Wagner Brake Pads Review 2018 – High performing pad set

Wagner is among the best braking pad set brands on the market. They have high performing braking pad sets with outstanding features. This brand usually creates brake pads suitable for passenger cars, medium duty and commercial vehicles. The brake systems they create always meet the industry standards and are of a high quality too. This is one of the sought after brand by many motorists. In this Wagner Brake Pads Review article we have listed top 5 Wagner brake pad set.

If you’ve attempted a number of braking pads which have let you down by either not performing well, making noise, or wearing out quickly, then you should try one of the several Wagner brake pads that we are about to discuss in this review.

Why choose Wganer over other brake pad brands

Although there are lots of braking pad sets on the market today, a few of them are highly regarded as reliable and long lasting. And Wagner is one of them. When you acquire brake pads for your vehicle, you should ensure that it is highly effective in performance so that when you use the brakes in an emergence they are able to function well. Wagner braking pad sets are compatible with many cars, trucks, SUVs and other vehicles. . In addition, they have high stopping power, low vibration, quiet operation and come with advanced technologies for excellent performance.

The five best Wagner brake pads review

Below are some of the best Wagner braking pad sets that offer the best braking power.

Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1324 Ceramic disc pad set with installation hardware (Our Top Pick)

The Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1324 is an amazing pad with a high stopping power. It functions on different car types and can be fit with much ease.

In addition, it is quiet in operation and keeps the wheels clean with its low dust feature. It has low copper technology and last long that many braking pads on the market. If you want a high performing brake pad model, then this is one of them.
Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1324 Ceramic discCheck Price

Main features:

  • Durable
  • Quiet operation
  • Low copper technology
  • Cleaner wheels
  • Factory fit
  • Great stopping power


  • This Wagner braking pad is long lasting
  • It is of an ideal size that makes fitting to be easy by a mechanic or DIY guy
  • It functions silently when brakes are applied
  • Wagner QC1324 has excellent stopping power even at high speed
  • It lowers dust leaving your wheels clean

Wagner ZD1327 Front brake pad

The Wagner ZD1327 front brake pad is another high end braking pad. It is 100% OE cured and thus doesn’t need to be cured. This front brake pad has a high stopping power that ensures the brakes work effective. It is lower copper 2021 compliant ceramic formulation. In addition, it functions silently when the brakes are applied and are very durable. Another powerful feature of this Wagner model is that it has an application design for quiet operation and lowers vibration.
Wagner ZD1327 Front brake padCheck Price

Main features:

  • Lower copper 2021 compliant ceramic formulation
  • Optimal stopping performance
  • 100% OE post cured
  • Application specific design
  • OE style lubricant
  • Certified


  • They are long lasting
  • They function quietly when brakes are applied
  • Wagner ZD1327 perform extremely well in stopping a car when brakes are applied
  • They are specifically created to lower noise causing vibration
  • They are easy to fit
  • This brake pad do not need cure as they are already cured

Wagner ThermoQuiet QC787 Ceramic disc pad set with installation with installation hardware

This is one of the best Wagner pads. It is made of ceramic disc pad which is very durable. It comes with installation hardware for easy setup. This brake pad performs well in stopping of a car or SUV. Also, it covers a wide range of cars which makes it a great option for several motorists. It has a laser shaped friction technology that helps in reducing vibration and getting rid of noise when brakes are applied. Acquire this Wagner model if you want to effectively stop your vehicle even at high speed.
Wagner ThermoQuiet QC787Check Price

Main features:

  • OE match friction material
  • Laser shaped friction technology
  • Optimal performance
  • Patented IMI one piece brake pad
  • Comprehensive coverage


  • They are highly effective in performance
  • Can cover a wide range of vehicles domestic and foreign such as light trucks, passenger vehicles, mini vans and SUVs.
  • It functions without causing noise and dissipates heat created during braking
  • It as well eliminates vibration during work
  • Easy to setup by a professional or DIYers

Wagner QuickStop ZD1293 Ceramic disc pad set with installation hardware

Wagner Quikstop ZD1293 is a wonderful pad set when it comes to stopping your vehicle effectively. It is compliant with the low copper ceramic formulation of 2021. It is cured in advance and performs very well. Wagner ZD1293 has an application specific design that helps eradicate vibration and eliminate noise during use. Besides being certified, it comes with OE lubricant which makes it even more effective. Get to use this pad set of you want to have a smooth operating braking system for your vehicle.
Wagner QuickStop ZD1293 Ceramic disc pad setCheck Price

Main features:

  • Ceramic disc pad set
  • OE style lubricant
  • Optimal stopping performance
  • 100% OE post cured
  • Low copper 2021 compliant ceramic formulation
  • Application specific design
  • Certified


  • It functions silently when brakes are applied
  • It has minimal vibration which is subdued by application specific design
  • Wagner Quikstop ZD1293 is cured and therefore doesn’t need curing
  • It is very durable
  • It is highly effective in performance and can be relied on

Wagner ThermoQuiet QC699 Ceramic disc pad set with installation hardware

The Wagner ThermoQuiet QC699 ceramic disc pad is very effective in performance as it has a high stopping power. Moreover, the Wagner model has low copper technology and can be applied on a number of cars. Fitting it isn’t an issue as it comes with installation hardware. It is long lasting and ensures the wheels are kept clean with low dust formulation. It is 35% quieter than most brake pad sets on the market. For a safer and reliable braking pad, try this Wagner model.
Check Price

Main features:

  • Lasts longer
  • Dust formulation
  • High stopping power
  • Low copper technology
  • Factory fit ceramic disc pad set


  • It has 15 percent more stopping power than most pad sets on the market
  • It is very durable and lasts long before needing to replace it with a new pad set
  • Wagner ThermoQuiet QC699 is very easy to install as you can do it on your own
  • It keeps the wheel clean as it lowers dust sticking on the pads
  • It functions very silently, actually 35% less than other braking pads

With the above detailed information on the different models of Wagner barking pads, you can now go ahead and choose one that you feel is good for your car. Car brakes shouldn’t be joked with and the brake pads are a huge part of them. Pick a high performing brake pad and it should be compatible with your car. The 5 braking pads from Wagner that we’ve discussed about above are some of the best. Wagner is a reliable brand and you can rely on it for high stopping power, quiet operation and long lastingness.


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