If you own a car, you know the total car communication system interconnected with each other with the help of the Controller Area Network or CAN bus system. And if the bus system finds any difficulties communicating with other modules, then an OBD2 scanner is used to find the problem and alert you about this. This scanner uses a different type of code to show the problem. When your car gets invalid data from PCM, you see the trouble code U0402.

The meaning of the trouble code U0402

The fault code U0402 I a generic communication problem code. This cod is defined as the invalid data received from TCM or transmission control module. The set of PCM or powertrain control module detects any signal from TCM when it detects any inaccurate, invalid impulse or falls outside the expected range of the signal. All automatic transmission mainly uses some computerized control in conjunction with PCM and other control modules that make gear shifts smoother and improve the total fuel economy.TCM module

But when the actual gear shifts in an automatic transmission are performed with the help of electrically operated solenoids that mainly shunt the pressurized transmission fluid between the valve body, the TCM directs the operation of the shift solenoids. So in practice, when it’s PCM, it calculates shift points and patterns depending on the input information that varies of engine and driveability of the sensors. When the shift point reaches the PCM, it communicates the information to the TCM.this completes the commanded gearshift by commanding specific solenoid valves. That redirects pressurized fluid out and passes another fluid. When it pressurizes different passages at various times, the transmission can remove one gear ratio. The TCM communicates back with PCM with a dedicated feedback circuit.

The TCM and PCM connected and connected with another control module like the ABS control modules with the help of the CAN bus system. This CAN bus contains all control module circuits and terminals. So the arrangement is in this case where the PCM is used to determine the dangerous condition exists and the vehicle is going to limit controllability. That needs to be able to prevent transmission from shifting up or down. This could also aggravate the situation.

The traction and stability of the control system depend on the transmission but not executing the gearshift at the wrong time. Like when the traction control system attempts to accurately spin the wheel in a slippery place. The PCM calculates the appropriate gear ratio and removes the transmission shifting out of the balance. And it determines until the wheel spin no longer happens, and at that time, the vehicle accelerates safely and usually.

From this, we can easily say that the PCM and TCM work with each other effectively. The PCM needs to receive accurate and valid input information from the TCM. This is valid given the current operating conditions, and it is set to code U0402. This illuminates a malfunctioning light for the issue. 

TCM sensor location

Most often, the TCM is found directly on or near the transmission. Many applications can also be found in the engine compartment, behind the splash cover inside a front wheel well, and under the dashboard—sometimes, you also find it in the center of the console. But if you cannot locate the module on the transmission casing there, refer to the manual for the affected application that identifies and rightly identifies the TCM. It also helps to avoid confusing the transmission control module with another module.TCM sensor location

Symptoms of the U0402 Code:

There are some symptoms you should know about this troublesome U0402 code. Like:

Cause of the trouble code U0402:

There is some standard code you can find in this trouble. Like:

Diagnosis process of the Trouble code U0402

When you notice the problem, you need to follow some rules. To diagnose the situation in the first step, you can go through the technical service bulletins or TSBs. This book is mainly used as a manual book for your car. That means you can find any problem in this book and solutions there. These TSBs are very helpful not only for the user but also for the technician. It saves your time as well as money. Then go for visual inception at the CAN bus system. Examine all the wires and connectors, whether they’re connected properly. Also, find the transmission connectors of the wire harness. The TCM and ECU will be tested if you don’t see any damaged wires, connectors, or bad ground connections. If you still can’t find the problem, you need to go with an internal mechanical inspection.

Fixing method of the U0402

There are some steps to solve the trouble code U0402. Like:How do I fix U0402?

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