What are the Best Brake Rotors to buy? Reviews 2019

If you drive a car, truck or any other vehicle on a daily basis, you definitely know the importance of having an effective braking system. A poor braking system may mean you losing control and hitting another car, structure or pedestrian. A great section of the braking system is the brake rotor. Brake rotors function together with the brake pads and other braking parts to provide your car with a high stopping power.

For this reason, you need to identify the best disc rotors for your vehicle. There are different brands and types and its work knowing how to select the best. Read on to know how to select the best brake rotors.

Top 5 Best Brake Rotors Comparison Table 2019

ImagesBrake RotorsWeightProduct Dimensions
Editor's Choice
Check Price
ACDelco 18A813A Advantage Non-Coated Front Disc Brake Rotor
Read Review
17 pounds12 x 12 x 2.9 inches
Editor's Choice
Centric 120.47018 Premium Brake RotorCheck Price
Centric 120.47018 Premium Brake Rotor
Read Review
15.98 pounds13.5 x 12.4 x 12 inches
Check PriceACDelco 18A816A Advantage Non-Coated Front Disc Brake Rotor
Read Review
14.4 pounds12.2 x 11.5 x 2.2 inches
DuraGo BR31275 Front Vented Disc Brake RotorCheck PriceDuraGo BR31275 Front Vented Disc Brake Rotor
Read Review
18.3 pounds 13 x 13 x 2.5 inches
ACDelco 18A811ACheck PriceACDelco 18A811A Advantage Non-Coated Rear Disc Brake Rotor
Read Review
1 pounds12.2 x 11.2 x 2.2 inches

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Types of brake rotors

  • Cross-drilled rotors

This type of disc rotors offer more bite and they allow air to blow through the disc, thus assisting to maintain the rotors cool and vent even more brake gas. They are very effective in performance.

  • Slotted rotors

These highly improve braking performance. They also offer extra bite and friction to your pads. The slots on the rotor face as well enable gas to vent and escape from between the pad and the rotor, keeping the friction areas clean and reducing the chance of brake fade.

  • Vented rotors

These are made of two friction surfaces sandwiched together with a network of vanes and posts between them. This design allows air to flow freely inside the rotor and the vanes are particularly created to form a vortex that sucks hot air and gas away from the pads.

Things to look for when searching for the best brake rotors

  • Features – look for a disc rotor that has features that you want. It should dissipate heat very well, have a rounded radius, operate silently, be balanced for effective performance and it should be of the right thickness. These are some of the features to look at if ypu want a high performing rotor for your car.
  • Compatibility – ensure that the brake disc that you choose is compatible with your vehicle. Not all disc rotors created will work with any car as there are different makes built for particular car brands.
  • Performance – different brake discs perform differently. Pick a design and type that works well with the brake pads so that the braking system is functional and very effective. Also, those made from carbon ceramic composite are more enduring and provide the best performance.
  • Brand – go for a highly recommended brand by looking at customer reviews from previous buyers. There are brands known to produce the best quality such as Wagner, EBC, Stoptech, AcDelco, Centric and DuraGo.
  • Price – every brand comes up with different pricing on their disc rotors as they are built with varying features. For those who want quality brake rotors, they should be ready to spend so that they can get the best. There are also low priced brake discs that don’t perform as efficient as the high-quality ones.
  • Warranty – always consider buying a brake disc with a warranty. There are different manufacturers and you should go for those who believe in their brands.

    Most of the brake disc brands offer a warranty on a replacement under certain conditions and just a handful of them provide a lifetime warranty. Go for those that fully provide guarantee on their brake rotors.

Top Rated 5 Best brake rotors review 2019

Here is the top rated 5 brake rotors list.

AcDelco 18A813A Advantage Front Disc Brake Rotor (Our Top Pick)

AcDelco 18A813A is a quality disc rotor with excellent features that improve the overall braking mechanism of your car.

Also, it has multiple alloys for enhanced dissipation of heat and performance. The radius is round in shape for added strength. Furthermore, it is quality validated for proper metallurgy and right brake plate thickness.
AcDelco 18A813ACheck Price

Main features:

  • Rounded radius
  • Non-coated front disc brake
  • Mill balanced
  • Multiple alloys


  • It is durably made for optimal performance
  • It is balanced
  • Has multiple alloys for enhanced heat dissipation
  • The radius is rounded for extra strength

Centric 120.47018 Premium Brake Rotor

The Centric 120.47018 premium brake rotor has amazing features that make this rotor to be very effective in applying stopping power.
They have a black e-coating to prevent the rotor from corrosion and a machined finish to maintain cleanliness. The center split core castings is for proper heat transfer on the disc rotor.
Centric 120.47018 Premium Brake RotorCheck Price

Main features:

  • Center-split core castings
  • Black e-coating
  • Machined finish
  • Double disc ground


  • It is built with a double disc ground for silent operations and smoother stops
  • The black e-coating protects the rotor from corrosion
  • It has an excellent machined finish for cleaner looking parts
  • It evenly transfers heat as a result of its center-split core castings

AcDelco 18A816A front disc brake rotor

AcDelco 18A816A front disc brake rotor is well balanced and doesn’t require additional weight. Also, it has a rounded radius for additional strength and numerous alloys for improved heat dissipation. It is very effective in performance and compatible with several car types.
AcDelco 18A816ACheck Price

Main features:

  • Rounded radius
  • Mill balanced
  • Quality validated
  • Multiple alloys


  • It has several alloys for better heat dissipation and great performance
  • The rounded radius is for extra strength
  • It doesn’t need extra weights as it is well balanced

DuraGo BR31275 front vented disc brake rotor

The DuraGo BR31275 is another powerful and durable disc rotor. It has excellent features that enable suitable heat dissipation and high performance of the brake disc. The castings that the brake rotor comes with are created to high metallurgical standards for consistent quality, strength and performance. Also, it is compatible with several vehicles.
DuraGo BR31275Check Price

Man features:

  • Multiple vane configurations
  • Non-directional swirl finish
  • Castings
  • ISO certified manufacturer
  • Precise hub hole chamfer


  • It has a non-directional swirl finish that gets rid of the need for machining before setting the brake disc.
  • It has enhanced performance
  • The multiple vane configurations force out air and pull in cool air for ideal heat dissipation
  • The precise hub hole chamfer ensures a hub centric fit

AcDelco 18A811A Rear Disc Brake rotor

AcDelco 18A811A rear disc brake rotor is durably constructed. It has a rounded radius for added strength. In addition it is well balanced and doesn’t require more weight. It has several alloys for better heat dissipation and greater performance. Furthermore, it is compatible with many vehicles.
AcDelco 18A811ACheck Price

Main features:

  • Mill-balanced
  • Rounded radius
  • Quality validated
  • Several alloys
  • Non-coated rear disc brake


  • It is well balanced and there is no need for extra weights
  • It has a rounded radius for extra strength
  • The different alloys it comes with are for improved heat dissipation and performance

Since there are various disc rotor brands and types, make sure you acquire one that is compatible with your vehicle for optimal performance in stopping the car. Pick one with advanced features and it should be solidly built from carbon ceramic composite. Also, the finish should prevent the disc rotor from rusting. Also, ensure that it is compatible with your car, and it is from a notable brand.

After a long search, hope now you’ve found the right rotor for your car as we have offered you all the useful information that you need to make the right choice.


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