Fix Code C0800: Problematic Control Module Power Circuit


The trouble code C0800 is the engine code of the vehicle. It is one kind of chassis problem in cars. If you notice the engine light or the ABS light turns on, you may be confused about the car’s internal system. It is natural to be confused as the light indicates the system’s problems. The engine code C0800 indicates a chassis problem with the control module power circuit. It is a big issue for a vehicle and needs to be solved immediately.

What is a Control Module Power Circuit?

The circuit is a power-trained control module (PCM). What does it do? It is a control unit, a piece of the necessary equipment to be used in the vehicles. The engine control unit (ECU) and the transmission control unit (TCU) combine to make the control module power circuit. The PCM is also an automotive component.

What are The Causes of the Code C0800?

The OBD II trouble code C0800 is related to the control module power unit. The OBD II scanner will show you the C0800 code if the unit faces any problem. This awareness of the potential cause will help you to avoid doing harmful work on the car and to repair it as soon as possible if a problem arises. So, you are getting the cause of having the C0800 code.

  • Faulty Control Module Power

When the control module is damaged, the vehicle cannot receive a proper electrical connection. Often, the control module works as a supply face to the multiple links. The car cannot have perfect control when the module loses its power. The consequence becomes a reason for causing the car’s problem and showing the C0800 code on the scanner. Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Powertrain Control Module

  • Disconnection or The Poor Electrical Connection of Control Module 

The control module can not work efficiently with the poor and inappropriate electrical connection. So, when the link becomes faulty, the module also becomes unable to use. It makes the driving uncomfortable and terrible.

  • Unnecessary Fuel Expense

When the control module affects and starts to create any problem, you will find the unnecessary fuel expense in your vehicle. Sometimes you can notice your car cannot control the measure of fuel. As a result, the extensive amount of fuel takes your valuable money. When the car falls into the problem, it needs to use more fuel than necessary, and your vehicle falls into a significant issue. As a result, the OBD II scanner shows the error code C0800.

  • Voltage Imbalance of the Control Power

If the control module has a low/high voltage, it can not work as before. The module works with the assistance of electricity. So, it must have the proper connection. The voltage imbalance is a significant reason for hampering the control module and its smooth electrical connection. Consequently, it shows the C0800 code.

  • Open or Shorted Power Harness

The proper connections of the module enable the vehicle’s instruments to work. But, the open or shorted power harness can be risky for keeping the connectivity. Sometimes, the shorted harness can open accidentally and be a reason for hampering the control module power circuit. So, any harm to the power harness can be incredibly reliable for the error code C0800.

How Can I Repair the Error Code C0800?

The C0800 code indicates the problem with your vehicle’s control module power circuit. The problem can cause poor connectivity of your car. As it is a significant problem in maintaining a good vehicle condition, you must repair it immediately. 

  • Identifying The Problems

At first, you can determine the problem and classify it. When you get an issue related to losing connection, you can fix it if you have a clear concept of electricity. Otherwise, you have to take the vehicle to an expert electrician. 

  • Identifying The Error Code

The OBD II trouble code will ensure you the specific problem. If you can identify that the problem is about the power circuit, you have to check the OBD II code and verify whether it is C0800 or not. The C0800 ensures you the problem is control module power unit related. 

  • Repairing The Problem

After getting the error code, the essential step is to repair and solve the problem. If you are not an expert, take your vehicle to an expert repairer. He will fix it in the best way. 

  • Check The Error Code Again

The error code C0800 indicates that your vehicle’s control module power circuit is problematic. After repairing the circuit, you will recheck the code with the OBD II scanner. When you notice no code, the power circuit system will ensure that it is ready for you as you can drive the car safely.

A Short Description of the Error Codde C0800

The C0800 is an error code of a vehicle that refers to a type of chassis problem. It comes for the power controlling problem of your car and destroys it. The control module power circuit ensures the proper energy use from air, fuel, and spark. If the error code C0800 comes, you will understand that the system is problematic. It harms the vehicle by overusing the energy and damaging the controlling fuel system. So, the error code C0800 is harmful to your vehicle and fuel measurement. 

Bottom Lines

As fuel controlling can save your money by using less fuel for driving, it is your helping hand to make you benefit. Although you need to expense fixing the C0800 error, you can save more money by saving fuel after the repair. Remove the C code after repairing. It is necessary to turn off the engine light that shows you that your car is problematic. But, if you can not turn off the light, go to the repairer again and fix your vehicle throughout. A good and trained mechanic can solve the problem easily.

Kevin Nicholas is an automotive technician who is a genius at software and hardware-related issues. He manually tested more than a hundred OBD scanners and gave his honest opinion on whether the device was worth the money or not. His in-depth OBD review articles help people choose the right product, whether it is a European, American, or Asian vehicle. He completed his Automotive Specialized Training Course at Universal Technical Institute and has more than 15 years of experience in the field.

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