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OTC Encore Review [WI-FI Enabled OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner]

The OTC 3893 Encore Deluxe Kit is a powerful and efficient diagnostic tool at an affordable price for serious and professional technicians. As a matter of fact, the Encore is OTC’s first integrated scan tool for Android, taking advantage of the operating system’s speed, ease of use, and functionality. The OTC Encore diagnostic tool took the strengths of its diagnostic programs and merged them with the Android system to offer not only a scanner but as a well a tablet that comprehends the technician’s mobile life. So in this OTC Encore review article, we will go deeper to get all its technical details.

This sturdy and compact scanner features a large and bright 7-inch LCD screen that displays all the info that you detect on your car computer. It offers full scan functionality with OEM coverage for domestic, Asian, and European vehicles. This device is far more advanced than the OTC 3111 pro scanner. Some of the notable functions that the OTC Encore 3893 performs relearns and resets, such as fuel trim, battery replacement, steering angle sensor, and much more.

Technical Specifications of the OTC Encore Scan Tool

Features OTC Encore
Operating System(OS): Android
Memory Storage: 32GB SSD
AutoDetect Repair Info Search: Yes
Micro Training Videos: Yes
Bluetooth Wireless TPMS Sensor Registration: Yes
All System DTC Scan: Yes
Maintenance Test: Yes
Automated System Test: Yes
Remote Technical Support Diagnostics: Yes
Bidirectional Controls (Actuator Tests): Yes
Code-Assist All System DTC Tech Tips: Yes
Dom/Asian/Euro Subscription Length: 12 months active diagnostics subscription
Batteries: Lithium-ion Cylindrical
Software Updates: Automatic Wi-Fi Updates Deliver in Background
Standard Warranty: 1 Year / Lifetime
Price: OTC Encore ReviewCheck Today’s Price on Amazon

The OTC Encore 3893 diagnostic scan tool is a great scanner for professional technicians or mechanics who deal with a wide range of car makes and models. Thanks to its Android operating system, which kicks on in 15 seconds and boasts of 30 years of superior OEM domestic coverage. With AutoID Can vehicles feature and a 1-year warranty, this is an amazing Bluetooth code reader to have in your garage.

OTC Encore Review With Great Features and Functions

Intuitive user interface

This is one of the most fun scan tools that you will come across. It has a 7-inch sunlight-readable capacitive touchscreen that clearly displays all the code definitions recorded. It is also sturdily made to withstand tough conditions. With the durable carrying case, you will be able to keep this scan tool when not in use safely.

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OTC Encore Has Wider Vehicle Coverage

With 30 years of OEM coverage for Domestic, Asian, and European vehicles, this is a very nice code reader for technicians or professional mechanics who deal with different car makes and models. This includes KIA, Nissan, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, GM, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Mercedes, Honda, BMW, and much more.

Android operating system

Like the Autel AP200 scan tool, it features an Android operating system that makes it be fast and very effective. The Android has the ability to kick on in 15 seconds and boasts 30 years of coverage.
OTC 3893 Encore ProfessionalCheck Today’s Price on Amazon

Wireless Connection

Using this gadget is fun and easy as you can roam within the car repair shop as you perform different diagnoses. The diagnostic car scanner comes with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and it is embedded with Google search that offers the user the ability to search for a vehicle and DTC with just a single touch.

Another exceptional feature of this device is the Deep-Link to Identifix Direct-hit that provides a one-touch login, vehicle, DTC selection with search started automatically.

Onboard battery for backup

In case the car runs out of power, this device will still function as it comes with an onboard battery for backup. So, you are assured of continuous use no matter the state of the car battery.

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1-year subscription

You will get a free subscription for one year when you purchase this gadget. These are updated via the internet by turning the Wi-Fi function on.

OTC Encore Offers Limited lifetime warranty

OTC offers a lifetime limited warranty to this product, which shows that the brand stands 100% behind its product.


  • It is easy to perform as it automatically detects the trouble codes or repair information.
  • This scanning device has an Android operating system for quick operation
  • It has an intuitive user interface
  • OTC has a wireless connection
  • It has embedded Identifix assets present during every repair
  • This great tool comes with Encore 1-year subscription
  • Extensive vehicle coverage
  • It has 70+ embedded training videos to train users to perform test procedures.
  • A quick scan with the auto detect technology
  • Easy to store with its sturdy carrying case
  • Lifetime hardware warranty


  • It is a long process to research trouble codes and print as you have to create a Google cloud account before using it.
  • The diagnostic scanner is expensive, which makes it be a costly investment for startup mechanics and DIYers. Startup mechanics should use the mid-ranged Autel MaxiCom MK908P or Autel Maxidas DS808K scan tool.


Finding a quality, sturdy, and reliable professional diagnostic scan tool is not easy. But with the OTC Encore 3893 scanner, you can be certain that this is a code reader that will last for a very long while and enhanced data perform what it says it does. It has advanced features and covers a wide range of vehicles. The gadget comes with a charger, OBD II USB cable, Encore carrying case, Encore optional battery, and a 1-year warranty.

Despite its slightly high price, this is a wonderful diagnostic scanner to have in your car repair shop or busy garage if you want to diagnose complex car issues.


Question: Do you need to be connected to the internet in order to use the Encore 3893 diagnostic scanner?
Answer: No, you don’t. You can still erase or read OBD2 error codes without being directly connected to the internet. The Wireless Wi-Fi connection is very crucial when you want to update the gadget. It comes with Encore’s free 1-year subscription, and after that, you will have to pay for the updates.

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