How to Fix C0300 Code? (Rear Propshaft Speed Sensor Issue)

Whenever you check the OBD scanner and notice the code is C0300, you must check the engine. The turning on of the ABS light indicates that your car is facing something dangerous. If the measure of danger increases a little, it may be bearable with your car for some days. But, the massive number of complex issues should not be kept in your vehicle. They can create the issue of sudden accidents, so they are just like your enemies. So, it is best to immediately repair the engine problem after having the trouble code.

What does the C0300 code mean?

The rear prop shaft speed sensor and module have a specific process for controlling the vehicle. Here, the rear prop shaft speed sensor is a permanent magnet (PM) generator that produces a pulsing AC voltage. The AC voltage and the number of pulses are related to the car’s speed and control of the vehicle’s engine. As they are proportional to the speed, they increase randomly when the speed increases. The module converts equipment with pulsating AC voltage to prop shaft RPM. AC voltage is not easily measurable. As a scan tool can display the prop shaft RPM, it is necessary for the perfect speed calculation.

The Symptoms of the C0300 Error Code

The C0300 is related to the engine and is a vital code to identify a significant problem. When the engine fails, nothing can keep the vehicle safe. The machine is just like the heart of a car. Can you imagine what would happen if a human being lost their heart? Likewise, your vehicle also loses extensive equipment if its engine becomes damaged.c0300 engine code

  • Lighten MIL

The Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) gets lightened. The indicator lamp is a sign of any disability of a vehicle. When your car has engine problems, it may not go smoothly. The problem reduces the good performance ability of your car, so it needs to be repaired. Seeing the lightened Malfunction Indicator Lamp, you can be aware of the engine problem and prepare for solving it.

  • ABS Warning Light On

When the problem with the engine happens, the anti-lock braking system (ABS) light turns on. The C0300 code refers to the engine problem. The ABS light can identify the issue and informs us by enlighting the system. So, whenever you find the ABS light is on, check the OBD II code first. After scanning, you may find the code is C0300. It indicates that the problem is related to your vehicle’s engine and randomly diminishing the valuable fuel. 

  • Engine Light On

The engine light is also a significant signal of your car’s harm. The error code C0300 is directly related to the engine. So, the light follows an important rule of maintaining the perfect condition of your vehicle. Be careful of the engine light’s signal. 

The mentionable Consequences of the C0300 Code

How can you understand your car’s engine is in trouble? You are running with your car; you are doing your every necessary work, but what if you do not know how the damaged engine is? It would be awful because you can not identify whether your machine is damaged and need to replace or repaired. 

  • Decreasing Fuel Capacity

The C0300 code refers to the engine problem. It shows you that your vehicle’s engine is not okay. So, an inappropriate engine is intensely reliable to utilize more fuel than necessary. But, it is a problem as it causes more cost than the regular fuel usage. Additionally, it is a trouble because the engine is getting damaged daily. 

  • Extensive Fuel Pressure

Every vehicle’s engine has a specific dimension of getting the fuel pressure a particular amount. When the motor runs well, the amount also remains natural. But, without any care, the perishable engine can not get the fuel pressure quickly. It makes your vehicle unable to use. As the damaged machine loses the measuring amount of perfect fuel pressure, it takes more fuel than necessary.  

  • Waste of Money

Suppose when your vehicle uses much more fuel than necessary, is not it a big waste? The C0300 code indicates an engine problem that is reliable to take much power. It may hamper your vehicle’s condition, along with hindering your money. 

The Best Process for Repairing the C0300 Code

For the engine’s best performance, your vehicle should be free from the risk of having the C0300 code. The code is related to rare prop shaft speed sensors and engine trouble. But, if somehow your engine becomes damaged and the OBD II device shows you the C0300 code, you must take some initiatives to repair the problem. Thus, you can remove the code and keep your vehicle’s engine fresh.obd c0300

  • Checking the Code through an OBD II Scanner

If you find any discomfort driving for the engine performance, you can check the error code through the OBD II scanner. After that, you will find out the C0300 for the mentioned engine problems in this article.

  • Take your vehicle to a repairer.

An experienced car repairer can solve your problem. As he understands the maximum disabilities and the solutions of the car, he can do it perfectly. Do not try to solve the problem at your residence if you are not perfect.

  • Exchange with the qualities products

Do not compromise the quality when you need to use the vehicle for a long time. You should always find the best car mechanic and find out the best items for their best performance. These qualities will provide you with the longevity and comfortability of your vehicle. 

Bottom Lines

Every driver and car owner wants to have comfortable rides. Seating capacity, air conditioning, and suitable sound are essential for comfort. Likewise, a blameless engine is also valuable. Any problematic machine can disrupt your happy journey. So, the C0300 shows the complicated features of the engine and becomes a helpful term to detect problems.

Kevin Nicholas is an automotive technician who is a genius at software and hardware-related issues. He manually tested more than a hundred OBD scanners and gave his honest opinion on whether the device was worth the money or not. His in-depth OBD review articles help people choose the right product, whether it is a European, American, or Asian vehicle. He completed his Automotive Specialized Training Course at Universal Technical Institute and has more than 15 years of experience in the field.

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