The OBD II trouble codes indicate the difficult things about a car. A vehicle has many functions, including hydraulic braking systems, speed wheels, steering, signal lights, front lights, backlights, braking lights, etc. The speed wheels are related to the engine and increase the vehicle’s speed. But when they lose their balance, they become unable to provide a comfortable drive. So, the mismatching of the speed wheels can cause considerable problems in your driving. Now, we will discuss the issues related to the C1222 trouble code and their possible solutions.

Possible Cause and Solution:

What does the C1222 code mean?

The C1222 is the trouble code indicating the speed wheel mismatching problem. When there is no suitable connection between the ABS module and the speed wheels, it causes the C1222 trouble. The sensor ring has a magnetic field. The wheel speed sensor can detect it, and thus it can pass an active sensor. The ABS module plays a vital role in it. If there is any system problem, the module detects it to solve it. It observes the rotational speeds of every wheel. It distinguishes the wheel lock, brake pressure, and right brake caliper. 

The ABS module triggers the hydraulic control unit. Thus it opens and closes the appropriate solenoid valves. It is risky for the braking system to brake the wheels when the wheels are at an over speed. So, the control unit helps to trigger the brake after the wheels return to the normal speed. But, the wheels lose their balance, and the braking system can be affected. Thus you can see the C1222 code on your OBD II scanner.

What are The Causes of the Code C1222?

When there is any problem with the speed wheels of your vehicle, and you check the OBD II code, you can find the C1222. Every error code of a car has a specific meaning that is helpful in identifying the particular problem. The error code 1222 shows us the issues related to a vehicle. Do you know why it is so important to be aware of the causes? It will assist you in abstaining from the reliable actions of causing the C1222 error code. 

The mismatched wheels are reliable for premature and uneven wear. Even they can tear on the new and remaining three wheels. As a result, you will not be able to use your tires for a long time. The tire condition also can hamper the wheels as they scatches with the road; then the tires are unfit.  mismatched wheels on car

The faulty wheel speed sensors can not work perfectly to run the vehicle well. When the problem starts, the OBD II scanner will show the code C1222. The code is also related to the wheel speed sensor problem. It indicates that you must replace the sensor quickly. Weak sensors can affect the wheel speed of your vehicle. wheel speed sensor fault code

The wheel works with the work of the speed sensor through electricity. So, the vehicle needs to have a solid electrical connection between the wheel and the speed sensor. If you drive a car with a strong electricity connection, you will find pleasure every time. But, when the contact becomes weak, you will face difficulties driving your car. Front Wheel Speed Sensor Electrical Faults

What are The Symptoms of The C1222 Code?

When You need to solve the C1222 code when it affects your vehicle, you should have a clear concept of the problems. The symptoms help us to identify the problem. As a result, we get ready to check the error code for repairing the vehicle. 

When the engine light turns on, it indicates a problem related to the vehicle’s chassis. If the problem is associated with the speed wheels, it will show the C1222 code on the OBD II scanning tool. Turning on the engine light is the determining symptom of the OBD II error code C1222. If you find the light on, do not be late to check the code through the scanner. 

The symptom that will confirm the problem is that the ABS light is on. When you find out the light is turning on, you will judge that something wrong is happening with your vehicle. You need to check the problem through an ABS scanning tool and get an accurate result. If you find the C1222 error code, you will take action against the problem of mismatch of the speed wheel and get a positive impact. 

Is The Diagnosis of The C1222 So Costly?

No diagnosis of the error codes is very costly. Generally, you must pay from $70 to $150 to diagnose the car’s error code. After facing difficulties with the speed wheels of the vehicle, you need to go instantly to an expert and check the problems out. 

Repairing the C1222 Trouble Code

The C1222 indicates the mismatching of the speed wheels problem. Getting the solution to the code is necessary to avoid the risks of accidents. Now, check the reasons which are reliable causes the C1222 code. Then, identify the best way of repairing the problems and remove the error code. Repairing by a trusted mechanic is the best solution for your valuable vehicle. Significantly, the mismatching of the speed wheels can happen many unwanted happenings. So you have to repair the C1222 code immediately. 

Final Thoughts

Every problem has some specific solutions. When the OBD II trouble code C1222 comes to you with the mismatch of the wheels, they also have the appropriate accomplishments to overcome the issues. So, you need to check the error codes carefully and take action against the problem. Considering the correct way to detect the codes and choosing an efficient technician are the best initiatives to solve the problems in the best way.

Meet our professional car mechanic, Russell D. Steele, who has been in this field for five consecutive years and works with several automotive companies. He completed the "AUTOMOTIVE & LIGHT DUTY DIESEL TECHNOLOGY" course from NorthWest Lowa Community College, where he learned essential diagnostic and transportation management skills and became a certified mechanic.

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