECM of the vehicle. The cam sensor of the bank generally allows the PCM to show the possible signs, including the loads and speed of the engine.

The main thing is that the solenoid is sorely responsible for maintaining the camshaft. In a nutshell, Error code P0010 happens if it finds any possible issue in the camshaft regarding sludge In the engine oil, defects in cam sensors, and faults in electrical wiring or circuits. Generally, some of the particular brands face this engine code like the P0010 chevy, Buick Verano, chevy impala, Hyundai sonata, P0010 Buick regal, etc.        

Common Symptoms When Code P0010 Is there

Trouble code P0010 is illuminating at the MIL or the CEL when it showcases some peculiar symptoms; If you want to know the possible systems, then I am sharing these with you,p0010

  • The first symptom is that the check engine light will illuminate, and MIL may start to blink. The engine may feel rough when you are driving at high speed. 
  • The fuel consumption may increase, affecting the fuel economy to decrease slowly. If you have accelerated hard, it may produce stalling mode resulting in the vehicle stopping immediately. 
  • The engine may face misfiring, and the engine’s unstoppable rattling noise could be produced that may create severe annoyance. The valve train may also yield unwanted noises.   

Possible Causes For Trouble Code P0010

The cause  behind the occurrence of the Trouble Code P0010 may be listed below,

  • The camshaft actuator or VVT control solenoid may collapse due to some unknown causes; The oil control valve may fail to operate the amount of fuel in the engine. 
  • The wiring harness may be damaged due to excessive corrosion, rust, and bad residues. Open or short circuits in the VVT/VCT circuit will create abnormal connections within the camshaft that impedes the camshaft’s natural rotation. 
  • The timing components may be out of order, like the timing belt, gears, chain shift, and the guide may be worn or torn down.
  • Internal damage may happen in the PCM, or the PCM logical function may be outdated and needs an up-gradation. The Camshaft Position Actuator connector will face corroding, loose connection, or discontinuation.

How To Diagnose The Engine Code P0010

In order to understand the diagnosis process of the Trouble Code P0010, we can divide the entire process into some stages; this divination or breakdown will increase the possibility of acknowledging the total diagnosis system, 

  • Preliminary stage 

Having an advanced OBD-II tool is always a plus point for the diagnosis of the error codes. To manage an upgraded OBD-II scanner and connect the tool with the vehicle’s Interface. After clicking the OBD-II tool, start scanning the whole system; if it has any fault, then a code or various codes will appear on the screen of the scanning tool. Then the solemn duty is to figure out how to remove those codes from the scanning tool. In some cases, you need to take a test drive of the vehicle for about 5 to 10 minutes.

  • Visual investigation 

After checking the codes with the OBD-II scanning tool, you need to check the engine’s internal parts. You do not have to reopen all the connections or the circuit at that very stage. Initially, inspect the locational problem visually. Check the Camshaft Position Actuator wiring and connector carefully. Look for any corroded, burnt, damaged, corroded wires. Then disconnect the actuator and examine if there are any bent pins, wiring, circuits, or anything like that. Checking the pressure of the oil is just as it plays a pivotal role in rotating the camshaft. 

  • Check for Electrical Faults

After performing the visual inspection, the next step is to check the Camshaft Position Actuators’ electrical condition. You have to scrutinize the ground sensor, sensor signal, and supply voltage of the Camshaft Position actuator. If everything seems okay, then move for the subsequent examination.

  • Scanning Tool Tests

Here comes the most crucial checking of them all, which is the Camshaft Position Actuator operational check. This step includes scrutinizing VVT timing and verifying solenoids operation in the original timing movement. It is wise to perform the OEM diagnostic procedures as it gives you the utmost genuine results.  

How To Fix Error Code P0010?

The trouble code P0010 is always a handy customer to handle. Troubleshooting this error code is more than facing a simple error code. There are a lot of repairs needed to get rid of the code; in the next phase, I will elaborate on the actual and most effective troubleshooting process of the trouble code P0010, code p0010 cost to fix

The first step is to close the engine before initiating the fixing process. Next, inspect the electrical connector on the oil flow control valve to see any leakage, corrosion, or loose connection in that particular section; if any kind of fault exists, repair the connector. The next thing you should keep the focus on repairing is the oil flow control valve. Generally, this section administers the passing of oil in the engine.  

Check the oil flow control valve solenoid if it faces any trouble in generating power supply. In some cases, when the solenoid faces severe irregularities, it’s wise to change the whole solenoid instead of repairing it. There may be some difficulties with the PCM; recheck the PCM and reinstall upgraded software to the PCM. If you face any difficulties in solving the issues, check the repair manuals of the vehicle or try a subscription to ALLDATA, which includes detailed factory repair information for the people who intend to solve the issues by themselves.

How serious is the P0010 code?

Each and every powertrain generic fault codes are harmful to the vehicle. They need extensive care to mitigate the problem; Unlikely, the fault code P0010 seems pretty severe and needs a quick repair to avoid any further inconvenience. 

The appearance of the code may lower the fuel economy of the car and reduce the engine’s energy. It may produce unhealthy, dark, and mushy fumes, and in some cases, the emission is severely hampered, and some of the fumes may get stuck between the exit pipes of the vehicle. the camshaft section may encounter long term injury, and the wiring, connector, the circuit might face internal breakdown

How much money is needed to fix the P0010 code?

Repairing error code P0010 is a costly chore. If you get the car in a servicing center or in the auto garage, you have to pay a huge sum of money regarding the internal issues in the cams ghaut. The costing includes the labor cost and the cost of the particular internal parts. Here I am enlisting the cost of repairing the error code P0010.

If you have any issue with the VVT Control Solenoid, the fixing cost may vary from around $500 to $600. If you encounter a problem with the Camshaft position sensor, it might cost you  $120 to $300. The repairing cost of the wiring is about  $100 to $1000, depending on if the vehicle needs a total wiring replacement. To repair the Crankshaft position sensor, you need to expense $200 to $250. And the last but not the least one is repairing the Timing chain. The mechanic may charge between $200 to $1000, depending on the internal issues of the timing belt. In the case of replacing the entire belt, you need an enormous amount of money. 

Note that the amount of repairs is based on the local perspective, pricing of the parts, and the quality of service. A minor fluctuation may occur in the repairing price varies on different valid factors. 

Final Words

The problem of appearing the fault code P0010 could be eliminated by regular oil changes as the sludge in the engine oil can cause this code to operate. There are tons of issues regarding the wiring, connector, timing belt change, rotational error in the camshaft, and many more. It is wise to repair the error codes as soon as they start to illuminate. Neglecting the trouble codes may cause irreparable harm to the car in the future, So it is recommended to follow the guidelines mentioned in the article to fix the error codes by yourself or by a professional.

Kevin Nicholas is an automotive technician who is a genius at software and hardware-related issues. He manually tested more than a hundred OBD scanners and gave his honest opinion on whether the device was worth the money or not. His in-depth OBD review articles help people choose the right product, whether it is a European, American, or Asian vehicle. He completed his Automotive Specialized Training Course at Universal Technical Institute and has more than 15 years of experience in the field.

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