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What does the P0019 code mean?

The generic powertrain code P0019 can be categorized as a special type of code that indicates the “Sensor B Crankshaft Position Correlation Bank 2.” This code pops up when the PCM feels that the correlation between the sensors of the crankshaft and Variable Valve Timing (VVT) is not harmonizing together at the bank 2 exhaust camshaft. 

What are the causes of the P0019 code?

There are some disguised and exclusive causes behind the appearance of the error code P0019.

p0019 code how to fix

  • Dirty and contaminated oil can be one of the prime causes of the error code P0019. If the car does not use the suitable viscosity fuel, then it can also cause this code.
  • The stretched timing chain is another cause of the error code P0019. The timing components are very much useful for the perfect rotation of the camshaft and the crankshaft. If the timing belt has any missing tooth, then it can also occur the P0019 code.
  • The reluctor ring may be damaged for both the exhaust camshaft and the crankshaft. There might be a significant fault in the timing chain tensioner. Disorganized wiring and electrical circuits may cause the fault code P0019. 
  • The camshaft balancer may face unusual torque in the compartment, or a loose crankshaft bolt may be a minor cause of occurring the error code P0019.
  • The CMP solenoid actuator may strike wide open. It causes failures in the power consumption of the solenoid, which impedes the overall proceedings in the main engine. The VVT might misbehave more than usual, there may be clogging in the combustion engine, or may have blocked the oil control filter, which impeded the natural flow of fuel. 
  • There must be some kind of fault in the system of the PCM, and it may have been damaged or outdated. So it is mandatory that you update the internal algorithm of the PCM. 

What are the symptoms of the P0019 code?

The fault code P0019 is a disguised type of error code, sometimes, it causes dangerous havoc to the internal portion of the main engine, and sometimes it remains dormant in the system. You can eventually realize the possible symptoms of the error code P0019. Those symptoms are described below, 

  • The very first thing that may happen is illuminating the check engine light or the MIL. Suppose you are driving and all of a sudden you see something unusual on the dashboard. You see the engine sign is blinking out of the dashboard. The MIL is also activated if it has realized something fishy in the engine system.
  • The main engine may showcase a poor performance relating to the rotation of the camshaft. The engine delivers a cranking, but actually, it does not start as it should. 
  • You must have witnessed a higher fuel consumption rate which declines the fuel economy. As the fuel economy degrades, you must be charged with a gigantic fuel bill.
  • You may have faced the unusual rattling noise exaggerated from the harmonic balancer, indicating that the tone ring is completely shattered.  

How to diagnose the P0019 code?

Diagnosis of the fault code is an arduous job, and you need to seek help from the mechanics to resolve the error code P0019. Here I am giving a brief description of how to diagnose this code, What can cause a P0019 code?

The first and initial step is to diagnose with the OBD-II scanning tool. If there are any fault codes found that may have appeared on the screen of the scanning tool. The next step is to diagnose if the fuel level is sufficient or not. If not, then apply some fuel to the necessary level. Then you must check the entire wirings and the connectors if they have any discontinuation. Then You need to check all the timing components to make sure that it is operating smoothly. The next thing to be diagnosed is the proper rotation of the camshaft and the crankshaft. And last but not least, check the PCM to see if it is operating correctly. Thus you can diagnose the whole system and eliminate the fault code P0019.

How serious is the P0019 code?

Some professionals consider the error code as a minor fault in the system, but that is not true. The error code P0019 may grasp all the major parts of the engine and cause a future shock. You may not have noticed the actual seriousness of this code. These points mentioned below may open your six senses about terminating the code as soon as possible.

The gradual build-up of the pernicious carbon in the main engine may create dangerous sparked plugs that may agitate and misfire the engine. An unwanted issue in the timing components may cause serious trouble in the engine as the main engine will be hit badly by the pistons and valves. This corrodes the main engine and thwarts the natural procedures of the main engine, including the camshaft and crankshafts also. Internal damage in the wirings and the circuits may have proved to be a bad headache for the owner. The oil control valves could be badly affected as the flow of fuel in the main engine hampers badly. All in all, the fault code P0019 leads the engine to a grim situation and may badly impact the engine having the possibility of total collapse of the engine.

What parts need repair to solve the P0019 code?

There are some particular parts where the error code brings its destruction. If you give the maximum surveillance to these parts of the engine, it becomes easy to solve the code P0019. I am giving a brief description of these parts,

Camshaft and the crankshafts

These two are the engine’s main parts that perform a harmonious rotation and energize the engine to operate. The very first checking that you must perform is the diagnosis of these two parts.

Oil control valve and Oil filters

Fuel is the main element that operates the vehicle without any inconvenience. A valve controls the entry of fuel in the engine and is being notified as to the oil control valve. The filters also play an essential role in filtering the contaminated oil.

Timing components

It consists of the gear, timing chain, timing belt, idlers, and many tiny screws and bolts, and all these parts are accumulated from proper timing components. The timing components are responsible for maintaining the connection between the camshafts and crankshafts. They play a pivotal role in the rotational reflex system of the engine. To examine the fundamental components belt to see if they are facing any unwanted problems. 

Wirings, Connectors, and electrical circuits

The internal net of a dispersed wiring and circuit system circulates information in the whole engine. Any tear, discontinuation, or broken state may disrupt the flow of information throughout the system. 

Checking the PCM

The PCM is mainly the part that controls the whole process of indicating the error code. It is given signals from the camshaft portion if there any irregularity occurs. A damaged PCM can not figure out the faulty features in the main engine.

The OBD-II scanning tool

The most precious and most important part that needs to be fixed at the very beginning is the OBD-II scanning tool. It is the primary tool that registers the error codes and gives an indication of what is happening in the vehicle. 

How to Repair the DTC P0019?

Repairing the error code P0019 is not that easy, and it needs a decent sum of money and hard work. Here is the procedure for repairing the error code P0019,

  • Rescan, recheck and again take a test drive to see if the code returns. Then repair the internal connectors, wirings, and the circuits and ensure the proper continuation of carrying the internal information.   
  • Check and repair the sensors of the camshaft and the crankshaft. Repair the oil control valve and further check the filters to see if it is working correctly. 
  • The most extensive repair is needed in the timing components section. Repair the worn timing chain and fix the broken or missing tooth of the timing belt. Check for the gear if it has any faults. Survey the whole system to see if the timing components can support the camshaft to rotate correctly.
  • The final repair your vehicle needs is the correction of the Engine control module or the ECM. These fixes will vanish the fault code from the OBD-II scanner.

Repairing Cost

The repair cost of the error code may vary from place to place. You need to find an original mechanic who can eliminate all the errors. A professional may charge you $20 to $60 to change the engine oil and filter. You have to pay between $200 to $600 to replace the reluctor ring, and you have to spend a massive sum of money, like $600 to $1200, to repair the timing chain. 

That’s all for the total required process of the error code P0019. Follow the above process to eradicate this harmful code from the vehicle. If you benefit from this article, share the significant pieces of knowledge with others.

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