C0267 OBD code meaning: ABS Pump Motor Circuit Open

You need to use an ABS pump with a motor to operate your car or another vehicle. So, you have to know the perfect use of the part. The OBD II scanners are helpful for identifying any problems with your car. The different OBD codes represent the various problems with the vehicles. Some codes refer to the issue with the engine; some indicate the braking system. Have you got any idea about the pump motor circuit of your car? Your vehicle must use it to relay the function of power conversion. Mainly, a pump motor circuit changes the electrical power to the mechanical.

Working Process of the ABS 

The anti-lock braking system (ABS) has become very popular globally. It has a specific process of working. ABS is an advanced breaking technology that helps vehicles avoid locking up their wheels. When you push the brake paddle, the brake pads and the wheel disks become active. They stop the rotation of the wheels by pressing against the disk. The brake pads and the wheels become activated to press against the disk. The ABS computer can capture the rotation speed. It uses an ABS speed sensor to do the work.

ABS Pump Motor Circuit 

The lower side of the pump motor has a feedback circuit. It works as feedback for EBCM. The pump has a significant value in the ABS. The valve releases the pressure, and the pump restores the pressure in the hydraulic brake. There is a detection wheel slip to get the signal. The valve is released through a process. A signal from the controller comes and completes the process. The motor circuit has great importance for the efficient breaking and controlling system of a vehicle. So, if it gets damaged, the vehicle can face an unfortunate accident.C0267 Engine Trouble Code

The C0267 Code Meaning

The pump motor and the EBCM correlate themselves. EBCM needs the pump motor activated, and the pump motor has a feedback circuit to EBCM. The pump motor and the feedback voltage go up and down disproportionately. The feedback voltage is high if the engine is turned off. The motor should function perfectly to run the process of the motor. So, the EBCM monitors the feedback voltage. The EBCM checks the voltage and keeps it as usual. C0267 refers to the problem when the ABS pump motor circuit is accidentally opened. The problem can happen to anyone with a motor disability.

It may cause abnormal engine performance, engine light on, or a misfire, and finally, it can create any complexity in running a car. As a result, the vehicle can sometimes accidentally stop. The feedback voltage remains low when the car has the C0267 code. Here, the EBCM has a great responsibility. It observes and monitors the feedback voltage. The EBCM bends the motor’s proper functioning.

Some Possible Reasons for the C0267 Code

The OBD II scanner tool can show you many codes according to your vehicle’s specific problems. If it shows the C0267 code, you may think that it is a problem related to the ABS, EBCM, and motor circuit. What problems can be represented by the C0267 code on your OBD II scanner?

  • ABS Pump Motors Disability

There is a pump in every vehicle’s ABS unit, including the feature. What does the pump do? The hydraulic brake uses full pressure for the braking of a car. But, when the braking task is completed, the hydraulic valve releases the pressure from the ABS. The pump motor helps restore the loss in pressure to maintain the balanced braking. There is an ABS ECU module that processes the signal from the wheel speed sensor.

  • ABS Pump Motor Circuit Disconnection

The disconnected ABS pump motor can not provide a successful circuit. It hampers your vehicle and makes its use disgusting. As the circuit keeps the connection, you cannot reconnect the ABS if you do not find a new circuit.

  • Poor Electrical Connection in ABS Pump Motor

Sometimes, the connection is not lost but becomes poor. When there are many fans and you run them simultaneously, you enjoy the coolness of the electrical item. But have you thought about what could happen if the connection was lost and poor? I think the lights and fans could lose their voltage, but it is necessary to have sufficient voltage for a vehicle. So, when the car loses power in the electrical connection, it becomes a major problem to keep the vehicle in good condition.

Symptoms of the C0267 Trouble Code

Some mentionable factors will help you identify the problems with C0267. When you notice the issues, you can easily say that the OBD II can show the C0267. These factors are involved in the situation of C0267. If you can find one of the symptoms in your car, immediately check the OBD II code. You will get a C0267, and you have to repair it. c0267 low brake fluid

  • Engine Light On

If your vehicle’s engine light turns on, you will get a signal that something is wrong with your car. So, when you get your car’s engine light turned on, you will immediately check the OBD II code with the OBD II scanner. The C0267 is reliable for turning on the light.

  • Abnormal Engine Performance

For the most part, the OBD II C0267 code is related to the engine. So, if you find the engine performance unusual, you can check the OBD II code. If the result shows C0267, the ABS pump’s motor circuit problem may be.

  • Misfiring of Engine

The engine’s performance cannot be good if it misfires. It may even cause an unfavorable event to occur with your vehicle. Therefore, the misfiring is a warning to you to act quickly to avoid an accident. If you check the error code in this circumstance, you may find C0267. After that, the code will ensure you the problem is ABS pump motor circuit related. 

  • Not Starting the Vehicle

For several reasons, your car may not start. Maximum times it happens for technical problems. You have to keep an OBD II scanner in your vehicle to check the error code immediately. After falling into the consequences, you can check the OBD II code. If you get the C0267, you will be sure that the car is not starting for the motor circuit function of ABS. 

Cost of Diagnose OBD II C0267 Code

Generally, the cost of diagnosing C-series problems is quite similar. The vehicle model and location of the repairer will determine the actual price of diagnosing the problem. Generally, it may be $70 to $140, like the other repairs in the C-series.pump motor circuit open

Reasons for a Faulty ABS Pump Motor Circuit

In this article, we found the problems with the motor circuit that result in code C0267. But, there are some other significant reasons that are incredibly reliable to hamper the ABS pump. You are going to get the reasoning and some solutions.

  • Debris or Metal Shavings

If the metals of the vehicle become filthy with debris or metal shavings, it contaminates the vehicle’s system. As a result, many parts of the car become damaged, and the ABS pump motor circuit is also damaged. The uncleared vehicle is a major cause of its condition being hampered.

  • Unconscious Using of the Vehicle

If you want to make your vehicle last, you have to use it consciously. Otherwise, it may result in a C0267. As the car has various problems, it has many error codes too. So, it may have many issues without careful use and affect your tension-free life.

  • Corrosions

When you unplug the connectors of your vehicle’s devices, you may notice unwanted corrosion. This problem is intolerable for people who want long-lasting devices. So, if you want to get rid of the problem, you have to take proper care of your vehicle and its internal devices.

Final thoughts

The opening of the ABS pump motor circuit hampers safe riding. But, it is not hard to repair if you take it to a mechanic. We have to fix the problem with every vehicle as soon as possible. The pump motor circuit is essential for keeping the ABS and engine working well. But, some problems hamper both of them and also hinder you. The C0267 issues are time-consuming to repair.

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