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Innova 3020RS: Features, Buying Guide, and Review

Innova is one of the top scan tool brands on the market. Their products always deliver accurate results and are easy to use. The Innova 3020rs is no different, as it’s one of the best entry-level scan tools to accurately determine the reason the check engine light is on. In this review, we will look at the features of the Innova 3020rs, its pros, and cons.

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Innova 3020rs Review: What makes this Innova OBD2 special?

The Innova 3020rs comes with multiple features and functions that make it unique and one of the market’s most preferred diagnostic scan tools. Continue reading to find out!

Pros of Innova 3020rs

  • It is easy to use
  • It is affordable
  • The device is compatible with a variety of car makes and models
  • It is portable and easy to store
  • It is well-made for longevity
  • Innova provides a 1-year warranty
  • It comes with free updates

Cons of Innova 3020rs

  • The instructions are vague
  • The unit offers limited functions
  • It requires Wi-Fi to operate
  • It has compatibility issues

Innova 3020rs Review

Technical Specifications:

Features Innova 3020RS
Product Dimensions: 4.5 x 3.3 x 0.7 inches
Item Weight: 6.4 ounces
Special Features: ‎Check Engine: Read and Clear Trouble Codes, Emissions/Smog, Check Readiness LED Indicators
Languages Available: English, French, Spanish
Product Use: Automotive Repair, Automotive Maintenance
Code Severity: Yes
Live Data Streaming: No
Oil Light Reset: No
SRS Codes: No
Network Scan: No
Hybrid Battery Voltage: No
ABS Codes: Yes
RepairSolutions2 App: Yes
Price: Check Today’s Price on Amazon

How is the Innova 3020rs scanner built?

The Innova 3020rs is a simple but well-built diagnostic scanner for entry-level mechanics and car enthusiasts. It features a machined exterior or casing that protects from crashes and droppings. Hence, it is an excellent tool for busy garages or auto repair shops. It is also large enough and ergonomically designed for ease of use.

What is the dimension of the Innova 3020rs?

The Innova 3020rs is one of the best entry-level diagnostic scan tools. This unit is compactly constructed for easy handling with an ergonomic shape. It measures 4.5 x 3.3 x 0.7 inches. It also weighs around 6.7 ounces, making it very portable.

So, if you desire a tool that you can comfortably carry in your car, this is the perfect scan tool. Please place it in your toolbox, driver’s compartment, or glove box.

Is the Innova 3020rs easy to use?

Yes, the Innova 3020rs diagnostic scan tool is one of the easiest scan tools to use on the market. This is because it is a plug-and-play unit, meaning even newbies will have an easy time using the gadget. Nonetheless, Innova includes a user manual that helps starters to have a simple time utilizing the scanner.

The user manual explains diagnostic trouble codes, allowing you to know how to use and interpret results before taking the car to a mechanic. Moreover, Innova has a comprehensive list of Generic, Manufacturer Specific, ABS, and SRS codes.

Furthermore, this diagnostic scanner has a patented all-in-one display and hotkeys. The display can show over 20 pieces of information, and the hotkeys allow you to find the issue faster and spend less time scrolling through various menus.

Do I have to link the scanner with the diagnostic app?

Yes, you have to. One of the most challenging parts about using the Innova 3020rs is that you need to download a mobile app, link up the scanner to your phone, and use it to diagnose your car. Besides, the app is only compatible with iOS and Android gadgets, so Microsoft users will not download the app.

The free mobile application RepairSolutions2 App is available on Google Play and Apple App Store. When you download the app, you get verified fixes from ASE Master Technicians, find and buy the exact part needed for repair, check maintenance schedules, dealers, technical bulletins, and safety recalls, and access Innova’s best-in-class database.

What functions does this scanner come with?

This gadget can read and clear OBD engine codes despite being an entry-level diagnostic scan tool. It also displays the code’s severity to determine if your car needs an immediate fix. Other functions that the Innova 3020rs performs are smog check tests and diagnosing the braking system of most 2006 and later domestic and Asian cars.

The code severity level feature is vital as it lets you know the fault’s severity and tells you whether to wait to get home or fix the issue right away. On the contrary, the Smog Check LED indicators let you know if your car will pass the emission test or not. The green indicator means that your car is okay, while the red indicates that you must fix the problem immediately.

This means you will find out if your car will pass the emissions test in advance. With its extensive interface and clear display, you will read fault codes faster than on most entry-level diagnostic scan tools.

What vehicles are compatible with the Innova 3020rs?

This is another common problem with the Innova 3020rs. Even though this unit is compatible with most cars made in the US and Canada, it is not very compatible with cars made outside America. Nevertheless, it works with most cars manufactured from 1996 and newer.

Moreover, it can also be utilized to diagnose light trucks, SUVs, and hybrid vehicles. Just ensure that your car is OBDII compliant. Note that this device is not compatible with OBD 1 cars. All in all, you should check for compatibility before investing in the Innova 3020rs.

Does Innova provide a warranty to buyers of the 3020rs?

Yes, Innova provides a 1-year warranty. Therefore, if you have any challenges with the product, you can always contact Innova to have the scanner inspected, fixed, or replaced.

Does Innova provide support to clients?

Yes, Innova has one of the best customer support. The support is offered in either English or Spanish. What’s more, you can reach them online or visit them physically at their headquarters in Irvine, California.Innova 3020rs

Who is the Innova 3020rs scan tool made for?

The Innova 3020rs scanner is made for beginners, DIYers, and car enthusiasts. Nonetheless, it can also be used by professional mechanics and auto repair shops. Thanks to its affordability, accuracy, and ease of use.


Generally, the Innova 3020rs is one of the best entry-level diagnostic scan tools on the market. This device is easy to use as it has a patented display with hotkeys. It also provides accurate information, and it’s simple to use. However, it comes with limited functions, and it requires Wi-Fi to function. Overall, it offers excellent value for money.


Can I use the Innova 3020rs scanner to diagnose the check suspension light?

No, the Innova 3020rs scan tool cannot be used to diagnose the check suspension light on your car. Instead, it will read and erase check engine lights and ABS codes. If you desire to diagnose the check suspension light, you may require a far superior scanner like the Innova 5610 or 3130rs. These scanners are costlier and more advanced than the 3020rs.

Are Innova scanners any good?

Yes, Innova scanners are perfect. They make durable, reliable, and user-friendly devices. They have entry-level and advanced scanners for different users.

Will I be charged for using the RepairSolutions 2 App on multiple vehicles?

No, you won’t be charged using the Innova diagnostic app on different vehicles. Besides, you can use it on as many cars as you wish.

Does the Innova 3020rs work with third-party Apps?

No, this tool does not work with third-party Apps. You must download the RepairSolutions 2 App from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

How do I know if the Innova 3020rs is compatible with my car?

You will have to visit the Innova website and click on coverage. Next, you must type in your vehicle’s make, year, model, and engine size. This will help you know if the tool is compatible with your vehicle.

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