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Innova 31703, 31403 & 31003 Review 2022

A scan tool helps motorists and mechanics to quickly figure out the problem that the car might be having. With so many brands, picking the best automotive diagnostic scanners are crucial. Innova brand has been in the market for a while, and many mechanics and professional car dealers love it. Innova brand has numerous models of obd2 scanners to select from. Some are meant for personal use, like Innova 31603 car scanner, while others are created for commercial use. Go for an automotive scan tool that has the features that you want and should cover the cars that you deal with on most occasions. In this Innova 31703 review, we’ve come up with the 3 best Innova car diagnostic scanners, which are considered by many as the best.

Technical specifications of the Innova 31703 Scanner(Our top pick)


Innova 31703

Works: 1996 and newer vehicles
Display: Records and plays back OBD2 live data graphing
Support: OBD2 (1996 and newer), OBD1 (1981 to 1995) vehicles
Check Engine Light: Yes
ABS and SRS (Airbag) lights: Yes
Emissions Readiness: Yes
Displays Freeze Frame Data: Yes
Enhanced Engine and Transmission Codes: Yes
Multiple languages: Yes
Live Data: Yes
Update Option: Free Update Via Online
Turn off the ECU and brake warning light: Yes
Opens and closes electronic brake calipers: Yes
Dimensions: 14.2 x 12.5 x 4.8 inches
Weight: 6 pounds
Memory/Battery backup: Yes
Record Live Data: Yes
Price: Innova 31703 reviewCheck Today’s Price

Top 2 best Innova CarScan Tool Comparison Table:

ImagesInnova CarScan ToolFeature details
(2021 Editor’s Top Pick)
Check Price
Innova 31403 CarScan OBD2 + OBD1 Scan Tool
Read Review
  • Shows advanced generic manufacturer specific data

  • Features includes diagnostic report, freeze frame data, recall info, TSB's, DTC's Enhanced Engine Transmission Codes, and more

  • Wide three colored attractive LED display

  • High price
  • (Advanced Professional Choice)Check PriceInnova 31003 CarScan Diagnostic Tool
    Read Review
  • Advanced Live-data streaming on screen

  • Freeze frame data shows multiple P.I.D. snapshot

  • Medium price
  • They have received positive reviews on different sites and have some of the best features. Read further to know more about this excellent brand.

    Benefits of a diagnostic scan tool

    • They have easy controls – most of the diagnostic scanners for cars are very easy to use. This is because they don’t need any skill for a person to understand them. In addition, they come with a user manual that you have to read, and then you are ready to start. The controls that they come with are also easy and don’t need any training to comprehend them.
    • Allow users to save money – these scans tools allow users to save a lot of money. This is because they don’t need to visit service stations unless it’s for repair works regularly. Service stations or going to a mechanic can cost a lot, but when you have an OBD scanner, you can diagnose the car issues by yourself. This way, you will get to save a lot of cash spent on such services.
    • Provide standardized outcomes and codes – diagnostic scan tools are created with standardized systems and codes. So, it doesn’t matter which scan tool you are using as they will always provide accurate calculations. All you need to do is to follow the right steps, and all the OBD2 codes will be read accurately.
    • Helpful in interior places – car diagnostic scanners can prove to be of great value to people who live in remote or interior areas were accessing a service station is very difficult.

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    This tool may be helpful if you are in an area where a service station is a far distance or nowhere close. It will help you identify the issue with your car and resolve it before it’s too late.

    The 3 best Innova 3170, 31403 & 31003 CarScan Tool Reviews

    Since there are a variety of Innova scan tools on the market, finding the best can be somehow a challenge. Among the famous brands of car scan tools, Innova is a popular brand.

    As a result of this, we sat down and conducted thorough research on different Innova diagnostic tools. Here are the 3 best models that we were able to identify. These are the later version of the Innova 3100.

    Innova 31403 review: CarScan OBD2 + OBD1 scan tool (Our Top Pick)

    The Innova 31403 car scan tool can support both the OBD1 and OBD2 cars. It has a large display screen that not only displays the results of the scan but as well makes it easy to use. The memory and battery backup is for off-car review and analysis.

    The simple design can be stored with much ease. It has the ability to show freeze frame information that indicates several P.I.D snapshots of the car’s state when the code was set. These and other features make this tool to be outstanding in performance.
    Innova 31403Check Price

    Main features:

    • Memory and battery backup
    • Large display screen
    • Supports OBD1 and OBD2
    • Covers different vehicles
    • Customer support in English and Spanish languages
    • Simple design


    • It has a large display screen for showing the results of the scan tool tests on the car.
    • It is well designed for simple use and storage.
    • The scan tool covers OBD2 and some of the most famous OBD1 vehicles.
    • Innova 31403 can show freeze frame data that indicates multiple P.I.D snapshots of the car’s condition when the code was set.
    • It has access to repair solutions that provide trouble code definitions, a complete diagnostic report, potential causes, recall data, and TSB’s.
    • It is very easy to use with a patented all-in-one screen and simple to use hotkeys.

    Innova 31003 review: CarScan Diagnostic tool

    The Innova 31003 car can automotive tool has the on-screen definition. It has an on-screen code definition lookup library that assists find any diagnostic problem code definition. It comes in three different languages, which include English, French, and Spanish. The obd2 scanner functions on all 1966 and newer cars, light trucks, SUVs, and minivans. It is suitable for use on OBD2 cars. But it is not Bluetooth supported scan tool.
    Innova 31003Check Price

    Main features:

    • On-screen code definition
    • OBD2 live data stream
    • User-specified English, French, and Spanish interface
    • Functions on all 1966 and newer cars, light trucks, SUVs, and minivans
    • Shows freeze frame data


    • For showing diagnostic results, it comes with a large display screen than the Innova 3040 scanners.
    • Innova 31003 supports all 1966 or newer cars, SUVs, light trucks, and minivans.
    • It shows freeze frame information that indicates multiple P.I.D snapshots of the car’s state when the code was set.
    • It has an English, French, and Spanish interface and a full library of definitions.

    Innova 31703 review: CarScan OBD2 + OBD1/ABS/SRS Scan tool

    This is one of the leading Innova OBD2 scanners. It has a large display screen that shows all the outcomes of the automotive diagnostic test being performed. Innova 31703 supports both the OBD1 and OBD2. It has a memory and battery backup for off-car review and analysis. In addition, it shows the freeze frame data that displays multiple P.I.D snapshots of the vehicle’s state when the code is set. With such features, this is definitely an amazing car diagnostic tool to have. Unlike the Innova 3160 diagnostic scan tool, it doesn’t have a Bluetooth connectivity feature.

    Check Price

    Main features:

    • Covers several cars
    • Memory and battery backup
    • Display screen
    • OBD1 coverage
    • OBD2 coverage
    • Customer service is offered in two languages which are English and Spanish


    • It comes with a large display screen that shows all the tests being performed and as well shows their results
    • It has several great features that help in carrying out accurate diagnostic tests
    • The manufacturer provides customer support both in English and Spanish from their ASE-certified specialists.
    • It supports the most famous 1996 and latest ford, GM, Toyota, Honda, and Chrysler cars.
    • It both reads and erases ABS and SRS codes
    • Innova 31703 has the ability to display, record, and playback obd2 live data graphing on the tool


    After going through our top 3 picks for the best Innova OBD2 scan software, you can now easily choose the best Innova scan tool for your car or cars. As seen from above, it’s clear that the Innova brand has some wonderful features which vary slightly according to the model that you pick. Choose a device that meets your needs and has the features that will serve you better for a great scanning experience. When choosing, don’t forget to know what you intend to do with the OBD scanner, as there are those that are best for personal use and others for commercial use.

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