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Tomcat Rat Poison Review 2023: Our Recommended Top 2 List

In the past, rat and mouse traps were common in many homes that were invaded by rats. But as time went on, baits were discovered to be more effective ways to get rid of these small troublesome rodents. Today, many people prefer using rat killers or mouse poison to eliminate these rodents. One of the notable and commonly used rat poisons is Tomcat rat poison. It functions well by slowly killing the rat after consuming it on its bait. In this best tomcat rat poison review article, we have selected the top 2 poison that works.

Top 2 Tomcat Rat Poison Comparison Table 2022

ImagesTomcat Rat PoisonOur ratingPrice IdeaWeight
(Editor’s Choice)Check PriceMotomco Tomcat All Weather Bait Chunx, 9-Pound
Read Review
9.8 our of 10Medium9 pounds
(Editor’s Choice)
Check Price
Tomcat Mouse Killer I (Kid and Dog Resistant Refillable Mouse Bait Station, Bag with 16 Bait Blocks)
Read Review
9.7 our of 10Lowest1.25 pounds

If you are fed up trying various rodent bait killers without positive outcomes, you can try one of the two Tomcat rat killers that we are going to discuss in this review. They both come in bait chunks and will slowly kill the rat or mouse when it eats a portion of the bait poison.

Summary of Contents

These two are also highly rated on the market with lots of user reviews. In those online review sections, customers have praised them stating that they work effectively in getting rid of these pesky rodents. You can also look d con mouse trap if you believe in the trapping system.

Top Rated Tomcat Rat Poison Review 2023

Motomco Tomcat All-weather Bait Chunx(Our Top Pick)

Tomcat rodenticides are one of the best when it comes to controlling rodents in your home. Rats and mice can become a nuisance and the use of effective rodent killers like the Motomco Tomcat all-weather bait chunx can assist to get rid of rodents in the house. This bait chunx is a first-generation anticoagulant that implies killing the rat or mice. This poison slowly damages the rat body’s functionality and dies within a few days. Motomco Tomcat is our top-pick in this Tomcat Rat Poison Review article.

Technical Features of Tomcat All-Weather Rat Poison Killer:

Features Tomcat All-weather Bait
Eliminating: both the rat and mice
Contains: Diphacinone
good for: light to moderate infestations
Made with : food-grade ingredients and small amounts of paraffin
Flavor: Peanut flavored
Unique block shape and edges: Yes
Contain holes: Yes
mold and moisture resistant: Yes
low wax content: Yes
Weight: 9lbs

The active ingredient in this rodent poison which is bromadiolone helps in suffocating the rodent to death. In addition, it is made with human food-grade ingredients that entice the rats to come and have a taste of the poison before they die slowly. Also, the 9-pound Motomco tomcat bait chunx can be utilized in different kinds of weather. Use this rat killer to eliminate these bothersome rodents from your home and have peace.
Motomco Tomcat All weather Bait ChunxCheck Price

Main features:

  • All-weather bait
  • 1st generation anticoagulant
  • Contains bromadiolone
  • 9 lbs
  • Has human food-grade ingredients


  • It can function in different types of weather which include winter and summer without any problem.
  • It functions exceptionally well to kill rats and mice and is considered to be tougher than a barnyard.
  • Motomco contains the active ingredient bromadiolone which suffocates and kills rats and mice in the house.
  • It is made with human food-grade ingredients that attract and entice the rats and mice to come and have a taste of the bait chunx.
  • The rat killer poison is available in two sizes which is 4 pounds and 9 pounds
  • Functions better than rat traps as some traps cannot hold large rats

Tomcat Mouse Killer

This is one of the most effective rodent killers on the market. This rat poison made by Tomcat works well by getting rid of the bothersome rodents that invade our homes and cause sleepless nights. It comes with 32 blocks with every bait block having the capability to kill at least 6 mice. The mouse killer comes with a bait station that functions together with the bait block to eliminate the mouse. Furthermore, the mouse poison comes with a kid-resistant and dog-resistant refillable station that is safe to utilize indoors. Use this rat and mouse poison to eliminate all the small rodents that are disturbing you in the house.

Technical Features of Tomcat Mouse Killer I:

Features Tomcat Rat Killer
Eliminating: up to 6 both the rat and mice
Contains: Diphacinone
good for:  light to moderate infestations
Used: indoor
Kid & dog resistant: Yes
Resistant to weather: Yes
 Economical choice: Yes
Resistant to tampering: Yes
Dimensions: 4 x 8.8 x 10.5 inches
Comes with: 32 bait blocks

Tomcat Mouse KillerCheck Price

Main features:

  • Bait block
  • Indoor application only
  • Kid resistant refillable station
  • Resistant to tampering


  • The rat poison functions effectively by just one bait block killing up to 6 mice.
  • It is suitable for indoor use where the rat or mice is trapped in the kid resistant refillable station
  • Tomcat is safe to use in the house as kids cannot get access to the bait placed in the bait station.
  • It comes with 32 bait blocks which are enough to eliminate all the mice and rats that may evade your home for a long while.
  • The bait blocks together with the bait station function effectively not allowing the rat or mice to escape after consuming the poisonous bait.

How to detect rodents in your home

Rats and mice are animals that no one wishes to have in their house. This is because they cause a lot of damage to clothes, foods, and furniture as well as documents. The moment you discover you’re one of these in your house, it’s vital to tackle them right away. But how do you know if you have rats or mice in your peaceful home? Some of the signs to look out for if you suspect to have rats are: places where wood has been gnawed, a trail of dust, a heavy mask odor in the house, smears along baseboards and other places and rat or mice droppings. These are some of the signs to watch out for.

How to effectively use the rat killer poison?

  • If you have pets in your residence, use bait stations to avoid them being victims of rodent poison. Rat baits attract more than just the rodents as cats and dogs in your home may also be tempted to eat the bait.
  • Know the type of rodent you want to get rid of. Different baits may work differently on some types of rodents. Choose a bait that the rodent loves so that it can be attracted to it.

Advantages of using Tomcat Rat killer over other types

  1. The Tomcat bait is very easy to use
  2. It kills rodents very effectively as long as they have a taste of the bait chunx
  3. It functions better than rats or mouse traps as it kills all of them regardless of the size

Where to place the Tomcat bait chunx

Place the Tomcat bait killer on the ground and not on dishes. Also, you should place the bait in an area where your other pets don’t frequent so that they don’t get to take the bait as it may lead to their suffocation too. Tomcat Rat Poison Review The place near the rodents dwelling or where they like to feed.

How long does Tomcat rodent killer take to kill

If it’s a mouse, it may take a few hours to die. But if it’s the rat, they take a while because they are larger. Usually, rats take at least a week or more to die. Also, rats are usually large in number and this might take a while before the entire population is wiped out.

What rodents does the Tomcat rat poison kill?

The rat killer poison is able to eliminate a number of rodents and even pets can fall victim. The cats can suffocate, but the poison isn’t strong enough to kill the dogs. The main targets for the Tomcat rat killer are rats and mice, which cause havoc and trouble in homes. This is the biggest advantage of using tomcat.

The Tomcat rat poison killer is an effective brand of mice and rat killer in homes. Although the rodent poison works slowly, it is very effective and can be relied on to wipe a rat or mice population in your home. There are different types of Tomcat mouse and rat poisons to choose from but we have discussed the Tomcat mouse killer and Motomco Tomcat All-weather bait chunk. These functions excellent and can be depended on to kill rats.
I hope this Tomcat rat poison review post will help to get rid of rats.

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  1. Pet lovers beware of ingredients! I sent this note to Tom Cat:
    I have used tom cat products with great results. My concern is the use of bromethalin in the product I currently had used. Little did I know that this poison has no antidote like the anticoagulant types. I found that out today when my dog got ahold of one to my horror. I called the vet immediately and they induced vomiting and treated him with activated charcoal and I will continue to treat with activated charcoal but will not guarantee that he will survive this. My vet is awesome and they too wish that this poison was not available for purchase. Please consider removing this product from your product line. Warfarin/anticoagulants and the like are called rat poison in the human world for a reason. Vit K is used with good results when necessary. Bromethalin has no good use unless you place very large warning signs on your packaging.

  2. Mrs. Sheila Renee Blagrave

    If a dog gets ahold of a mouse that has ingested the poison, will the dog die?

  3. If my cat eats a rat that has been poisoned will he get sick

  4. Just got back from my morning feeding of my rats. Just finished the second box of Tomcat Rodent Block, they love it. The only problem is that it is not killing anything. I have been putting it out in the AM & PM (16 pieces) all gone when I go back and check.
    Do you make anything stronger ?

  5. I put a chunk near my house without using the box the next morning it was gone..I think I did a terrible thing now feeling really bad about this..we have many squirrels..but mice too..and when I saw the mice go under the house through a crack that is where I put the block…can squirrels die from this..???

  6. will cats eat this product, if so will it kill the cats

  7. Shannon Oelslager

    Do you have to search for the dead mouse/rat carcasses around the home once this works?

      • if the rat dies in your attic, are you saying that the body will not create an odor as it rots away?

  8. when a mouse dies from this product ,and it is under building or dies in duck work will it just wrought away and smell or does it dry out to stop smell.

  9. will tomcat rat bate kill squirlles?

      • It kills mice & rats, but not squirrels. Aren’t they rodents too?

  10. Sarah L Johnson

    If a hawk or coyote get ahold of a rat or mouse that has eaten Tom Cat all weather will they die or get sick?

    • Coyote is safe from that, but Hawk may get sick.

  11. Robert W Wright

    sure it will kill the cat!!

  12. My puppy just ate a chunk of this bait I gave him peroxide 1tsp right away and he did throw up and you could see the green chunks in it so I know some of it came up idk if all of it did or not will he die from this or will he make it my kids are going to be so devastated pose some one help me on what I can do

    • It wouldn’t harm your puppy.

  13. We have 4 chihuahua size dogs that will eat poop 😔 will this harm them if they do?

  14. Will this product kill a mink or weasel? I am having trouble under my henhouse.


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