Technical description of Error Code P0007

This OBD-II trouble code is mainly a generic powertrain code. It is a general code that is applied to all models of vehicles. So the question is, what does the error code P0007 stand for? The trouble code P0007 means the “Fuel Shutoff Valve “A” Control Circuit High.” This problem occurs when the PCM (Powertrain Control Module ) faces some problems regarding the Fuel Shutoff Valve. This code is responsible for the shutoff solenoid or its hampered electrical circuit. Technical description of Error Code P0007    

What is the Fuel Shutoff Solenoid?

The core responsibility of the Fuel Shutoff solenoid Valve is to shut off the high-pressure fuel in the injection pump. Mainly Fuel Shutoff solenoid controls the engine’s opening and closing of the Fuel Injection.

How does the solenoid work?

A solenoid needs high and low-pressure currents to operate smoothly. A flawless supply of current makes the solenoid work even better than ever. If the ignition is off, the respective plunger may take a position at the bottom of the section, and suddenly, it stops. It mainly works like a ballcock stopper. The error code flashes on the dashboard as soon as the fuel is obstructed to flow into a particular section.

What are the Probable Causes of the P0007 Code?

There might be several significant causes behind the occurrence of the fault code P0007. The causes may be depicted as below,

What are the Common Symptoms of the P0007 Code?

P0007 is an error code related to the powertrain control Module, and it happens inside the Fuel Shutoff Valve Control Circuit unit. The symptoms are discussed below,

How serious is the P0007 code?

Most of the fault codes that are related to the generic powertrain codes are dangerous and sometimes cost a lot. The P0007 is not an exception, and it is also an expensive code to be repaired. It may lower the vehicle’s fuel economy and can cause stalling at any time while driving the car. The fumes may get stuck within the exit pipe, or it may produce black and white fumes. The overall condition of the vehicle may be hampered badly.

How to Diagnose the P0007 Code?

Diagnosing the error code P0007 can be challenging as they are not that glaring in every car model. Some particular brands may showcase this error code, and the exact cause can not be identified as it is correlated with the other codes. A professional mechanic may decide what should be changed in the car to make it problem-free. At the very first, a smart OBD-II tool is incorporated into the car’s system, and it finds out the exact problem in the system. They may take a driving test if the car tries to delete the code from the scanning tool.

If it still exists, then they will go for the deepest possible operation. To eradicate the code from the scanning tool, the mechanic may use some other supportive tools. They are the digital voltage meter, A sharp razor blade for maintaining the connection between the wiring. Other respective tools to fix the sensor and wiring issue and an advanced scan tool to review the ECM values.

How to Fix OBD-II trouble code P0007?

There are many ways that a mechanic troubleshoots the error code P0007. Here I will describe the troubleshooting step by step for the convenience of the readers, 

The basic step is to take the car on a drive and see if the code returns. Sometimes, it popped up on the screen due to mechanical error, but again restarting the car may automatically remove the code.

Diagnosing error code P0007 may be confusing, as you may be perplexed about where to start. So, initiate the diagnosis by examining the solenoid and connector. First, check visually and manually if there are any faults. Detecting solenoid faults is tiresome, and it needs special treatment. At first, you can seek help from the car’s service manual; you need to know which pin in the solenoid detects pull and which detects the ground of the solenoid. Examine the plunger carefully; it must decode and pull up when the power is applied. An error must happen somewhere within the solenoid if it does not raise.

After servicing the solenoid, if the error still exists, you need to go for the circuit check. The solenoid must have three wires that need to be checked first: the pull, hold, and ground wires. You can seek help from the service manual. Manually solve all the issues step by step, maintaining the order, first fixing the pull wires and checking for further issues. Next, check the holding wire of the solenoid. The solenoid connector may be exempt from this particular portion. To do the exact measurements, you need to touch one end of the test light to the hold wire pin and then connect the light clamp to the battery negative side. If the test light does not flash, there may be a problem with the power supply.Fuel Supply Shutoff Valve High Control Circuit

Then, at last, you have to check the ground wire. You need to connect the positive side with the battery; if it blinks, everything is alright, and if it does not, there might be some ground wiring issues. Carefully go through the factory wiring diagram; by following the diagram, you can solve the problem easily.

If the parts mentioned above are all okay, then it is time to check the relay. You can use the jumper wire to test the relay. Connect the jumper wire between the feed of the battery to the fuel to shut off solenoid power. If the solenoid is still alive, the relay must have some sort of defect. Then take a final test drive to ensure that the vehicle has no hidden error codes. 

How much does it Cost to Repair code P0007?

Every generic powertrain code is pretty expensive to repair. If we talk about the repairing cost of the code P0007, it may vary due to some aspects like locational variety, labor quality, working mechanism, etc. More or less, the mechanic may charge you between 70$ and 150$ based on the number of working fixtures. 

Bottom Line

The fix Fixing code P0007 mainly depends on factors like the solenoid and connectors, electric circuits, relay breakdown, and the fuel shutoff valve. They combinedly can affect the vehicle and reproduce the trouble code P0007. An Extensive guideline has been given in the article to combat those codes. If you don’t want to service your vehicle at the auto garage,  you could try it yourself by following this article.

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