C0327 code: Malfunction of the Transfer Case Circuit

Sometimes the problems with the vehicles ruin our happiness during the journey. Some important codes indicate the different issues of the car. C series codes are chassis-related. You will know about the C0327 code and what the symptoms are. The C0327 indicates a connection problem in the transfer case circuit. You will also get the solutions to the specific issues and remove the code from the OBD II scanner. The transfer case motor is one of the most necessary types of equipment for vehicles. A four-wheel vehicle is unthinkable without it. The transfer case machine needs to maintain the balance between the front shafts and the rare shafts. So, we have to learn about the motor and the error code C0327.

Meaning of the C0327 Trouble Code

What is the C0327 trouble code? It is an OBD II trouble code defining a kind of problem with a vehicle. The OBD II trouble code C0327 refers to the transfer case shift motor problem. The code describes the problem as related to the front and the rare driveshafts. The motor distributes the power between the wheels. If any obstacle happens to the transfer, the trouble code C03274 comes on the OBD II scanner.

What is Transfer Case Motor

The trouble code C0327 is the problem with the transfer case motor. So, before acquiring knowledge about the code, we have to know what a transfer case motor is. A transfer case motor is a device for dividing the power equally between the front and the rear driveshafts. It is shifting equipment that shifts the vehicles into and out of 2LO, 4HI, and 4LO. It is on all four-wheel drives. The transfer case motor powers the vehicle and makes it more powerful and speedy when necessary by transferring the energy. This power-sharing equipment shifts the electricity from the transmission to the front and rear axles.

Reasons for the Trouble Code C0327

A transfer case motor is a valuable piece of equipment for a four-wheel vehicle to increase its speed and run smoothly. When any part of a vehicle becomes problematic, it shows the specific trouble code. C0327 is a code that refers to the problem with the transfer case motor. Now, we are presenting some mentionable causes of the C0327 code.c0327 chevy silverado

  • When the Transfer Case Encoder becomes Defective

The Transfer Case Encoder converts the language to the code and becomes a companion for converting the orders. When the encoder is faulty, it cannot encode the ordinary language into the computer language. As a result, the motor cannot work to increase the car’s speed.

  • If the Transfer Case Motor has Poor Electrical Connection

Electrical equipment cannot function for a single second without power. The motor has an intensive correlation with electricity. As the engine transfers power from the transmission to the front and rear axles, it cannot function without electricity. If there is any problem with the connection, the motor stops working. Even so, it needs a solid connection to go.

  • Open Encoder Harness 

The encoder harness is the most important for such an electrical connection. The harness connects both the motor and the system. The encoder harness should be connected to the system to work efficiently. If there is a connection problem or the harness disconnects, the transfer case motor stops working. As a result, your OBD II scanner will show the C0327. The OBD II code indicates that there is a problem with the engine.

How can I fix the C0327 code?

First, check the error code through the OBD II scanner. If you get the C0327 code, I can ensure that the problem is related to the transfer case motor. Go to an expert and show him the situation. It is not difficult and costly to repair the engine. Repairing is enough for a bit of damage to your device. 

Replacing Cost of the C0327 Code

Are you thinking of repairing or replacing the transfer case motor in your car? It is not so costly. Generally, you can replace the motor for $590 to $660. The parts range in price from $500 to $550.The labor cost is from $90 to $115, which is measurable for most people.

Final Thoughts about the C0327 Code

Every vehicle has uncountable functions and problems too. The codes define the issues for vehicle users, and the solutions come in different ways. The transfer case motor handles the speed distribution through the front and rear driveshafts. So, it should be solid every time. To work efficiently and provide a good journey, the transfer case motor accepts a big challenge. It can make your trip enjoyable and tension-free.


What if I do not use the Transfer Case Motor?

It is not possible to drive without the transfer case motor. Can you divide the power 50/50 between the front and the rare driveshafts? It is impossible without the use of the transfer case. So, you have to use it to maintain the balance between the drive shafts.

Is repairing the Transfer Case Motor better than Replacing it?

When you are new to the vehicle repair sector, you may question which is better: repairing or replacing. You can understand what the better option for you is. There is a good solution for you. If your machine has a minor problem, it will be usable after some repair. But, replacing is the best solution for an unfixable transfer case motor when broken or overused.

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