What is the Best Keychain Flashlight 2019?

A flashlight is an important item that we need to have with us on a daily basis. There are different types of every day carry lights and one of the most common and convenient type among them is the keychain lights. These are very portable and can be carried with much ease. Keychain flashlights are powered by different types of batteries and are made of materials like aluminum, stainless steel and some plastics. So, what is the best keychain flashlight of 2019?

To understand more about the keychain lights and how to select the best, read our review to end up with the best.

Our Recommend Top 5 Best Keychain Flashlight Comparison chart 2019

ImagesKeychain Flashlights BatteryRun timeWeight
(Editor’s Choice)
Streamlight 73001Check Price
Streamlight 73001 Nano Light Miniature Keychain LED Flashlight, (2 Pack)
Read Review
Four alkaline button cell batteries(included)Up to 8 hrs. run time0.32 ounces
(Editor’s Choice)
LED Keychain Micro-LightCheck Price
LRI FMW Photon Freedom LED Keychain Micro-Light, White Beam
Read Review
2 CR2 batteries required(included)Up to 9 hrs. run time1.6 ounces
Check PriceFinware 5 Pack Mini LED Keychain Flashlight, Ultra Bright Key Ring Light Torch, Batteries Included
Read Review
2 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)Up to 12 hrs. run time0.16 ounces
NiteCore Tube Keychain LightCheck PriceNiteCore Tube Keychain Light T Series 45 Lumen Multi Color Pocket Flashlight
Read Review
2xCR2016 or 1x CR2032 Battery (included)1 lumens (48 hours)0.6 ounces
SureFire Titan Plus UltraCheck PriceSureFire Titan Plus Ultra-Compact Variable-Output LED Keychain Light, Silver matte
Read Review
Included rechargeable AAA NiMH battery15 lumens (7 hours)2.88 ounces

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What to look for in the best Keychain Flashlights

  • Durability

Since the keychain flashlight is small in size, it’s great if you pick a durable one which cannot spoil quickly if it drops on the ground or crashes on the wall. This means that you should pick an impact resistant material such as stainless steel or aluminum material. Plastic may spoil quickly and isn’t resistant to harsh conditions that the edc keychain is exposed to. In addition, a waterproof material will ensure that the keychain light lasts longer.

  • Brightness

These keychain lights are bright but not as bright as other every day carry flashlights on the market. Thus, when selecting an excellent and powerful keychain flashlight to use in the dark, consider the number of lumens it has. best keychain flashlight It should have enough brightness to assist you carry out your respective duties such as security guarding, fishing, or just lighting under the bed in search of a lost item. Check the number of lumens before buying one.

  • Type of bulb

For you to get a powerful and very bright light, you need to consider the type of bulb the flashlight you need is using. Not every bulb performs outstandingly as LED bulbs. Incandescent maglite bulbs are good but not as powerful and long lasting as LED bulbs. Pick a keychain light with LED bulb as they work better and will not need replacement every now and then.

  • Size & design

Keychain flashlights come in a number of sizes and designs. There are those that are very tiny and some are just medium-sized. Choose an LED Keychain flashlight that fits in your hands well and is easy to operate. portable keychain lights It shouldn’t be very small or very large. It should be easy to keep in your pocket and have a nice design that makes you carry it confidently in front of your friends or colleagues.

  • Battery type

This is a vital aspect of any flashlight. Every day carry lights tend to use small batteries such as AA or AAA which run out quickly. Currently, lithium ion batteries that are rechargeable have been introduced and can be used too. When selecting the type of battery, ensure that you can easily charge it or it should be found without sweat in the stores or every stations. AAA battery is the most preferred and can be easily found in stores.

  • Beam distance

How far do you want your torch to reach? A great keychain flashlight is one which fulfills all your lighting needs no matter its size. Go for a lumen keychain light that covers a long distance if you like walking in the dark. Powerful beam of small key chain A broad bean can be suitable for use in a tent while camping. Take your time and make the best choice for yourself.

  • Warranty

Consider acquiring a flashlight with a warranty so that you can be sure about its quality. This can as well help if the product has a defect and you need to exchange it for a functional one.

  • Price

Make sure that the LED keychain light you’re purchasing has all the qualities that you’re looking for.

Some brands are costly but provide the same results as medium priced ones. Don’t buy a light because of its price, but buy because it meets your needs.

Top Rated Best Keychain flashlight reviews 2019

We have selected here top selling keychain light on the market.

Streamlight 73001 Keychain LED Flashlight(Our Top Pick)

The streamlight 73001 keychain light is built with aluminum body that makes it to last long. In addition, the light comes with a handle type 5 for easy operation of the device. The LED bulb is powerful and makes it to be bright and last longer. With a limited lifetime warranty, consider the streamlight 73001 one of the best keychain flashlight on the market.
Streamlight 73001 Key chainCheck Price

Main features:

  • Handle type 5
  • Aluminum body
  • LED bulb
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • It is durably created with aluminum body
  • Has a powerful LED light
  • It is bright
  • Manufacturer offers limited lifetime warranty

LRI FMW Photon Freedom LED Keychain Flashlight

LRI FMW keychain light is one of the simplest but performs exceptionally. It is made of plastic and metal which are strong. The flashlight is sleek when held in the hand and produces a white beam that is bright. The light can be adjusted to attain the brightness one wants.
LRI FMW Photon FreedomCheck Price

Main features:

  • 5 safety modes
  • 24k gold plated contacts
  • Plastic metal
  • White beam
  • Full range adjustable brightness


  • It has 5 safety modes for versatile use
  • LRI photon is very bright
  • It is compact and simple to use

Finware LED Best Keychain Flashlight

As small as it appears, the Finware LED keychain can be applied by hikers and campers. It is bright and comes with two modes. The micro light LED bulb is powerful and lasts longer. The key ring that it comes with can be used to attach keys on it.
Finware LED key chain flashlightCheck Price

Main features:

  • Water resistant
  • The best Micro flashlight LED with 100, 000 hours LED life
  • Two modes
  • Key ring


  • It is water resistant for longevity
  • Has two operating modes
  • Produces bright light with its micro light LED bulb

NiteCore Tube keychain light

NiteCore is among the famous brands that provide the best flashlights in the market. The Nitecore tube light has 45 lumens and an LED bulb. The Multicolor keychain comes with two brightness levels and one output mode for better performance.
NiteCore Tube keychainCheck Price

Main features:

  • 45 lumen
  • Multicolor
  • LED bulb
  • Two brightness levels and output mode


  • It is impact resistant up to a maximum of 1.5 meters
  • Nitcore tube is offered in a wide range of colors.
  • It offers a lot brightness with its tow brightness modes

SureFire Titan Plus LED Keychain light

The SureFire Titan plus LED flashlight is made up of an LED bulb and 300 lumens that provide excellent brightness. It has 3 brightness level. Minimum is 15 lumens, medium is 75 lumens and maximum is 300 lumens. This makes it suitable for both outdoor and indoor errands such as hunting or camping. If you need high lumen this type keychian light then you can take a look Klarus Mi7 edc flashlight. The surefire titan plus is powered by AAA batteries that are easily available and has a beautiful silver matte finish.
SureFire Titan PlusCheck Price

Main features:

  • LED bulb
  • Head switch
  • Max of 300 lumens
  • Silver matte finish
  • Powered by AAA batteries


  • It comes with a pocket clip for keeping after use
  • Has a simple to operate head switch
  • It is very bright with it’s max of 300 lumens

How much lumens need in a keychain flashlight?

Keep in mind that many people will not need a very bright flashlight as 100 Lumens is considered to be okay. It is enough to blind an assailant and provide you with brightness for seeing in darkness. But remember, A cheap Chaina flashlight 100 lumens have not same brightness as popular brand 100 lumens has. Some of my favorite keychain flashlights are from popular brand like Fenix, Surefire, Maglite, Klarus, Streamlight, Olight, and ThruNite light. These brands offer some of the best LED flashlights like the Fenix pd35 and the Surefire Titan plus light. Unless you want a very powerful flashlight for rescue missions or hunting, then you can go for a keychain flashlight with at least 50 Lumens.

Bottom line
A keychain flashlight is lightweight and really convenient to carry with you on a daily basis. To get the best quality keychain flashlight in the market, ensure that you pick a bright, durably made, and sleek flashlight. Also, choose a key chain flashlight from a notable brand so that you don’t end up throwing away your investment on a product that delivers less than you anticipate.

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