Extensive Guide to Fix OBD-II Trouble Code P0012


What Does Error Code P0012 Mean?

The DTC code P0012 is a generic powertrain code that denotes the “Intake A Camshaft Position Timing Over Retarded Bank 1.” The elaborate meaning of the code is that the PCM may have been sent an error message that the intake timing of the camshaft is slower than the usual rate. The best way to rectify this issue is to clean the engine before installing a new VCT/VVT solenoid. 

Popular Car brands that face the Error code P0012: 

The error codes of the different brands of car sound like this: P0012 BMW, P0012 Ford, P0012 Toyota, P0012 Mazda, P0012 Hyundai, and P0012 Nissan.  

What causes a P0012 code?

There are tons of causes behind the appearance of the error code P0012. Those causes are described below, camshaft position sensor bank 1 50%

  • An incorrect camshaft timing may accelerate the error code P0012. There may be a continuous oil flow to the VCT chamber piston that overwhelmed the chamber to soak a sufficient quantity of oil. 
  • There may be a bad camshaft variable timing solenoid that disrupts the supply of the oil pressure in the camshaft. It can control the rotational position of the camshaft to the front or the retarding place. 
  • The insufficient oil pressure or the improper viscosity may cause unwanted harm to the engine and the camshaft, and the crankshaft. The malfunctioning in the camshaft time will dislocate all the rotational movements resulting in an error in the engine. 
  • The fault may occur in the intake valve timing control solenoid, affecting the rotational chart of the vehicle. If the chart produces faulty measuring lines, then the mechanic tends to repair it as early as possible.
  • The engine may face a faulty oil control valve; as a result, the circulation of sufficient oil could be hampered in the main engine.  

What are the possible symptoms of code P0012?

The DTC code P0012 is related to many other parts of the vehicle; an error in one of those parts may affect the whole vehicle system. There are some possible symptoms of the error code P0012, which have been depicted below,   How much does it cost to fix a camshaft timing?

  • The CELL or the MILL may start illuminating as the camshaft has sent the message that there might be some kind of fault in the engine compartment.
  • The engine may showcase a rigidness and roughness during running or driving the vehicle, and The car may produce unnecessary rattling noise while driving; it may create monotony for the car owner. 
  • The engine might be facing a stalling problem as well as the limp mode may be cooperating with the process. Instant stalling hampers the engine’s overall health and creates ample opportunities for future shock.

How to Diagnose Code P0012?

The first thing to be done is to connect an OBD-II scanning tool with the car’s main interface and wait for some time to see the error codes on the screen of the scanning tool. Sometimes more than one code may operate simultaneously, and you need to prioritize the whole bunch of error codes to solve the most dangerous one step by step.

The next phase is to check the electrical connections to the camshaft sensor, oil control core solenoid valve, and crankshaft sensor one by one. Check for the damaged harness system and closely examine the connectors in the camshaft. You need to make sure that you are using the right, compatible oil in the vehicle, as the wrong viscosity may discontinue the engine’s energy. You need to scrutinize the timing chain and the actuator carefully, as an unexpected rotation may create several unavoidable issues that may cause engine deterioration. The codes then needed to be facilitated to figure out if it is gone or still operated. If the OBD-II scanner finds no code on the screen, then you are done diagnosing with the error code P0012. 

How to fix the camshaft position timing P0012 code?

The repairing procedure of the DTC P0012 is more or less an expensive chore. Several things may happen with your car’s engine. You need to check each and every part of the engine with a  close eye. The fixing process of the DTC code P0012 is described below with an extensive description, 

The first option you can select is to use the latest and updated multimeter and take resistance, then check every solenoid terminal to find out if there is a low or high voltage appearing in the solenoid. There are three types of the terminal in the solenoid. You need to check every terminal by connecting a battery to the opposite side of the solenoid. Take a pin test of the solenoid, including the harness and actual valve solenoid. Closely examine the exhaust camshaft valve solenoid and, if needed, interchange the two wolves. If the VCT has failed due to the oil blockage from the filter, replace that with a new one. Examine the timing chain and repair the broken tooth of the timing belt in order to give it a flawless operation.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Trouble Code P0012?

The repair cost may vary from time to time and place to place. So many factors are associated with the diversity of the pricing factor. According to our research and users’ feedback, we have summarized the estimated cost to fix the error code P0012. A defect in the Variable Valve Timing Control Solenoid or Oil Control Valve may cost you $300 to $400. The oil changing problem may cost you between 30$-60$, and last but not least, if you have any fault in the engine, it may cost about a gigantic $3000 to $4000 bill.  

If you are combatting the error code P0012, then take your car to a professional otherwise, it will increase the difficulties inside the engine.

Kevin Nicholas is an automotive technician who is a genius at software and hardware-related issues. He manually tested more than a hundred OBD scanners and gave his honest opinion on whether the device was worth the money or not. His in-depth OBD review articles help people choose the right product, whether it is a European, American, or Asian vehicle. He completed his Automotive Specialized Training Course at Universal Technical Institute and has more than 15 years of experience in the field.

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