Easy Fix: P0002 OBD-2 Error Code Explained


What does the P0002 code actually mean?

The DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) denotes the Powertrain generic code of the vehicles. Among the thousands of error codes, P0002 is one of the most common types of errors. It generally represents the “Fuel Volume Regulator (FVR) Control Circuit Range/Performance.” This code is considered one of the essential codes as different models of cars yield the same meaning. This problem coincides with the vehicle’s electrical part, which is the portion of the fuel volume regulator system.

What are the common causes of error code P0002?

Though the main causes are pretty much related to the fuel volume regulator units, some other parts can also be affected. In the next phase, I will illustrate the possible causes of the error code P0002.

  • There may be particular defects in the fuel pump and the fuel volume regulator valve (FVR). It may be disrupted
  • There may be some issues with the fuel pressure regulator due to corroded electrical connections in the power supply.
  • The Fuel Pump Control Module or Power Supply module may misbehave. Electrical wiring and harness systems may be retarded.  
  • A defective PCM (Power-train Control Module) can showcase some irregularities in the system and damage the sensor wiring in the ECM (Engine control module). 
  • The fuel pressure regulator may leak or cause havoc due to some unknown incidents. The plug might break down, causing disconnection to the whole system.

Symptoms of P0002 Code Generic 

Different Fault codes display different signs of instability in the mechanism of the vehicle. The fault code P0002 yields an enormous variety of symptoms. Let us check the symptoms to know about the ins and out of the fault code P0002.p0002

  • The CEL or the check engine lights may turn on, and the fault sign may appear on the vehicle’s dashboard. 
  • It may show poor engine performance, and the vehicle sometimes won’t start.
  • The fuel economy may be affected as the fuel volume regulator section is the main problem.
  • There may be the destruction of the catalytic converter in the exhaust. Repairing the Catalytic converter is an onerous job, and it may be proven costly to you.  
  • Black and white smoke can be emitted from the system’s exhaust or produce dire sounds that denote faults in the vehicle mechanism.

How serious is the P0002 trouble code?

The occurrence of the error code P0002 may prove gigantic as it skyrockets your spending. It causes a detrimental impact on the fuel economy. The exhaust needs to exit a huge amount of unhealthy fumes that affect the lifespan of the exhaust, and the engine is disturbed heavily. As I mentioned earlier, causing damage to the Catalytic converter may be heartbreaking. It may also prevent the vehicle from emitting effectively. This fault code is regarded as a complicated major error in the system.

How to Diagnose the P0002 Code?

Diagnosis of the error code is not as simple as the other error codes. The diagnosis of the P0002 code starts with connecting the OBD2 scanning tool to the vehicle. Then the OBD2 application software in the mobile displays the exact problem on the scanning device screen. At first, the mechanic may take a test drive of the vehicle and try to solve the problem by deleting the code. Symptoms of P0002 Code Generic

Repairing the Fuel Volume Control Valve  

The mechanic may have inspected all the necessary parts that have been showing the issues. After checking the valve by connecting the multimeter, it is essential that the current must draw between 30 to 80 mA (Miliampier). The resistance of the solenoid needs to be checked as it identifies the probable healthiness of the vehicle. If the value exceeds the standard measurement of the tool, then the solenoid is defective and needs to be upgraded.

Repairing the Electrical Section 

After solving the fuel valve problem, the mechanic again tests the car. If an issue still exists, then it is time to check the electrical part, including the circuits. The circuits may have a loose connection problem, or the wiring may have been disrupted. No matter what the cause is, check the solenoid with proper care; there might still be some issues that need to be encountered, just like the fuel pressure needs to be tested. Everything should be okay if it harmonizes with the standard test values.

How to Solve the Error Code P0002:

Now we have reached the most anticipated segment of this article. Till now, we have demonstrated the symptoms, causes, and diagnosis of the error code. The error codes need to be addressed with proper care, and now it is time to solve the irritating error code, fuel volume regulator control circuit low

  • Scan the vehicle with an advanced OBD-2 scanning tool at the very initial stage. The tool may generate more than one code at the same time. But the prime job is to first address the P0002 code, then gradually solve the other codes with the following respective measures.
  • After getting the codes, analyze them with sheer importance. Then check the whole system, including the pressure, voltage, leaks, and FVR.
  • Take a road test of the vehicle and see if it comes back again. If everything looks alright, then it is time to move on and check the wiring, computer, or fuel system.

Cost to fix the Fault Code

It is very much expensive to fix the fault codes. They gallop a decent sum of money to be getting fixed. The average rate of fixing the fault code P0002 is around 150$. But it may vary depending on the type of fault. If you have severe issues with the fuel pressure system, you may be charged up to 300$. The engine’s life depends on the fuel pressure system, So extra pressure in this section may ruin the vehicle’s overall life.  

Final Words 

Error codes are always complex and bring hassle to your calm life. The health of your vehicle is sometimes degraded due to some unavoidable causes. Then the error codes appear on the dashboard, and sign to fix them immediately. If your dashboard suddenly blinks the fuel engine sign, it sends a message that something is wrong with the vehicle parts. After scanning, if the error code P0002 is found, follow the above guidelines to eradicate the issue. Check every wiring, fuel pump, injector, ECM, or other component. Solving this kind of severe fault code may extend the vehicle’s life and may save you from further complexities.

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Kevin Nicholas is an automotive technician who is a genius at software and hardware-related issues. He manually tested more than a hundred OBD scanners and gave his honest opinion on whether the device was worth the money or not. His in-depth OBD review articles help people choose the right product, whether it is a European, American, or Asian vehicle. He completed his Automotive Specialized Training Course at Universal Technical Institute and has more than 15 years of experience in the field.

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