P0009 Code: Fix Issue With Engine Position Performance Bank 2

What does the P0009 OBD code mean?

The error code P0009 code is generally a powertrain code that denotes the fault in the vehicle’s core engine. The DTC code P0009 actually demonstrates the “Engine Position Performance Bank 2.” This means that the engine has a missing part, cylinder number 1. There is a bunch of systems harmonized into the engine of a car that combinedly works as a group. The pistons and valves are attached to each other b the timing chain in the camshaft and the crankshaft chamber. If both of them combinedly fail to work properly, the total regulation of the vehicle will be mismanaged.

What is P0009 Engine CodeBoth the camshaft and the Crankshaft have their own sensor manual, and they Are called camshaft position sensor(CMP) and crankshaft position sensor (CKP), respectively. The positioning of both the camshaft and the Crankshaft is synchronized harmoniously by default of the system. The PCM of the engine gathers the camshaft positioning data and checks if it is harmonious with the timing and positioning of the Crankshaft. If there are any dissimilarities between them, then the PCM sends an error code to the MIL, and it starts to signal where the problem particularly exists.

Quick summary:

  • Fixing Trouble Code: Easy
  • Require: Expert Professional Mechanic
  • Average Repair Time: 0.5 Hour
  • Cost Prediction: $70-$95

What causes the P0009 code?

The error code P0009 can be affected by many factors, and those factors severely harm the quality and control of the engines. The causes behind the formation of the error code P0009 are described below,  

  • The camshaft variable valve timing solenoid may fail to work as the possible timing and performance mismatches with each other.
  • A stretched timing chain is another big and vital problem for the engine; timing chains connect several camshafts and the crankshaft components and maintain a balance of the rotational management between them.
  • The reluctor ring is situated in the Crankshaft, and the camshaft may slip due to some unavoidable circumstances. The time chain tensioner may encounter some faults also. The time chain tensioner makes it pertinent that the correct and smooth tension of the timing chain works perfectly between the crankshaft sprocket and the camshaft sprocket. 
  • The timing components may get out of order, including the chains, gears, and guides. The ECM may produce some unwanted troubles, like its software getting old and needing to be upgraded or some internal code issues in the ECM.
  • The engine oil level may be decreased below the standard level, and it could cause a decline in the fuels economy. There could be other causes like the crankshaft reluctor wheel being stuck and needing repair to work smoothly.

What are the actual symptoms of the P0009 code?

The symptoms of the P0009 code may be a mix of various trouble pars, and the symptoms are depicted as below, 

  • The first and potentially exclusive symptom is that the MIL or the Malfunction Indicator Lamp will start to blink, signaling that something is fishy going around the engine.  
  • The consumption of the fuel may get increased, and the engine performance may decline badly. The unwanted rattling noise may be produced from the timing chain. In some cases, you may feel a steep roughness while driving the car, and wave rotation may take place.
  • There may be no prime symptoms produced when the error code P0009 occurs.

How to diagnose the P0009 code?

Diagnosis of the error code P0009 is sometimes confusing as there are many causes or factors behind the code P0009. If you do not want to spend a lot of money at the repair shop, you can try it yourself. There could be some tools needed for the diagnosis of the code P0009; those tools are an oscilloscope, a Vehicle-specific service manual, and some basic hand tools. We can divide the diagnosis process into some stages like, Engine Trouble OBD II Code P0009

At the very first, you need to attach an OBD-II scanner with the car and find out the code. There may be more than one code appearing on the screen of the scanning tool, But you need to give priority to the most harmful code, the code P0009, and then gradually ho of the other codes. Go for a test drive and examine if the code returns. If the code still exists, then y0u needs to go for the advanced method. Take the oscilloscope and check the waveform of the electrical signals. If everything seems alright, then input a digital voltage scope to check the voltage flow in the engine. You need an advanced OBD-II scanning tool to get to know the code effectively. And finally, again, take a test drive; in the meantime, all the fault codes must be eliminated during the process.

How serious is the P0009 code?

All the generic powertrain codes are harmful to the vehicle; only the experienced mechanics can effectively encounter the problems, and to know the severeness of the code P0009, we need to elaborate on some points, just like this code may decrease the fuel economy of the vehicle. It can reduce the power of the car’s engine. The fumes may struggle to pass from the exit pipe and may produce unhealthy back and white smoke. The combustion engine does not work properly. As a result, the car faces severe speed reduction. The vehicle may go into a stalling mode which denotes that the car may stop suddenly to maintain security.  

What repairs are needed to fix the P0009 code?

More than one part is needed to be scrutinized to figure out the actual fault in the vehicle’s system. The repairing of the error code includes the sensor, ECM, CKP, and CMP diagnosis. The CMP and CKP denote the timing problem in the Crankshaft and the camshaft. Varieties of models need different types of treatment, but whatever method you need to follow, the top timing cover or the valve cover is always needed to be disclosed; rotate the crankshaft pulley clockwise, And whether the 360-degree cycle is completed, then stop the rotation. If they produce the perfect rotation chart, then the Crankshaft is all weel to go.P0009 Code Engine Position System Performance Bank 2

Then you need to move on and check for the crankshaft or camshaft reluctor ring; if they are aligned properly with their respective position, then it is good to go. The next thing you need to scrutinize is the timing belt and the timing chain. The chain position, tensioner function, and measurement of the timing belt or timing chain, all should be compatible with the whole system. If the timing chain has lost a tooth, you need to reinstall it immediately. Sometimes the timing belt gets stretched, or the worn tensioner might cause terrible damage to the whole system. It is wise to replace them than to repair them. 

How Much Does is the Cost to Fix Code P0009?

As we all know, the fixing cost is pretty much higher in the case of the generic powertrain codes. The repairing cost of the P0009 varies from place to place. The cost is dependent on various factors like the performance and popularity of the mechanics, fixing car parts, and diagnosis charges. If you accumulate all the factors, your cost may vary within a wide range. You will be charged between $600 to $1200 in case of repairing the timing chain, and if you have issues in the Reluctor ring, then you need to invest more or less between $200 to $600. The charging cost includes the labor cost, diagnosis cost, and the cost of car parts.  

Final words

If you are a brand new car owner and suddenly face the error code, you get baffled about what to do. Do not be pumiced as the error codes are very common in cars. You just need to follow the perfect guidelines to overcome those fault codes. Like the error code, P0009 disturbs your calm life with a sudden shock, sometimes it can cause irreparable damage to the vehicle if it is not repaired quickly. So as soon as you encounter any fault codes regarding the generic powertrain codes, consult a professional without any delay to save your vehicle from unwanted troubles.

Kevin Nicholas is an automotive technician who is a genius at software and hardware-related issues. He manually tested more than a hundred OBD scanners and gave his honest opinion on whether the device was worth the money or not. His in-depth OBD review articles help people choose the right product, whether it is a European, American, or Asian vehicle. He completed his Automotive Specialized Training Course at Universal Technical Institute and has more than 15 years of experience in the field.

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