Harbor Freight Motorcycle Lift Review 2019

Motorcycles are a joy to ride. It doesn’t matter if it’s just for fun or for competition. But similar to other machines, motorbikes get worn out and develop issues. Also, a motorcycle’s tire can burst forcing the rider to change it. In order for you to verify the issues your motorcycles might have, you need an excellent jack to lift it so that you can inspect and make the necessary changes for smooth running of the machine. There are various brands and kinds of motorcycle jacks to choose. Among the best performing brands is the harbor freight motorcycle or ATV jack. Read this Harbor Freight motorcycle lift review to know the best tool from this brand.

Harbor freight is a long serving company with more than 40 years experience. It is the leading discount in the United States, selling high quality tools at very low prices in more than 800 stores around the country. Also, they offer numerous tools which can be found on their online portal, www.harborfreight.com. The areas that they specialize in include: air and power tools, automotive, shop equipment and hand tools. If that’s not enough, the manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee which assures the users of its excellent quality. In addition, Harbor freight tools makes quality and user-friendly tools that meet the demands of customers.

Top two Harbor freight motorcycle lift review

Although Harbor freight offers a wide range of motorcycle jacks, we decided to select the best two and elaborate on them. These are highly recommended by motorcyclists. Also, they have outstanding features that make repairing of ATVs and motorbikes to be easy and fast. These are as follows:

Harbor Freight high position motorcycle lift

If your motorbike weighs less than 1100 pounds, you can comfortably use this jack to lift it for repair works. The high position motorcycle jack has the capability to lift motorcycles between a height of 2, 1/2 to 30 inches. It has a wide saddle that comes with a rubber top which prevents the motorcycle frame from being harmed. In addition, its ergonomic design makes it easy to lift ATVs and motorcycles. The wheels on the jack make maneuvering to be easy and quick. With the central hydraulics system, this is a very excellent jack for using to lift your motorbike or ATV when it has a problem.
Harbor Freight Motorcycle Lift ReviewCheck Price


  • Wheels
  • Nice handle grip
  • 1100lb capacity
  • Lift range of 2,1/2 inches to 30 inches
  • Saddle
  • Rubber grip on lift saddle
  • Ergonomic design


  • It has a wonderful grip handle for easy handling of the motorcycle jack
  • The ergonomic design that the jack comes with makes lifting of the ATV or motorcycle to be easy and fast.
  • It is durably made to last long and offer the much needed support
  • It can be able to lift up to a load of 1100 lb.
  • The saddle has a rubber grip that prevents the motorcycle frame being damaged
  • It has wheels for easy maneuvering of the motorcycle jack during use
  • The lift range of 2.5 inches to 30 inches provides the mechanic or DIYer a simple time repairing the ATV or motorcycle.

Harbor Freight 1500lb capacity ATV/Motorcycle lift

The Harbor freight 1500lb capacity jack is an effectively and sturdily made tool. To begin with, it is built with swivel casters that make maneuvering of the jack to be easy. It has a rubber grip pads on the lift saddle to secure the motorcycle frame from getting damaged.
The handles are extremely long for simple lifting. In addition, it has a wide low profile base with rear-mounted ball bearing swivel casters. The heavy duty hydraulic pump can lift the load up to 17 inches from 5.2 inches. Also, it has welded loops for use with tie-downs. The jack has the ability to lift weights of 1500 lbs or below. Use this reliable harbor freight jack to lift your ATV or motorcycle for repair and maintenance works.
Harbor Freight 1500lb capacity ATV/Motorcycle liftCheck Price


  • Extra long handle
  • Rubber grip pads on lift saddle
  • Welded loops
  • Heavy duty hydraulic pump
  • 1500lb capacity
  • Saddle
  • Lift range of 5,1/2 to 17 inches
  • Swivel casters
  • Four lockable work heights


  • It is sturdily made for longevity and to offer great support for the load
  • The handle is very long for simple lifting of the load
  • It has a nice grip for full control or the ATV jack
  • It has welded loops for use with tie-downs
  • This can be folded down which makes it easy to store
  • It can lift to loads of up to 1500 lb
  • The motorcycle jack has a minimum of 5.5 inches to a maximum of 17 inches.
  • The swivel casters that it comes with make maneuvering of the jack to be smooth and simple.

Tips on using motorcycle jacks or floor jacks

Look for a flat surface – for your motorcycle to be lifted in place and be stable, you need to place the ATV jack on a flat and stiff surface. A concrete surface is the ideal place. Avoid putting it in on soil or carpeted ground.

Inspect beneath the motorbike – go on your knees and heck the underside of the motorcycle. It is required that the engine should be lifted without being changed when lifted. Make necessary changes – if you’ve side stands, ensure that your bike is well positioned on the jack before lifting it into the air. It should be upright so that it doesn’t weigh on one side when being lifted.

Tie the cycle down – after that, make sure that you tie the bike with two ratchets. Most of the jack firms make motorbike jacks with ratchets so that you can tie them in place in case they aren’t stable. But in case your jack doesn’t have ratchets, you can buy them from a nearest store for added safety when working on your motorbike or ATV. Place the jack in the right position – using the big handle that the jack comes with, roll the bike onto the jack and positioned it uprightly. And in case you have a center on your bike, ensure that it is positioned in the middle of two rubber platforms on the bike jack and then, lock the wheels.

Support the bike with jack stands – when you are sure that the bike is perfectly positioned and stable, raise the jack to a positioned that will make you repair easily and well. In case there lots of maintenance works to be carried out on the bike, it is advisable to place jack stands for added safety as you work on different parts.

Bottom line
The Harbor freight brand is among the most reliable brands when it comes to floor jacks, jack stands and motorcycle jacks. Instead of utilizing a car jack, you can acquire from one of the above two motorcycle jacks to effectively repair your ATV or motorbike. These are durably constructed to last long and have excellent features to make work easier. The saddle they have ensures your motorbike frame is secured and has fully functional hydraulic systems in place. Hope you’ve found this Harbor Freight Motorcycle Lift review to be informative and impacted how you will choose your next harbor freight motorcycle.


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