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Best Rat Poison Reviews 2020: The Most Effective Rodents Killer

One of the most dreadful experiences that homeowners experience is infestation by rats and other rodents such as mice. Rats are small but very troublesome when they enter your home and destroy a number of things. They eat food, paper, and even clothes. Also, rats multiply very fast and before you know it, they will be everywhere in your residence spoiling all kinds of things that they come across. Whether it’s in the bedroom, living room or kitchen, they will eat and spoil your things faster than you know it. What is the best rat poison to kill rats of 2020?

Our Recommended 5 best rat poison Comparison Table

ImagesRat PoisonOur ratingPrice IdeaProduct Dimensions
(Editor’s Choice)Check PriceMotomco Tomcat Bait Chunx Pail 4 LB
Read Review
9.5 our of 10Medium2.8 x 1.5 x 1 inches
(Ready Mix Choice)Check PriceD-Con Ready Mix Baitbits Mice Rats Brodifacoum 3oz (1 Tray)
Read Review
9.4 our of 10High2.2 x 1.9 x 1 inches
(Budget Choice)Check PriceJT Eaton 166004 709-PN Bait Block Rodenticide Anticoagulant Bait, Peanut Butter Flavor, for Mice and Rats (9 lb Pail of 144)
Read Review
9.2 our of 10Low1.8 x 0.9 x 2 inches
Check PriceMotomco Tomcat All Weather Bait Chunx, 4 Lb
Read Review
9 our of 10Medium1.8 x 0.9 x 2 inches
Check PriceFoseal Mini Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner, Car Diagnostic Tool OBDII Scan Tool Android Windows,Wireless Automotive Check Engine Light Code Reader 1996 Newer Vehicles in US, Not fit iOS/iPhone
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9 our of 10Lowest4 x 1 x 3.5 inches
The best way to handle rats is to tackle them the moment you spot one of them or realize that you have company. For many years now, rat traps have been used to kill rats but haven’t been that effective. It’s also annoying to remove rats from the trap. Rat poison has proven to be highly effective in killing rats within a short period. When a person uses the right rat killer, this will certainly suffocate and get rid of the rats or mice in your home. But also, when using rat killer poison, the person should be very keen as it might kill other rodents, pets and it’s also dangerous to children.


Top 5 best rat poison reviews 2020

Rats can be a nuisance to any home as they cause sleepless nights. From chewing of furniture to eating leftovers and spoiling papers, rats can be a headache.

After several people asked us on which rodent killer is the best to utilize at home, we decided to conduct research that lead us to come up with the best rodent killer poison. These are as follows:

Motomco Tomcat Mouse and rat poison(Our Top Pick)

Tired of these pesky small animals invading your clothes, food, and furniture, get the Motomco Tomcat poison to instantly eliminate the rats from your house just a few hours of consuming it.

It kills Norway rats, roof rats, and mice. It contains a toxic substance which is bromethalin that suffocates them to death. This is one of the best rat poison on the market.
Best Rat PoisonCheck Price

Technical Features of MOTOMCO Tomcat Bait Chunx:

Features Motomco Tomcat Rat Poison
Eliminating: both the rat and mice
Contains: Diphacinone
good for:  light to moderate infestations
Used: indoors in areas inaccessible to children, pets or non-target animals
Toxic Dose: Yes
effective liquid bait: Yes
 Economical choice: Yes
Liquid concentrated: Yes
Has anticoagulants: Yes
Available in: 4lb, 10lb

Top features:

  • Contains bromethalin
  • Toxic dose
  • Has anticoagulants
  • 4 lbs


  • It kills instantly after feeding on it
  • Kills different types of rats with Norway and roof rats included
  • Kills the rodents very quickly with just a single dose

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D-Con Ready-mix Baitbits Mice Rats killer

If you have tried to kill Warfarin resistant mice and Warfarin resistant Norway rats to no progress, then this is the best rodent killer to use. It is made up of brodifacoum which helps to suffocate the rats and mice to death. All you just need to do is to ensure that they have a single dose of the killer poison.

Technical Features of DCon Ready Mix Baitbits:

Features D-Con Rat Killer
Eliminating: Warfarin resistant mice and Warfarin resistant Norway rats
Contains: Brodifacoum
good for: Single feeding
Ideal for: hard-to-reach areas
Color Category: Brown
4 ready to use bait filled trays: Yes
 mess-free solution: Yes
store only in the original container: Yes
Ready Mixed Baitbits: Yes
Available in: 0.96 oz, 3 oz

ready mix Baitbits Mice Rats killerCheck Price

Top features:

  • Kills rats and mice
  • Is made up of brodifacoum
  • 3 oz D-con ready mix babies


  • It kills on just one feeding
  • Kills Warfarin resistant mice and Warfarin Norway rats

Read more details about the D con mouse trap

JT Eaton 709-PN Mice and Rats poison

This is one of the highly-rated rat killers on the market. It has diphacinone and is made of an anticoagulant block that acts as the bait. The peanut flavor draws the rats and other rodents to the bait which makes them suffocate on consuming. The manufacturer offers a one-year limited warranty to the purchasers of the rodent poison.
JT Eaton Mice and Rats poisonCheck Price

Technical Features of JT Eaton Bait Block:

Features JT Eaton 709-PN
Eliminating: both the rat and mice
Contains: Diphacinone (0.005-percent)
good for: light to moderate infestations
Includes:  144 packs of 1-ounce rodenticide blocks
Flavor: Peanut flavored
Anticoagulant block bait: Yes
 resealable pail: Yes
perfect for:  garages or basements
Warranty:  1-year limited warranty
Available in: 9.5 pounds

Top features:

  • The active ingredient is diphacinone
  • Anticoagulant block
  • One year limited warranty


  • It effectively kills rats and mice
  • Has a peanut flavor that attracts rodents to the poisonous bait
  • Kills both mice and rats

Tomcat All-weather Bait Chunx

Are you looking for a rat poison killer with human food-grade ingredients? Look no further than the Tomcat All-weather bait chunx. This helps in eliminating both the rat and mice in your home. It contains bromadiolone that suffocates the rodents. Use it to get rid of these pesky animals with its human food-grade ingredients that attract the rats. If you are looking for the best rat poison for home then Tomcat will be on the top!

Technical Features of Tomcat All-Weather Rat Poison Killer:

Features Tomcat All-weather Bait
Eliminating: both the rat and mice
Contains: Diphacinone
good for: light to moderate infestations
Made with : food-grade ingredients and small amounts of paraffin
Flavor: Peanut flavored
Unique block shape and edges: Yes
Contain holes: Yes
mold and moisture resistant: Yes
low wax content: Yes
Available in: 4lb, 9lb, and 18lb Pails

All weather Bait ChunxCheck Price

Top features:

  • Kills both rat and mice
  • Comes in 4 pound
  • Made up of human food-grade ingredients
  • Diphacinone
  • bromadiolone


  • Controls rat and mice very effectively
  • Has human food-grade ingredients that attract the rodents

Old Cobblers Farnam rats and house mice killer

The Old Cobblers Farnam killer functions well by slowly eliminating the rat or mice days after consuming the bait poison.
Unlike other baits, the rat just needs to take one dose which will make it perish after around 4 days. The bromadiolone substance that it contains helps to kill the rat on eating the poisonous bait.

Technical Features of Old Cobblers Farnam Rat Killers:

Features Old Cobblers Farnam Mouse Poison
Eliminating: both the rat and mice
Contains: Bromadiolone
good for: in and around the agricultural building
Features nibble ridges: Yes
Center mounting hole: Yes
The lethal dose in a single night’s feeding : Yes
Available in: 4lb, 9lb, and 18lb Pails

Top features:

  • Kills mice and rats
  • 16 oz
  • Lethal dose
  • Contain bromadiolone


  • Can kill different rats such as Norway rats, house mice, and roof rats
  • It is a lethal dose made of bromadiolone
  • Just needs one dose to suffocate the rat or mice

How rat poison functions?

Rat killer functions as an anticoagulant causing hemorrhage by preventing rat’s blood from clotting. Anticoagulants function by exhausting Vitamin K stores which are a highly essential component in blood clotting in a rat’s system. Together with this rodent killer have big doses of other anticoagulants like indandione and 4-hydroxycoumarin anticoagulants which lead to a big trauma to the rat’s blood vessel walls. One thing you need to know is that rats are very dangerous to humans, and it doesn’t matter if they are alive or dead.  Thus, they should be handled with great care.

Types of rodenticide

There are usually two types of rodenticides. These are first-generation and second-generation rodenticides.

  1. First Generation rodenticide – this form of poison suffocates the rat slowly after consuming the killer bait. The baits that are used in the first generation have a cumulative effect. This implies that rats don’t die instantly and must repeatedly take the poisonous bait for them to die.
  2. Second Generation rodenticide – this is very effective in performance as just a single consumption of the killer bait is enough to kill them.

NB: Rat killer poison is created in different forms such as in bars, pellets, blocks, and chunks. This method is less costly but more effective than using traps. Also, the bait should be placed in traffic locations such as under the cabinets, around the sink and in rat holes or below the porches.

Types of rat poison

When using rodenticides to eliminate rats from your residence, it’s important to note that some rat rodenticides are more lethal than others. There are those which just need one dose to finish off the rats while others need more than just a single consumption. Therefore, it’s crucial to utilize the rat killer very well so that you don’t end up killing other pets and place the bait in the right place. The different types of rat poisons you will likely find on the market include:

  • Anti-coagulants

These have harmful chemicals that are known to interfere with blood clotting. Usually, the rat will die after one to two weeks of taking the deadly dose. Some of the notable anticoagulants include difethialone, diphacinone, bromadiolone, brodifacoum, and chlorophacinone. Of all the anticoagulants, the most famous are fumaric and warfarin. These are the most used poison for killing rats but should not be applied in the presence of children.

  • Bromethalin

This type of rat poison is acceptable to use around pets when compared to other forms. The neurotoxin is safer for use and functions by killing the rats a few hours after consuming the poison. This poison bait provides faster outcomes as its made of a combination of natural foods that attract rats and has bromethalin which is the active ingredient that kills rats speedily. This is one of the best rat poison ingredients.

  • Calciferol

This is another kind of rodent poison that works by affecting vitamin D and calcium levels in the body. When a rat consumes this dangerous bait it causes hypercalcemia to them. This is a condition where the level of calcium is heightened to such a huge phase that the blood vessels, heart, stomach, lungs and kidneys are harmed by calcification. When the poisoning is too much, it will increase calcium levels which will lead to death. Though, these perform slowly than bromethalin and may take a day for the rat to die.

  • Combinations

In some nations, 3 component poison that is made up of anticoagulant, vitamin D and antibiotics are utilized effectively to kill these bothersome rats.

What to know before acquiring rat poison

  • Identify your rat

Before you acquire the bait to eliminate the rodents in your home, you need to know the type of rat you are going to tackle. Some of the two major types of rats are the Norway rat, also referred to as the brown rat, house rat, water rat or barn rat. This is common in Norway, Europe, China, and the USA. The second type of rat is the black rat. It is sometimes known as roof rat, ship rat or house rat. It is common in tropical Asia, the Gulf Coast of the United States, and Coastal Australia.

  • Know your bait

The moment you identify the type of rat you are trailing, be it a brown rat or black rat, you can know the type of bait to use. Black rats are usually vegetarians while brown rats eat both meat and plant foods. If you have noticed more than one rat species, it’s great if you use a plant bait like peanut butter to attract them.

  • Utilize smelly baits

Ill-smelling, sulfurous smells entice the rats. As a matter of fact, an extract of sulfur odor will by itself urge rats to consume cardboard, wood and other non-nutritive substances. The ill-smelling the peanut butter or cheese, the more enticing it will be to the rats. So, pick your bait wisely.

  • Set the bait before setting the trap

Before you put up the trap, you can set the bait so that the rat can eat it. This is because, if a rat smells food on another rat’s breath, it will eat that food. As a matter of fact, a rat needs to smell a mixture of carbon disulfide and food odor to feel okay consuming a new kind of food. And the moment one rat eats bait the other rats will come competing for it.

  • Rats love longer and thinner foods

Normally, rats hold their food in the paws and eat the middle, enabling the two ends to fall to the floor. Thus, longer, thinner foods are favored over pellets and nuggets. Thus, place baits that they can be eaten easily by rats in order to lure them.

  • Use small rat baits

When placing bait, avoid using huge bait as this might give the rats a difficult time. Choose the best rat poison bait that is in small chunks or thin. This will be easy for the rats to consume on the bait.

  • Attract the rat into the trap

Decide on a lace you want to place the bait by identifying where the rats are commonly found. This way, it will be easier to place bait and be sure that it will be consumed by the rat instead of another pet. Also, the other rats will access the bait area easily after the first one consuming on the bait.

  • Use rat attractants

Use a rat attractant that the rats aren’t used to as they will run away from the bait. If you’ve been using cheese, you can change to peanut butter. This will attract more rats and before they know it they will be suffocating. Change the type of baits after some time to effectively get rid of these stubborn rodents in your home.

Natural baits to use for traps

In order for you to trap the rat or mice to its poison or killer, you need to attract it with bait. Below are some of the main baits applied to attract rats into their trap.

  • Chocolate – rats are known to love sweet chocolates which can entice them to emerge from their hideout so that they can have a bit of it. Use this to entice them to the rat poison or trap.
  • Peanut butter – whether it’s in books or movies, there are many indications that rats are more attracted to peanut butter than even cheese. Utilize these to draw them to the poison easily.
  • Bread – another excellent food to use to bait rats or mice is bread. It can be plain bread or with some butter smeared on it. This will attract the rats from their hiding place to come and have a bite.
  • Cotton – though not very common, cotton is another wonderful nesting or bedding material that rats love. It can as well be applied to entice rats.
  • String – this material is used by rats to create their nests. Rats use strings to create their bedding or nest which keeps them warm.
  • Other bait products to use include; bacon, nuts, dried fruit, slices of sausage and hotdogs, among other things.

How to select the best rat poison?

Choosing a rat killer is not a very hard thing if you know what to look for in the best rat killer poison. In the past, people used traps which have shown not to be effective as rodent poison. This is because rats my outwit the traps but can’t evade the poison placed in the bait chunx.  For this killer poison for rats to function effectively, one needs to position it in a strategic place where rats feed so that they can have a taste of it before suffocating to death.

Unlike a trap which alerts the other rats when it kills, a rodenticide when consumed by a rat kills it.

A rat killer poison guarantees suffocation for the rat. Before you select a rat killer for your stubborn rats and mice in the house, there are some few things to know. First, there are different types of rats that need different types of baits and poison to perfectly kill them.  Ensure you get the quality rodecticide and you will no longer be worried about your documents or food in-store. Also, the best rat poison kills many rats at once and you won’t have to struggle changing traps so as to kill these troublesome rodents. I hope the information we’ve provided you in this review has been of great help to you. You can now find the best rodenticide by using our data or choose from our best five rodenticide poison from above.


  1. In a couple places on this site, you have the word cat rather than rat. I hope this was just a type-o.

    • Actually, I love cats and I hate rats. Thus, unintentionally those typo mistakes has happened :D. Now, fixed!

  2. Question for you: I had a storage container of shoes in my attic. A mouse got into the bag of pellets of Real Kill Rat killer and somehow got into the container and left the green pellets inside my shoes.
    Other than spilling them out, and cleaning the insides with Lysol wipes, my question is:
    Will there be any poison residue left inside the shoes that might adhere to my socks when I walk around my house, that might be dangerous to my cat and bunny?

    • These poisons are safe for cat, dog or human. They don’t have a life threatening element. Rat poison has rodenticide which helps to kill the rat without harming any other animals.


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