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Best Torque Wrench Reviews 2022 for the Money

Are you having difficulty identifying a torque wrench of your choice? Do you want to use it on your bicycle, car, truck, or motorcycle? Whatever the case is, you will find the best torque wrench of your choice here. A torque is applied to tighten nuts and bolts. There are different types and brands of torque wrenches on the market. Some are advanced, while others are just simple tools. Depending on what you want to use it for, they differ in features and quality as well. The three main types of torque wrenches are click, beam, and electronic type. So, what is the best torque wrench for cars in 2022?

If you want to get value for your money, you can go for electronic types as they are considered more accurate than the other types. Though, their initial cost is a bit high. A good wrench will ensure that the user is able to tighten bolts easily and quickly. The torque wrench tool is very crucial for any garage or professional mechanic as it provides safe driving, optimized performance, and a comfortable ride through the tightening of the bolts and nuts.

Our Recommended Top 3 Torque Wrenches List

In this torque wrench review, we’ve compiled information that will assist you in choosing a quality tool to tighten your bolts and nuts. Read further to learn more.

Best For Professional Use: Check precision instruments torque wrench review

If you are a professional mechanic and need a tool that can do heavy-duty jobs without any inconvenience, then this precision instrument’s torque wrench is for you. Its 25.5 inches length and adjustment knob will get the job done effortlessly and quickly. Also, you can store it easily as the torque wrench doesn’t need to calibrate.

Value For The Money: Tekton 1/2 torque wrench 25-250

This item is for budget shoppers who want a quality torque wrench for DIY works. Its all-steel wear-resistant construction offers a prolonged lifespan and you will get a storage case and user manual with every purchase. Also, the scale is easy to read in the dark and notify you when it reaches the required value.

Affordable Choice: CDI 3/8 torque wrench

CDI 3/8 is an excellent Bi-directional torque wrench that has accuracy within ±0.005%. The scale is laser marked for easy measurement and the torque range is up to 100-foot pounds. It is a mid-ranged drive adjustable micrometer torque wrench that is ideal for both DIYers and professionals.

5 Best Torque Wrench Reviews

There are various advantages of using a torque spanner wrench. It makes the ride to be comfortable, safe for driving and optimizes performance. Beginners find it challenging to get a quality torque wrench as, in most cases, they don’t know what to look for. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro. We’ve made work easier for you by researching some of the best torque spanner wrenches on the market. These have been discussed further as follows:

TEKTON 24335 ½ inch drive click torque wrench (Our Top Pick)

Tekton is a wonderful brand with quality torque wrench tools. The Tekton 24335 ½ inch drive is made of steel which is a durable metal. It can be used on cars, trucks, and garden equipment.  In addition, it has a high-contrast, dual-range scale that is easy to read, even when it’s in low light. A click can be heard from this tool when the preset torque value is reached. The reversible ratchet head drives in both directions and measures torque in the clockwise direction—Tekton 24335 is one of the best torque wrenches under 100.

Technical Features of TEKTON 24335 Drive Click Torque Wrench Tool:

Features TEKTON 24335 1/2 inch
Ratchet: 24 tooth
Accuracy: ± 4 percent
Range – in.-lb. / ft.-lb.: 10-150 ft.-lb.
Drive: 1/2 inch
Range – Nm: 13.6-203.5 Nm
Increment: 1 ft.-lb. (1.36 Nm)
Length: 18-3/8 inch
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Made of: all-steel construction
Weight: 2.2 pounds

Best Torque WrenchCheck Price

Main features:

  • Steel construction
  • Dual range scale
  • Reversible ratchet
  • 10-150 ft.-lb
  • Ships pre-calibrated
  • Emits a click


  • It is durably made for longevity
  • It has an easy to read high contrast dual-range scale
  • Tekton 24335 emits a click that can be heard and felt when the preset value is attained.
  • It is reliable in performance.
  • It is ready to use an very accurate

CDI 1002MFRPH 3/8 inch drive torque wrench

The CDI is another top brand when it comes to quality wrenches. This CDI 1002MFRPH torque spanner wrench is durably made to last long. It has a nice and comfortable grip that the user can utilize for the perfect handling of the tool. Some of the special features of this wrench include dual scale, positive lock. In addition, it comes with a laser-marked single scale that is easy to read, and the tool can be set with much ease. With a torque range of 10 to 100 pounds and an adjustable micrometer, this wrench is one of the best for use by DIYers or professional mechanics. If you are looking for the best torque wrench for the money, then buy the CDI 1002mfrph model.

Technical Features of CDI 1002MFRPH Torque Spanner – 3/8 inch:

Features CDI 1002mfrph torque wrench
Ratchet: 24 tooth
Accuracy: ±0.005%
Range – in.-lb. / ft.-lb.: 10-100 lb.
Drive: 3/8”
Range – Nm: 16.9-132.2 Nm
Scale: Nm to 132
Length: 16”
Positive lock: Yes
Adjustable Micrometer: Yes
Weight: 2.55 pounds

3/8 inch drive torque wrenchCheck Price

Main features:

  • Positive lock
  • Torque range of 10 to 100 pounds
  • Laser marked single scale
  • Adjustable micrometer
  • Dual scale
  • Ergonomic handle


  • It is very easy to set
  • It is accurate
  • Has easy read laser marked scale
  • Has quick release button for great socket retention
  • The ergonomic handled provides a firm grip when utilizing the tool

Venzo Bicycle torque wrench

The Venzo bicycle torque wrench is a quality tool for tightening bolts and nuts. Just like its name suggests, this torque wrench device is used to tighten nuts and bolts on bicycles. It covers a torque range of 2-24 NM. It has an accuracy of around +/-4%. The bike torque wrench is of a click type and will make a click sound when the preset value is reached. In addition, the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty to buyers of this tool. Venzo is the best torque wrench for bikes or motorcycles.

Technical Features of Venzo Bicycle 1/4 Inch Driver:

Features Venzo Bike Torque Wrench
Ratchet: 24 tooth
Accuracy: ± 4 percent
Allen Keys:  3 /4 / 5 / 6 / 8 / 10 mm
Drive: 1/4 inch
Range – Nm: 2-24 NM
Warranty: 1 year
Great for:  bicycle parts or bolts
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Comes with: Guage perfect for bicycle carbon parts
Weight: 1.61 pounds

Venzo Bicycle wrenchesCheck Price

Main features:

  • Quality bits set
  • Click torque wrench
  • Bike torque wrench
  • Torque range of 2-24 NM
  • Guage
  • Accuracy +/-4%
  • One year warranty


  • It is very easy to use
  • It can be applied to a wide range of bicycles
  • It is very accurate
  • When you attain the preset value, you will hear a click
  • It is durably made for longevity
  • The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty.

Precision Instruments PREC3FR250F silver ½ inch drive split beam torque wrench

The Precision instrument PREC3FR250F is a quality beam-type torque wrench with an amazing chrome finish. It has an adjustable knob that removes spring tension. This makes setting torque on this wrench to be very quick and easy. Also, it has an ergonomic grip that provides a firm grip when using this wrench. Furthermore, it has torque settings lock for repetitive uses. This is a good torque wrench and can be used on various cars and light trucks. Acquire one if you want to properly and easily tighten the bolts of your Japanese car.

Technical Features of Precision Instruments PREC3FR250F:

Features Precision Instrument Torque Wrench
adjustable wrenches: Yes
Adjustment knob: eliminates spring tension
Dimensions 25.5 x 3 x 2.1 inches
Drive: 1/2 inch
Made of: Nickel/Chrome finish
Weight: 4.5 pounds

Precision Instruments split beam torque wrenchesCheck Price

Main features:

  • Torque settings locks
  • Nickel/chrome finish
  • Beam torque wrench
  • Adjustment knob
  • Flex head
  • Ergonomic grip


  • It has an ergonomic handle to provide an excellent grip t the user
  • It comes with an adjustable knob, and the entire wrench is adjustable for better performance
  • Prec3fr250f has a chrome/nickel finish which is beautiful and classy
  • It is convenient as it doesn’t need to be turned down after use.

ACDelco ARM601-4 ½ inch best digital torque wrench

The ACDelco ARM601-4 digital torque wrench is a powerful and efficient wrench. It is suitable to use on cars as it covers vehicles with a size of ½ inches. In addition, it has an LCD display that shows measurements for easy reading and setting the torque wrench device. The built-in audible buzzer is heard when the preset torque value is reached. This digital tool is very accurate and covers a range of 4-99 ft.-lbs. The 3 standard settings, which are measurement setting, torque setting, and mode setting, make it be easy to use.

Technical Features of ACDelco ARM601 Digital Torque:

Features ACDelco ARM601
Ratchet: 24 tooth
Accuracy: ±2% CW, ±3% CCW *
Range – in.-lb. / ft.-lb.: 4 to 99 foot-pounds
Drive: 1/2 inch
Standard Functions Torque setting, measurement setting, mode setting
Alert Types: Buzzer / LED
Length: 12-3/8”
 Operates: both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions
Eay to set up Peak or Trace modes
Weight: 4 pounds

ACDelco digital torque wrenchCheck Price

Main features:

  • Digital or electronic torque wrench
  • Audible buzzer
  • 3 standard settings
  • LCD display
  • 4-99 ft.-lbs
  • ½ inch range


  • It is durably made to last long
  • It is very easy to use with the LCD display
  • ACDelco ARM601-4 has advanced features and is very suitable for use on cars
  • It is simple to set up peak or trace modes
  • It can be easily powered with 3 AAA batteries
  • Functions in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions

Types of torque wrench

  • Click type torque wrench

Most of the professional mechanics and garages prefer using this type of wrench for automotive work. It functions perfectly when the correct amount of torque has been applied, and you will definitely feel and hear a click informing you of the right amount of torque. One of the things to note while using this torque is that you shouldn’t apply additional torque the moment you hear the click. Even if you attain the right torque, the wrench doesn’t prevent you from exerting more force. This is what many professionals recommend to use on automobiles.

  • Beam torque wrench

These are one of the oldest forms of wrenches on the market. It is very simple but similarly the least accurate and less reliable. It functions by a beam flexing against a visual indicator gauge as you torque which shows you the amount of torque that is being utilized in real-time. They are also the most cost-effective and can make a wonderful alternative for people who will likely use the torque wrench just a few times. Even though these wrenches are lowly priced, they are very heavy. Have this in mind when buying them.

  • Hydraulic torque wrench

This is specially created for exerting torque to a quicker and higher operation. For long-term work and efficiency, this kind of wrench is wonderful. It works by the pressure being applied to the nut or bolt the head as well as the pre-calibrated torque that can assist in tightening the nut or bolt head, which lubricated very well. For those seeking a lot of power and pressure, more so for use on automobiles, then this is the wrench for them. Heavyset automobiles can as well use this type of wrench.

  • Electronic torque wrench

The fourth type of torque wrench is the electrical type. Sometimes, this is referred to as a digital torque wrench. They utilize the same principle as click-type torque wrenches. The only difference is that instead of them clicking, they make a beeping noise. In addition, they provide both an audible notification the moment the right torque is attained and a digital reading of the torque. Some have additional features such as max torque applied and memory. But as with its sophistication comes a high initial cost. These are the most costly with their various additional features.

What to consider when buying a torque wrench

  • Construction

When looking for a quality torque wrench tool to buy, you should consider one that is durably made. Steel construction is regarded as the best by many if you want a long-lasting wrench. In addition, look for one with an excellent finish. A chrome finish is great. But there are as well other types of finishes that a person can choose from.

  • Size and weight

These tools come in different weights and sizes. There are those that are extremely heavy, and some are very large. For instance, a torque wrench applied to bicycles and motorcycles measures ¼ inches. Those with 3/8 inches are ideal for light trucks, automobiles, and other passenger cars, and those measuring 1 inch are built for cargo planes, large vehicles, aircraft, and tractors. Choose a size that meets your needs.

  • Grip

Since you will be working in wet surroundings or at times with oil or grease in your hands, you need to get a tool that has a nice grip that doesn’t slide during use. So, ensure the handle is comfortable and ergonomic in design for easy use.

  • Accuracy

If you have a sports car or a vehicle that needs a lot of accuracies, then you should go for an accurate torque spanner wrench. The electric torque wrench is the most accurate. But if your car doesn’t need great accuracy or wants the wrench for regular work, a click or beam type will be great for you.

  • Features

If you want a wrench with a wide range of features, then electric torque is the best choice for you. The beam type has the least features, and the click type comes with features that will enable you to carry out your work just well. Some of the features include knobs that relieve spring tension.

  • Range

The range of any wrench determines how much minimum and maximum torque can be applied with the tool. Every kind of work has its own range, such as light work requires 15-75 ft-lb, light to medium work needs 30-150 ft-lb, medium work needs 50-250 ft-lb, and heavy-duty work requires 120-600 ft-lb.

  • Performance

Consider figuring out how the torque wrench performs when in use. This is by reading several reviews about these products and determining which ones have been highly recommended by previous users. Also, see ratings online and check their strengths as well as weaknesses.

  • Storage

Not all these tools have a storage case. You should consider buying a wrench for the vehicle which has a storage case so that you can securely keep it when not in use or use the case for traveling purposes. It should be durably made.

  • Brand

Brands differ from one another with regard to quality. If you want the best torque wrenches, then you should buy from the best brands. These have advanced tools with excellent features. Also, they perform well, and most of them have been approved by previous users. For instance, Tekton, CDI, Precision instruments, and mountains are some of the notable brands.

  • Price

Before deciding to acquire a good quality torque wrench, you should come up with a budget that works for you. There are different types of wrenches with varying prices. Some are highly-priced, while others are well priced. If you want the best, you should be ready to spend.

  • Warranty

Most of the top-rated torque wrenches come with a warranty of at least one year or more. Some of these tools cost highly, and getting one without a warranty can be a huge risk in case it comes with a defect or another issue. The highly recommended brands have warranties of one year or more.

Benefits of having a torque wrench

  • Safe driving

Cars that have been well torqued are very easy to move around. This is because there are no things such as vibrations when you drive at high speed.

  • Comfortable rides

A ride becomes smooth when its bolts and nuts are tightened by torque wrenches. The difference will be identified the moment you turn the steering wheel.

  • Optimum performance

Hubs and other parts tightened by the use of torque wrenches lead to maximum performance. This is because parts and work with regard to their design specifications.

  • Lesser maintenance checkups are required

If the tightness levels are made correctly, the car will need lesser maintenance to be done.

DIYers and professional mechanics always have torque wrenches in their toolbox. These tools help car, motorcycle, or bicycle owners keep their rides highly maintained. These are more versatile than regular torque wrenches and perform exceptionally. A few things to consider when buying a quality torque wrench are its size, construction, weight, the range it covers, ease of use, and features it has.

This review about the best torque wrench has all the information that you need to make a well-informed decision. Thus, we’ve made things easy for you as you can pick from our top five list from above or use the information to get a torque spanner wrench of your choice.


  1. An impact wrench is also known as air wrench.


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