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D-con Mouse Trap Review 2024

Instead of calling a pest control expert in your home when you have a mouse infestation – you can do this on your own and save a lot of bucks and time too. Many people dislike these bothersome little animals in the name of rats and mice! This is because they mess in every corner of our homes, leaving us frustrated and at times a loss. Imagine a rat chewing up your hidden documents or your favorite shirt? This is really disgusting, and that’s why it’s important to immediately deal with this tiny pesky critter when you discover them in your home. This D-con mouse trap review article will help you to find the quality trap.

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One of the best ways to eliminate them is by the use of mouse traps. Traps for catching mice and rats have been in use for a long. There are different styles and brands to choose from in the market. One of the most famous mousetrap brands is D-con. This brand has been in the market for a while and offers some of the best. It has a wide range of models and styles of mouse traps to pick from. You can also look at tomcat brand poison.

Best D-con mouse trap review 2024

Are you tired of searching for a mousetrap that will effectively wipe out the mouse population from your home? Look no further than the D-con brand, which has several mouse exterminators to offer. After going through the various models that d-con offers, we came up with these models that are highly rated and perform well in trapping and killing a mouse. Read this D-Con Mouse Trap Review to know more.

d-Con Reusable Ultra set covered Mouse snap trap(Our Top Pick)

This is one of the most famous and used D-con mice traps. It is well designed to avoid a person from coming into contact with the dead mice. It has a sensitive trigger that prevents the mice from escaping from the trap after it is caught. This is as a result of its humane kill. In addition, the rodent exterminator is very easy to set up and can be placed anywhere in the house, such as in the kitchen, pantry, bathroom, living room, and bedroom. It is reusable and saves you the cost of acquiring a new rat trap every time you trap a mouse or rat.

Technical Features of D-Con Ultra Set Covered Mouse Traps:

Feature Description
Type Covered Mouse Trap
Brand D-Con
Model Ultra Set
Dimensions: 2.2 x 3 x 6.2 inches
Weight: 4.8 ounces
Safety Features Covered design to prevent accidental triggering by pets/humans
Ease of Use Easy to set with a single touch
Disposal No-see, no-touch disposal for convenience and hygiene
Effectiveness Designed for quick and effective trapping
Reusable/Disposable Disposable for hygienic handling
Suitable Locations Indoors and outdoors use
Baiting Pre-baited with attractant
Environmental Impact Reduced exposure to the rodenticide for non-target animals

D-con Mouse Trap ReviewCheck Price

Major features:

  • Easy to set
  • Covered snap trap
  • No contact with dead mice
  • Reusable
  • Sensitive trigger
  • Tunnel entrance


  • This trap is very easy to use and setup
  • It can be reused after trapping a mice
  • It is suitable for use in the bedroom, kitchen, living room, pantry, and bathroom
  • No bait can be stolen with an effective, humane kill
  • It is created in a way that a person doesn’t get in contact with the dead or trapped mice

Important safety issues

  • Minimizes accidental contact with bait or trapped mouse, safer for homes with children and pets.
  • Reduces risk of snapping fingers, user-friendly mechanism.
  • Ensures hygiene, and avoids direct contact with rodents.
  • Long-lasting, cost-effective pest control solution.
  • Visible trap status, safe handling assured.

D-con Ultra Set Mouse Trap

The D-con ultra set mouse trap is a wonderful exterminator for mice. It comes in a package of ours which can serve the purchaser of the pack for a while. It is reusable and will save you some bucks. When a mouse is trapped in this device, there is no contact with the person going to empty the device for reuse. It is also safe and a good option for eliminating mice in your home.

Technical Features of D-Con Ultra Set Mouse Traps-Pack of 4:

Feature Description
Dimensions: 2.2 x 3 x 6.2 inches
Weight: 4.8 ounces (4 Packs)
Product Type Mouse Trap
Brand D-Con
Quantity in Pack 4 Traps
Trap Type Ultra Set
Target Pest Mice
Ease of Use Designed for easy setting and disposal of captured mice
Safety Features Built to prevent accidental snaps to fingers
Reusable Yes, can be cleaned and reused
Material Durable materials for effective trapping and longevity
Special Features Sensitive trigger mechanism for quick and humane catch
Indoor/Outdoor Use Suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings
Additional Information Non-toxic, safe around children and pets when used as directed

D-con Ultra Set Mouse TrapCheck Price

Major features:

  • Safe set lever
  • Package of 4
  • Reusable
  • No contact with the mouse


  • It can be reused and saves you the cost of buying a new trap for the mouse
  • It’s a safe set lever
  • There is no contact with the mouse at the time of disposable

Safety Features:

  • Securely encapsulated bait reduces accidental exposure to non-target animals and children.
  • Easy-to-set design minimizes the risk of injury during setup.
  • Durable construction prevents accidental breakage and ensures safe handling.
  • Sensitive trigger mechanism for effective, humane capture without harm.
  • Tamper-resistant design limits access by pets and wildlife, enhancing safety

How to use the D-con Mousetrap

  • Baiting – at the bottom of the trap, peel back the small self-adhesive label. Place bait made of peanut butter or cheese to the bait station. Reseal the self-adhesive label over the bait station and turn the trap over.
  • Setting – while holding the base of the trap, twist the top cover in a clockwise rotation which is in the direction of the arrow until it is able to lock. After performing this, a red indicator will indicate through the hole marked “set” on the top of the bait trap. A mouse entrance will open in front.
  • Placement – gradually put the set trap on a hard surface close to the wall or in places where the mice are very active. For better outcomes, put two or more d-con traps 4-6 feet apart where you observe or suspect mice to pass.
  • Disposal – observe the mouse trap often. When the mouse entrance is closed, and the red indicator shows through the whole shows through the hole marked “mouse caught,” dispose of the whole trip.
  • If the d-con trap is accidentally activated, a red indicator will show at the “not set” position. Repeat the instructions at step 2, which is ‘’setting’’ if this happens again.

Types of mouse traps on the market

There are various forms of mouse traps on the market. Here are some of the common types that are usually utilized by different people.

  • Electronic mouse traps

It is battery-powered and utilizes bait to entice and catch mice inside them. Then, the trap kills the small animal by electrocuting it. The current provides a humane kill, more so when compared with other forms of rat exterminators available today. Hence, if you are an animal activist, then this type of trap is the ideal one for you.

  • Mouse baiting traps

These are containers that hold uniquely developed rat bait that act as a slow poison. The moment the rat consumes the bait, it is able to slip out and escape from the mousetrap. The slow-acting poison in the bait is created to kill the mouse far away from the place where the poison is placed.

  • Snap mouse traps

This type of trap has been in use for more than 100 years. They are simple spring-loaded gadgets that have a baiting-platter and kill gadget, which is either a spring-released kill bar or a serrated kill jaw which strongly snaps back on the mouse that catches and kills it. This device is effective in catching these small pesky critters, and it’s extremely powerful.

  • Multiple catch mouse traps

These are suitable in places where rats or mice are many, and the person trapping them doesn’t want to kill them. Thus, this device just catches the mouse and doest kill it. Also, it is wonderful to catch and release infestation control operations. When the mouse is trapped in the bait station, it cannot escape unless by human intervention.

  • Glue mouse traps

These are available in two forms which include glue boards and glue trays. These usually have scented sticky substances that attract the mouse to move into the trap. The moment the rodent steps onto the sticky area, any effort to release itself will be futile.


D-con is an excellent brand of mouse trap that has been around for a long. They create different styles of mouse traps that function effectively in trapping and killing rats. These traps are easy to use and can be disposed of easily. Also, remember some d-con products removed from the market which could harm wildlife, child, or pets. Thus, d-con those two products are safe to use. Instead of acquiring a pest control professional to carry out mouse control in your home, acquire one of the two d-con mouse exterminators from above to excellently kill the mouse or rat in your home.

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